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[SERIES] Let's Play Star Trek Online - Winters Fed Walkthrough - Ep 146 - Ep 150

winters83winters83 Member Posts: 330 Media Corps
Greetings, Admirals!

Welcome to Episodes 146-150 of Let's Play Star Trek Online - Winters Fed Walkthrough.

This series is a complete walkthrough of every aspect of the game - Story Missions, Reputations, DOFFing, Admiralty, BOFFS, Research and Development, Fleets, Crafting and End-Game Content etc. Every player, new and veteran, will find them a valuable source of information, tips and tricks. You may even learn something new! This could be anything from an accolade to a system that you didn’t fully understand or helpful hints on earning in game currencies like Energy Credits or Dilithium.

There will be a brand new episode released every Monday through Friday.

In Todays Episodes:
In this episode we play the story mission "Of Signs and Portents". Before we get to the mission we go over some things that have been done off camera. During this we also go over some of the benefits to having Doffs on "Active" service.

In this episode we play a new PvE Queue that has been brought into the game for a limited time for the First Contact Day Event. This event is annual so we can expect to see this again next year. The queue is pretty simple. All we have to do is search the area for parts to make a rocket launch. You need to complete this queue four times, basically once a day, every day or once every 20 hours. Once you have completed this you can then complete a special event reputation to get a special reward.

In this episode we don't play a story mission but rather go through an advanced guide into the Duty Officer System. We focus specifically on Nebulas, clusters and assignment chains. This is a very detailed walkthrough but if you have any questions on anything that has been covered in this episode please feel free to leave your questions or comments below.

In this episode we play the story mission "Survivor". Before we begin this mission we spend another 5 spec points on another spec tree. This time we start filling out the Intel spec tree. This mission starts off with a brief battle in space and then we get some story info and meet Sela. From there we then move to the next map where we have some more space combat then we beam down to a planet. The planet has some ground combat but not an awful lot. There are a number of puzzles for us to solve but nothing too difficult. This mission doesn't really match up with the story so far and is a more stand alone mission or the start of some upcoming story arc.

Do you have any questions or comments on this episode? Please feel free to leave them below or reply in the comments section on YouTube.

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