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Changes I'd like to see.

I'm new to the forums. I've played STO for the last 6 months, or something close to that. For a free game, I've spent enough for a lifetime membership. And yet, when I have enough money, and come across a promotional event/date, I'll finally buy a lifetime membership.

Now, the changes I'd like to see. Sorry if this has already been discussed but I want arc/dev. to know my opinions.

1. I want Earth and the rest of Beta to be part of the Alpha Quadrant, like it should be.
2. Why can't the Delta Quadrants be bigger?
3. Why can't we have a Gamma Quadrant that we can visit when we want.
4. Why can't we loot dead alien bodies we just killed for weapons and clothing.
5. Why can't we have more haircuts choices for our characters and Bridge Officers.
6. Why can't we buy more weapon/console/sci/eng/tac spots on our ships. Call them upgrades. Believe me, people will still want to buy new ships.
7. In a map that contain weapons and gear fallen on the floor, why can't we pick them up.
8. Ill make more suggestions later.


  • coldnapalmcoldnapalm Member Posts: 7,514 Arc User
    1) If sol was moved to alpha, you'd have to do a quadrant map switch to do basically every mission the fed side has everytime you leave ESD. That would be annoying and so a bad idea.

    2) Because we don't have infinate dev time.

    3) See above.

    4) Because that would cause insane EC inflation unless those looted items were worth nothing...I doubt you are suggesting that ground items should be reduced to be worthless.

    5) See point 2.

    6) Because powercreep is bad. And it would cut into their new ship sales even if it would not stop it completely. And in no small amount. So unless the ammount they charge for this is super high...like the cost of multiple promo ships cost high, it's not worth it for them.

    7) See point 4

    8) Please don't. You obviously have no idea how a software company works or have even a semblence of game theory concepts...so yeah...please don't.
  • mrlostsoul#1950 mrlostsoul Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    Thanks Coldnapalm for your input. Sorry I haven't replied recently, it's easy to lose posts. I hate forums. I don't agree on your points, but it's ok. Also, I am aware how software companies work. Like most companies that offer products and services, there are limits for obvious reasons. But there are many fans who truly love STO and I think my suggestions would be popular. Besides, most of my suggestions would require minor changes, EC issues easily dealt with, and acceptable for the game engine.
  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 6,223 Community Moderator
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