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What we know about the Space Balance Changes.

spencerb96spencerb96 Member Posts: 232 Media Corps

For those that don't want to watch, here's the text version.

Hey everyone, SOB here, just want to quickly go over what we know about the space balance changes

But before I get into that, I will be working on videos covering the space changes when they hit tribble. I will be working with other game mechanics experts to figure out what exactly will be the new meta.

So, what do we know so far?

Not much, I’m not going to read everything on this page of what has been announced, but here’s what stands out.
  • Pets are being buffed, how much, we don’t know.
  • Weapon abilities are being changed, and we don’t know the specifics.
  • Fire at Will is going to see a damage and accuracy hit, how much, we don’t know.
  • Beam Overload will no longer always crit, but it will have a large single hit, then buff your other beams for a duration we don’t know.
  • Targetable torps and mines will now survive and torps will move a bit faster.
  • Subnuc is becoming a boff ability, meaning it will likely be scaled down a bit, how much, we don’t know.
  • Some other captain abilities are being changed, how much, we don’t know.
  • Feedback Pulse and other reflecting abilities are being hit massively, how much exactly, we don’t know.
  • Hot Restart abilities will now have a 60s lockout, meaning you need to be ready for subsystems to be down a bit more often.
  • Weapon Power’s damage buff is going to scale differently, how much, we don’t know.
  • Immunities and disables will now have a lockout.

So, let me summarize this up for people. We don’t know what all is coming. We don’t know specific numbers, the only people that do are at Cryptic. Anyone claiming otherwise is lying to you, nobody playerside knows what exactly is going to happen, no bug hunters, no DPSers, nobody. We can only speculate about changes.

If you want to know the specifics, the only place I can recommend is reddit.com/r/stobuilds. There’s many people out there, bug hunters, streamers, other content producers that will claim things, but I wouldn’t listen to a word they say as there’s nothing to back it up. I wouldn’t even want you listening to what I’m saying unless there’s actual facts and numbers behind it.

When the changes are on tribble, myself and many others will be testing them. We have predictions, but we’re not going to push anything out until we have the hard numbers and evidence behind it.

Spartan will be hosting a Mechanics AMA on the forums and on the stobuilds subreddit when these changes go out. I imagine the forums will be a bit flooded with their usual stuff, so I’ll personally be sticking to the stobuilds AMA, as you’ll be seeing a bit more facts about what’s going on there. It’s the best playerhub for game mechanics out there.

So, to sum up this video once more, just wait until we know the specifics. Remember that things may be changed after this hits tribble. Don’t listen to anyone out there claiming this is the new thing unless they actually have evidence. And I highly recommend solely getting your information from /r/stobuilds, as those of us posting on there are the people that know what we’re talking about with game mechanics.

Thanks all for watching, I look forward to sharing what we learn when these changes go live.
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  • sinn74sinn74 Member Posts: 1,143 Arc User
    Thanks for the text version- getting kinda burned out on watching videos.
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