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Step between the stars and surface tension Bugs..

salvation4salvation4 Member Posts: 1,085 Arc User
Step between the stars..

1)When you complete this mission and have to contact subcommander kael the mission resets and you have to redo the entire mission again..
2)The liset is stuck in no mans land when the undine dreads come in and doesnt even fire a shot..
3)When I played this mission before it reset itself the first fight after leaving the station where you use are supposed to get the Dyson cruiser..Well..You get your ship to fight the voth..

Surface tension..

1)The part near Qo'nos where you are suposed to be going parrellel to the Aquarius with Captain Shaun on board to destroy the planet killer to cover him well he goes ahead but I'm pretty much dead in one place not moving anywhere unless I restart that part or just wait for 2-3 mins till it progresses to the point Tuvok tells you to beam down..
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