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Mirror Wars (RP Thread)



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    Betazed (MU Yellow)

    There was a knock on the door and Andreas answered,
    "Mom, dad, there's a someone at the door" he said.
    "Who is it?" asked Antos.
    "A purple haired lady and a medic" answered Andreas.
    "That would be Doctor Lot and Mr Dawson, invite them in" replied Antos.
    "Yes dad" answered Andreas, "Doctor, Corpsman, if you would follow me" he said as he let Doctor Naynta Lot and Corpsman Dawson in.
    "Where's the patient?" asked Doctor Lot.
    "She's coming down now, be aware she's not been sleeping" answered Isabella.
    "How long has she gone without sleep?" asked Doctor Lot.
    "Four days now" answered Isabella.
    "Mr Dawson, prepare a hypospray. We may have to sedate" ordered Doctor Lot to Corpsman Dawson.
    "Yes doctor" answered Corpsman Dawson before he prepared a hypospray.
    "Red, there's some people who want to talk with you" said Isabella to Trianna (red).
    "Ms Valdez, take a seat please" asked Doctor Lot.
    "I don't feel like talking" replied Trianna as she sat down.
    "I can sense the rage and anger, holding onto that is not healthy" advised Doctor Lot.
    "I'll feel better once I've destroyed every last bit of the collective, they must die for what they have done" said Trianna as her anger flared up.

    "Revenge is never an answer" said Corpsman Dawson, "I have been through the trenches and I have seen friends die, it's never easy. Ask yourself this, could you have saved them?" he asked afterwards.
    "Not without risking my crew and ship" answered Trianna as she fought the tears.
    "My job is to help those who can be helped, I've had to make choices who lived and who died, I could not save every wounded comrade. It's something I have to live with everyday" advised Corpsman Dawson.
    "I killed her and everyone on that ship" answered Trianna as the tears took over.
    "You had no choice, what was the last thing you said to Isoisa?" asked Doctor Lot.
    "That I loved her and told her to have fun" answered Trianna as it hit her.
    "Let it all out" advised Doctor Lot.
    "I cannot be weak and soft" replied Trianna.
    "Do not become like your father, revenge will not bring Isoisa back and you'll feel far worse than you are now" advised Doctor Lot.
    "I'm scared of becoming like him" replied Trianna.
    "Then you have to let go of that anger and rage" answered Doctor Lot.
    "Not until the collective is dead" replied Trianna.
    "When was the last time you slept?" asked Corpsman Dawson to Trianna.
    "Don't know, every time I close my eyes, I see Isoisa" answered Trianna.
    "Four days" answered Isabella.
    "You need sleep" said Doctor Lot to Trianna.
    "I can't sleep, I need to look after my son" answered Trianna.
    "Red, don't worry about that. We'll look after him, get some rest" replied Isabella.
    "Eight hours uninterrupted sleep, that's an order" said Doctor Lot to Trianna, "Mr Dawson, pass me the hypospray" she asked afterwards.
    "What's in that hypospray?" asked Trianna.
    "It's a sedative, it will help you get to sleep" answered Doctor Lot as she administered the sedative.
    "Come on Red, time for you to get some rest" said Isabella as she helped Trianna to her guest room.
    Isabella then came back downstairs,
    "Out like a light" said Isabella to Doctor Lot.
    "Keep an eye on her, any problems, call me" replied Doctor Lot.
    "Thank you doctor, thank you Mr Dawson" answered Isabella.
    "I can set your niece an appointment tomorrow for counselling, 1300 hrs, my office" replied Doctor Lot as she passed Isabella an appointment on her PADD.
    "She'll be there" answered Isabella.

