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Icons of some superior floaters have wrong thruster size

frtoasterfrtoaster Member Posts: 3,195 Arc User
Holodeck ticket 4,436,798 (submitted on 05/02/2017)

The icons of superior floaters created in 2015 or later have a central thruster that's too small. Compare the floater icons above and below the green line in the image below.


Notice that the icons below the green line have a smaller central thruster than the ones above it. The floaters above the green line were created before 2015. The solid cyan, gray, and purple floaters below the green line were added in 2015, and the striped cyan, orange, and pink floaters below the green line were added in 2016.

Steps to reproduce

1. Talk to the floater vendor on Risa.
2. Compare the icons of the superior floaters. Notice that the floaters created in 2015 or later have a smaller central thruster.


3. Equip a pink superior floater.
4. Take a screenshot of your ground tray.
5. Press U to open the "Status" tab. Take a screenshot of your ground devices.
6. Press P to open your powers list. Take a screenshot of the superior floater icon in the powers list.
7. Equip a purple superior floater, and repeat steps 4 through 6.
8. Look at your screenshots, and compare the icons of the pink floater with those of the purple floater.
9. Notice that the purple floater has a smaller central thruster.


Previous bug reports

This bug was previously reported as part (e) of the following bug report:

Holodeck ticket 3,495,206: Errors in the artwork of floaters after the patch on June 11, 2015

Of the problems noted in the bug report above, only part (d) has been fixed. I will refile parts (a) through (c) as a separate bug report.
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