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Fleet and Armada Management Spreadsheets

dabelgravedabelgrave Member Posts: 979 Arc User
These spreadsheets are designed to make it easier to track which fleet/armada members have earned promotions, and which have gone inactive. This is determined based on information in the fleet roster exports, and a few details about your fleet(s).

  • Single Fleet: http://bit.ly/STOFleetManagement - This only works well for a single fleet. Promotion and inactivity calculations can work for both character or account. It also shows some basic stats for each account.
  • Armada: http://bit.ly/STOArmadaManagement - This can be used for an armada, or a group of up to 13 loosely related fleets (if you want to multifaction). It is much more complex, and can calculate promotion and inactivity for a single character or an account in one or more fleets. Stats for each account are available, along with stats for the armada.

These are Google Spreadsheets, so you will need to make your own copies to use them. Instructions how to do this are included in the 'Intro' sheet of the spreadsheet. Do not share your copy publicly.

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