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In-Game Bug/Glitch causing a Project to get Removed and Support refusing to restore

Recently i came back to the game after half a year or so of being inactive. i was working on the 2016 Vorgon Escort project from the 2016 Summer Event but i wanted to get the 2017 Vorgon Carrier before the Escort so i Clicked "Unselect Next" on the 2017 Vorgon Project that was slotted after the 2016 Vorgon Project. A bug/Glitch in game caused the button to instead remove my current project and replace it with the 2017 Project which is not what i wanted. I contacted PWE support and asked for the project to be restored and after 13 days of messaging PWE support back they forced the ticket closed because there was nothing they could do to restore the project. All i got in compensation was the 120 prize vouchers i donated recently before the project glitched and got removed. Now to me as an over 4 year player find it ridiculous and unfair that a project cannot be restored or re-added to my character. And because of a Bug/Glitch in-game i have lost my only chance to get the Vorgon 2016 Event ship.

I ask you other captains if this has happened to you and/or what your opinion of it is.

Thank you for reading.


  • azrael605azrael605 Member Posts: 9,853 Arc User
    Don't care
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  • echattyechatty Member Posts: 4,323 Arc User
    edited July 2017
    No, never happened to me. I've only ever had previous year ships slotted when they were still giving away the Risian cruiser/corvette. I had them on different captains and finished them both by doing Flying High two times on those two captains.

    The next year was when they started giving away the Ferengi Nandi.

    Your best bet would have been to have the escort on one captain and the Carrier on another and do like I did for the Cruiser and Corvette.
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