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Two more TOS missions to play.

These missions HAS TO BE played with your Original Series 23c characters and ship.

[23c] The Goers

June 22, 2267, Original Series era.

"Reach K-5 station, and adjourn on Prime Directive under Admiral Grissaud guidance."

Entry point is Beytan system in Beta Quadrant.

You will start at K-5 space proximity on the original time frame.

Pure explorative mission story based, for solo play, european english.

[23c] In a Mirror Lightly

This mission has to be played with your 23c TOS character and ship.

July 18, 2267, Original Series era.

"The USS Gallant recovered something unexpected from Mirror Universe in a Beta sector remote fringe 14 days ago. Starfleet Command evaluated it to be most important for the safety of the quadrant. Your unit has been chosen to join the research team to solve this pivotal issue. Reach Jupiter Station ASAP."

A follow-up to the ENTERPRISE ep. "In a Mirror Darkly"

Insert point is: Beytan system, Beta quadrant.

FED sided, any level.

Story driven mission, moderate space combat, european english grammar.

Proceed and you will enter space-time dislocation to classic event.

Based on a spark idea by Ricky James.

You can play other my other "older" mission set in 23c TOS time frame

"Mirror and Again", sequel to the TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror"

"The Antosian Gift" sequel of the TOS episode "Whom Gods Destroy"


"The Exchange Factor"

Browse foundry, these ones are any level too.
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