    8 hours later, Trianna came downstairs and immediately Ablim Jr smiled, ran over and clung onto his mother,
    "Feeling better?" asked Isabella.
    "Slightly" answered Trianna as she picked Ablim Jr up.
    "An improvement" replied Isabella.
    "What's on the PADD?" asked Trianna.
    "You've got an appointment at 1300 hours, Doctor Lot's office and you will go" answered Isabella.
    "I know, mandatory" replied Trianna.
    "The families of the Monrovia crew are on Betazed as well, make sure your dress uniform is up to standard" answered Isabella.
    "Why?" asked Trianna.
    "To honor the fallen, INN aired the last stand of the Monrovia crew. They were all heroes to the end" answered Isabella.
    "But there's nothing to bury" replied Trianna.
    "It's symbolic, the Monrovia crew are to receive a military burial" answered Isabella.
    "I'll ask my crew if they can help provide an honor guard" replied Trianna.
    "Jaye has also asked her crew if they can help on that" answered Isabella as Andreas and Marius started arguing over the TV remote with Julius caught in the middle.
    "Boys, hand over the remote" ordered Antos.
    "Your fault" said Andreas to Marius.
    "You two, that's enough. You are both supposed to be setting a good example to your brother" said Isabella to her boys.
    "Andreas was being selfish and not letting me watch what I wanted to watch" complained Marius.
    "I'm older" replied Andreas.
    "What have I told you about watching your language? There is an infant here, your cousin will not be happy if if your language is repeated by him" asked Isabella.
    "If my son starts repeating your cursing, I will personally hold you two responsible" said Trianna to her cousins.
    "He'll pick it up eventually" replied Andreas cheekily.
    "Besides the point and watch your tone when speaking to an adult" answered Trianna.
    "Whatever" replied Andreas.
    "Andreas Valdez, I have had enough of your attitude. Grounded 48 hours" said Isabella laying down the law.
    Marius just laughed,
    "Don't think you are off the hook either, you'll be joining your brother. 48 hours grounding" said Isabella to Marius.
    "Not fair" complained Andreas.
    "Life's not fair, deal with it" answered Antos.
    "Andreas, Marius, go to your rooms and think about your actions and if I hear anymore bad attitude from you two, there will be trouble" ordered Isabella.
    "We may have upset Mom and Dad" said Andreas to Marius.
    "We better make ourselves scarce" answered Marius.
    Both boys then left for their rooms.

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  • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,507 Arc User
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    Betazed (MU Yellow)

    Trianna (red) arrived at Doctor Lot's office after the burial of the Monrovia crew.
    "Looking more refreshed" said Doctor Lot.
    "I still feel like ripping the wires out of every collective drone I see, sorry, just come from a funeral" replied Trianna.
    "I can understand your anger, that said, holding onto that anger is not healthy" advised Doctor Lot.
    "What if it had been one of your sisters? What would you have done?" asked Trianna.
    "I cannot answer that, not without examining the facts" answered Doctor Lot.
    "Sorting through Isoisa's things has been tough, I miss her so much" replied Trianna as a tear came down her face.
    "Eventually you'll have to move on, honor her by living a good life" answered Doctor Lot.
    "It's difficult, I've got support from family and friends, Jaye has been checking up on me and keeping my son occupied while we were sorting out Isoisa's things" said Trianna.
    "Who's Jaye" asked Doctor Lot.
    "The closest thing to a best friend I've got" answered Trianna.
    "That is a good thing, being on your own and suffering in silence is not healthy. You only put more stress on yourself" advised Doctor Lot.
    "I cannot afford to break, I have to remain strong for my son" answered Trianna.
    "What you need is one, a way of venting that anger in a healthy manner and two, you need to come to terms" advised Doctor Lot.
    "Easier said than done" replied Trianna.
    "I need to look into your memories, you need to confront your anger and fear of becoming like your father" answered Doctor Lot.
    "You do not want to go into my head, it's a messed up place at the moment" replied Trianna.
    "I've seen worse" answered Doctor Lot.
    "I did warn you" replied Trianna.
    After Doctor Lot relived the Monrovia incident through Trianna's eyes, she shuddered,
    "Words cannot describe what you are going through right now, take some comfort in this, Isoisa's last memories may have been happy ones of you and her family, I read the report and there was nothing you could have done to save that crew. You think you let Isoisa down, you did not, you freed her in a sense" she said afterwards.
    "She's dead because I could not save her" replied Trianna.
    "But you did in a way, you freed her from a living death" answered Doctor Lot.
    "Still a bitter pill to swallow" replied Trianna.
    "Come on, we're going down to the gym" answered Doctor Lot before both left the office for the gym.

