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Romulan character post Artifacts

captainkoltarcaptainkoltar Member Posts: 565 Arc User

When I logged my Romulan in after Artifacts went live, I found that the Neutral No More mission was active in the journal.

I went and completed it.

Since then, I'm unable to select Romulan Republic officers in my away team list. The only ones I'm able to select are Federation ones (like the Diplomacy T4 BOFF, the Reman you get from the Breen arc and the Kobali from Ashes to Ashes).

It's as if I'm somehow no longer a member of the Republic.

Has anyone else experienced this? And does anyone know a way to fix it?




  • majorhalcyonmajorhalcyon Member Posts: 199 Arc User
    Thank you! This makes my initial reaction of 'NOPE, not going to redo it, because it will break my toon!' valid!

    Was pretty sure something would happen like this...thanks for the head's up, and hope if gets fixed :neutral:
  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 850 Bug Hunter
    edited November 2016
    My ROMULANS (Romulan & Reman) have had this problem selecting AWAY TEAM on/off for over a year each at different times but I've been able to restore functionality one of 2 ways, and there is a workaround as well... thankfully it's been avoidable for the most part.


    #1 One time it started after Romulan's assigned a FEDERATION bridge officer to his crew, the problem also immediately RESOLVED after discharging the FEDERATION Bridge Officer.

    #2 Another time problem reappeared after purchase of the DYSON outfit from the Fleet Dyson Sphere while my Captain was wearing it, yet it also resolved after I took the outfit off and removed it from any saved TAILOR views for my Romulan Captains.

    NOTE: I wondered what the two had in common? Aside from a FED COMBADGE in both outfit's possibly never planned to be worn by Romulan's or their crew. Was the cause an accidental change to how the system (schema or lookup) occured for for officer's with Federation properties? This doesn't effect which default officers you assign to the away team in the stations tab, it just had prevented changing them when prompted unlesss the above two were undone.

    So I'm wondering if you've done either of these recently, yet had hoped the recent Artifact's update, along with reintroduction of Romulan Bridge Officers, finally managed to bring these issues to closure.

    Although I did see he got the request for Neutral No more once again, and have completed it but thankfully have not yet noticed a return to the beam down problems. I would have hoped all of these type of issues are FINALLY corrected.

    Wishing all my fellow Romulan's hopefully more peaceful times...
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  • captainkoltarcaptainkoltar Member Posts: 565 Arc User
    Thanks for the suggestions, but incredibly weirdly, when I logged my character back in today and tried it, I had my full compliment of officers available for my away team.

    Very weird.

    Hopefully your ideas will help majorhalcyon though.
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