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Solo Tzenkethi Front Elite

spencerb96spencerb96 Member Posts: 232 Media Corps

Now, I'm going to start this off stating that this isn't anywhere near the best that this could've been done. I'd just woken up and decided to give it a shot. Was pretty sloppy with ability timing and some positioning. However, even with that, on the first attempt, on Elite, I was able to complete it.

The thing is that this queue doesn't actually need a lot of DPS. I'm in a Sci Pilot ship running a Disruptor Cannon setup with the Disruptor Torp, not completely ideal.

What made this possible was:

1. Speed
2. Using Temp HP to let me launch the bombs while being shot at.
3. TBR'ing enemies away from base.
4. Splitting up enemies as much as I could.

Also, this would've been a bit faster IMO had I used Rapid Fire, as we don't actually need much AoE, you just need to kill specific targets really fast. Just need to not be lazy and get a T6 JHAS at some point.


Thanks to the following for warping!

- @magicalsamurai
- @namcap579
- @sadpanda87
- @legion#7248
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  • chrdragon1chrdragon1 Member Posts: 35 Arc User
    all new tzenkenthi stuff still only in halv beta sicne its been release for a very short time so all proper adjustement to the stf on all difficulty is not done:
    meaning normal is elite
    elite is normal and so forth
    sicne those tend to bug like that the first 2-6 months

    same thing with the battlewar zone the adjustements for it are still in the patching
    your test run just confirm that what we all are aware of from the start
  • rickdias5500rickdias5500 Member Posts: 95 Arc User
    Nothing new, soloed it my self 2 weeks ago. It's the player base now if the kids can't get there handout in less then 5 mins they run for the hills. Besides soloing PVE is far more enjoyable then dealing with the "5 min-cool kid-speed runners". you get a better appreciation for what the designers did and learn the little in and outs of the designer of the scenario. It looks like they tried something new with this one, well almost.
  • huijianhuijian Member Posts: 108 Arc User
    If they make enemies more challenging, players will complain that they can't just fly up and indiscriminately gw/bfaw everything to death. Seems that expecting the average player to pay attention and think about what is happening during combat isn't a realistic expectation; so to that end sto devs just make everything super easy mode with optional goals for the stronger players at elite level.
  • salvation4salvation4 Member Posts: 1,045 Arc User
    edited February 2017
    Off late also notoced this very thing, of alot of players just go speed run things get bkown up spawb speed run blow up, repeat..Its just annoying..I even once encountered s a guy on our team trying Hive onslaught elite with a runabout intentionally..Everyone knows how that would go...

    I hope the devs do a good job with the game balance updte..
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