    When they got to the gym, Doctor Lot had a punching bag set up,
    "The exercise here is to vent that rage and anger onto that punching bag, glove up" said Doctor Lot as she threw Trianna a pair of gloves. Trianna put the gloves on and proceeded to repeatably lay into the bag with full force punches,
    "Good, taking it out on a bag is better than taking it out on people" said Doctor Lot as anger soon turned to grief and Trianna burst into tears.
    "It's painful I know, do you know what that is?" asked Doctor Lot.
    "Weakness and being soft" answered Trianna.
    "Incorrect, that's your Human side emerging" replied Doctor Lot.
    "I'm being weak minded" answered Trianna.
    "No you are not, let it all out" advised Doctor Lot.
    "If my father was here, he'd tell me to stop being weak and soft" said Trianna.
    "Your father did not value life, you do. That's the difference" answered Doctor Lot.
    "I cannot become like my father, if I did, everything I've worked for will come to nothing" replied Trianna.
    "That's why you have to keep it together, what is your immediate response to the words Borg drone?" asked Doctor Lot.
    "Kill it" answered Trianna.
    "Not all Borg are alike, I know several former Borg and they are free from the Collective" replied Doctor Lot.
    "Maybe I should spend some time with Bareil" answered Trianna.
    "Who's Bareil?" asked Doctor Lot.
    "A Borg I helped liberate" answered Trianna.
    "Good, let's get you back to your aunt's. I'm booking you an appointment for next week" replied Doctor Lot.
    "Thank you Doc" answered Trianna as she took the gloves off and handed them over to Doctor Lot before both of them left the gym.
    "You're welcome, once of a day you would have refused help but you have not now" replied Doctor Lot.
    "My Aunt does not take no for a answer on things like this" answered Trianna.
    "That is a good thing" replied Doctor Lot.
    "It is, pride cometh before a fall" answered Trianna.
    "Indeed" replied Doctor Lot as she walked Trianna to the shuttle.
    Trianna then boarded the shuttle, 15 miuntes later, she was back at her aunt's.

    "You are looking a look better, keep it up" said Isabella.
    "Not entirely, got a lot of anger out of my system" replied Trianna.
    "A marked improvement" answered Isabella.
    "I've got an appointment next week" replied Trianna.
    "Excellent, you need to keep it together" advised Isabella.
    "Challenge accepted" replied Trianna as she picked up Ablim Jr, "you been behaving for your great Aunt and Uncle?" she asked him afterwards.
    "Yeah Mommy" answered Ablim Jr.
    "He's had an incident earlier, he was resisting nap time" replied Isabella.
    "The usual battle" answered Trianna.
    "We're proud of you, you kept it together earlier. Saying goodbye is often the hardest part" replied Isabella.
    "I'm going to give it a few weeks then think about moving on, things are still a little raw at the moment" answered Trianna.
    "Understandable, I made a promise to your dad that I would make sure you were alright. I intend to keep that promise" replied Isabella.
    "You are, right now, little man needs my 100% undivided attention" answered Trianna.
    "He's fallen asleep on you" replied Isabella smiling.
    "Looks like I'm not going anywhere, best not wake him" answered Trianna.
    "Antos was telling him stories of Bajor and the prophets earlier" replied Isabella.
    "Hopefully some nice stories" answered Trianna.
    "They were stories of how to live a good life" replied Isabella.
    "Teach him as early as possible, that's good" answered Trianna.
    "Need a hand taking him up for his nap?" asked Isabella.
    "Please" answered Trianna before they took Ablim Jr up for his nap.
    When they both came back downstairs, Trianna and Isabella relaxed away from the kids and spend some family quality time together.
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  • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,507 Arc User
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    Omega Station, Betazed orbit (MU yellow)

    Trianna Valdez (red) transported aboard and was met by Cmdr Bareil and Jaye Seisa (yellow),
    "Red" said Seisa.
    "Jaye" answered Trianna.
    "We're here to help" replied Seisa.
    "Captain, why do you look angry at me?" asked Cmdr Bareil.
    "Nothing against you personally, the last time I came face to face with the Borg, I was very nearly assimilated" answered Trianna.
    "Given all of the variables, you could not have liberated them" replied Bareil.
    "I know, had I tried, we would not be having this conversation so drop it" answered Trianna.
    "Bareil, she's still more than a little angry and upset about that so touchy subject" advised Seisa to Bareil.
    "I can never understand emotion" replied Bareil.
    "Do you get sad?" asked Trianna.
    "At the life that was stolen from me, I cannot express it" answered Bareil.
    "You'll figure it out but for now I want you to be elsewhere" replied Trianna.
    "That diagnostic needs to filing" answered Bareil before he left for the computer core.
    "Come on, there's some people we want you to meet" said Seisa to Trianna.
    All three then walked to a lab when they arrived, they saw a room full of liberated Borg at work.

    "Meet One of Six" said Seisa.
    "Jaye, I know that face. The last time I saw that face, she tried to assimilate me. That same face is of someone I loved and lost" answered Trianna as a flare of anger sparked.
    "Red, it's cool. Stand down" said Seisa.
    "You don't understand, that face tried to assimilate me" replied Trianna.
    "Have I caused offence?" asked One of Six (yellow).
    "Good thing I'm unarmed" answered Trianna, "What's stopping me from grabbing a phaser pistol right now and shooting you?" she asked afterwards.
    "Red, you're angry. What would you say to your son if you let that anger take over?" asked Seisa to Trianna.
    "I was liberated six months ago, I mean you no harm" replied One of Six.
    "I bet you told all the people you personally assimilated that you meant them no harm" answered Trianna.
    "Red, she was not in control of her actions" said Seisa.
    "Tell that to her victims as their lives were stolen" replied Trianna.
    "Red you're angry, I understand but think about your son" advised Seisa.
    "I'll be keeping an eye on you and keep your hands where I can see them" said Trianna to One of Six.

    "Did you contact your family?" asked Seisa to One of Six.
    "They considered me dead and won't accept me back so I found a home where I could be accepted as an equal" answered One of Six.
    "Would you like to know your original name?" asked Seisa.
    "I cannot remember it" answered One of Six.
    "Your name is Isoisa Hetal" replied Seisa.
    "That individual is deceased, you may refer to me as One" answered One of Six.
    "One, what's that you are working on?" asked Seisa.
    "A means to make our computers run efficiently" answered One of Six.
    "Our computers are efficient as they are" replied Seisa.
    "Not as efficient as they could be" countered One of Six.
    "Does that take security into account?" asked Trianna.
    "Captain Seisa has been helping us on that, we're working on making her haywire program more efficient" answered One of Six.

    For the rest of the day, Trianna was monitored as her mental faculties were monitored. After that she went went to her counselling session with Doctor Lot.
    When Trianna got back to her aunt's, she got back to her family duties.
    "Red, I know it's been a few weeks since you said goodbye" said Isabella to Trianna as they were preparing dinner in the kitchen.
    "I may have met someone" replied Trianna.
    "Anyone we know?" asked Isabella.
    "Not quite, Jaye somehow got us both in the same room" answered Trianna.
    "You've been dating, a good thing" replied Isabella.
    "I've got to pick myself back up" answered Trianna.
    "That you do, who's the lucky individual?" asked Isabella.
    "His name is Charles Brookfield, a former Imperial Army vet" answered Trianna.
    "See how it goes" advised Isabella.
    "Best way" replied Trianna, "I miss Isoisa, at least she's at peace among the stars" she said afterwards.
    Both smiled about it and carried on making dinner.
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    Betazed (MU yellow)

    Trianna was called into Doctor Lot's office with Isabella,
    "Red, you were more than a little rough on One" said Isabella.
    "You would not understand" replied Trianna.
    "I think the problem is a lack of understanding, what we are going to look at is an unorthodox approach" said Doctor Lot.
    "What do you have in mind?" asked Isabella.
    "Cadet Dawson can explain it better" answered Doctor Lot as Cadet Richard Dawson took at a seat.
    "What we've been looking at is a temporary neural link between Red here and One of Six, One suggested it as a way of liberating Red from her hatred and and anger towards the Borg and Captain Seisa has helped develop the software" said Cadet Dawson.
    "Would Red's individuality be kept intact?" asked Isabella.
    "It's a two way empathic link, Red will be linked with One so both can understand the other, Red's individuality will be kept intact" answered Cadet Dawson.
    "You've got to be kidding, no chance" replied Trianna,"Is even safe?" she asked afterwards.
    "It is, if you feel uncomfortable, you can turn off the link anytime" answered Cadet Dawson.
    "Cadet, how long will the neural link be ready in?" asked Doctor Lot.
    "Good to go" answered Cadet Dawson.
    "Beam One down" ordered Doctor Lot as two devices were put onto the table.
    When One beamed down, she was greeted by a hostile glare from Trianna,
    "Trianna Marie Valdez, I would rather not make this an order. Put your hostility aside and accept the treatment" said Isabella.
    "Why do you hate our kind?" asked One of Six.
    "You steal people's lives and turn them into slaves unable to control their own body and mind, that face tried to assimilate me" answered Trianna.
    "Point that hostility to the collective" replied One as she put on her neural link.
    "Red, I'll be right here with you" said Isabella to Trianna.

    Meanwhile, Bareil and Seisa were both monitoring both devices once the link became active.
    "Link is stable and at optimum efficiency" said Bareil to Seisa.
    "Software connections are 100%" replied Seisa.
    "Captain Seisa, I am unable to understand why Captain Valdez hates Borg" answered Bareil.
    "She's more angry than anything, give her some time" replied Seisa.

    Back on Betazed, Trianna and One were learning how to get along as One looked into Trianna's memories of her counterpart as Trianna heard One's thoughts.
    "One, don't go there" thought Trianna as One relived the Monrovia incident.
    "Thank you, now we know why we are hated and feared" thought One back.
    "That was something" said Trianna as she relived One's assimilation.
    "That was the moment I died" answered One.
    "A fate worse than death" replied Trianna over the link.
    "That's why you fear and hate us" answered One.
    "I need to remove the link" replied Trianna.
    "What is it?" asked One.
    "I'm looking at the faces of all those you assimilated" answered Trianna as the link was cut.
    "Each one is a face I cannot forget, I am incapable of expressing remorse because emotions were irrelevant to the collective" replied One.
    Trianna then had the link activated again and soon both Trianna and One were both in each other's heads.
    "You could not have liberated her" said One by the link.
    "I had to give her a quick and merciful end, only option" replied Trianna.
    "It was the correct option" answered One.

    After an hour of both Trianna and One exploring each other's heads, the link was ended with both gaining an understanding of the other.
    "I'm still mad at you for trying to assimilate me" said Trianna to One.
    "At least I'll know you would give me the same end if I was retaken by the collective and could not be liberated again" answered One.
    "I may not like you, let's get that clear" replied Trianna.
    "In time, things may get better" answered One.
    "We'll see" replied Trianna.

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    Betazed (MU red)

    Word of discontent had reached Empress Iodokar's ears,
    "1) Naynta Lot is removed from command and the military, her crimes made public
    2) The end of draconian punishments and loyalty tests
    3) The end of conscription and enforced military slavery
    4) All of Starfleet's abuses of power be made public" read Jodi.
    "At least they are not using violence" noted Solat.
    "How far has it spread?" asked Jodi.
    "Starfleet, the army and the merchant fleets are refusing to move. The longer this disruption continues, the worse the Empire's economy will decline" answered Solat.
    How bad?" asked Jodi.
    "Possible recession the longer this strike continues" answered Solat.
    "These demands are unreasonable" replied Jodi.
    "You may have to make some concessions, violence will not solve this. We need another approach" advised Solat.

    INN then came on the screen as military personnel removed their ranks and badge before throwing them down on the floor and stamping on them.
    "This is to the empress, listen to our grievances or the strike action continues. We will no longer be slaves to a illegitimate empire and regime, we want free speech and the right to elect our leaders democratically. Citizens, join us and do not let your families go into the military, it's not fit for purpose. The Empire is a dictatorship that treats it's own people like they are nothing more than resources to be expended, Spock was right about the empire being flawed" said Captain Warwick live on INN.

    INN tried to block the transmission but dissident groups had hijacked the signal kept it broadcasting.
    Ordinary citizens now began openly questioning the empire and regime's legitimacy as unrest and strikes began spreading throughout the empire.
    "Freedom of speech, freedom from conscription, freedom to choose our own leaders and the end of dictatorship, we want Spock's reforms to be made into law" chanted strikers both military and civilians across the empire.
    "Schedule a meeting of the sector governors" ordered Jodi.
    "Ma'am" answered Solat.

    On Betazed, Naynta Lot (red) assembled her troops in front of the strikers and ordered them back to work, the strikers all refused as Naynta gave the order for her troops to put down the strike, the troops all put their weapons on the ground along with police units and joined the strikers. Naynta was forced to make an emergency beam out before she reported to Jodi.

    It was the same story across the empire, police and soldiers were switching sides and joining the strikers. The military had lost control of the situation.

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    Betazed (MU red)

    At the Imperial palace, Empress Iodokar (red) assembled the sector governors,
    "We are here to to find a solution to ending this strike, suggestions" asked Jodi.
    Inquisitor Seisa (red) then entered the room and took her seat.
    "Round up the strikers' families and punish them in reprisal, torch their homes to the ground and put their children into state care" suggested Governor Tamin of Trill.
    "Reprisals will only enflame the situation further, do that and you risk a civil war against our own citizenry" replied Solat.
    "They've committed treason against the state, they are thought criminals who should be punished for daring to speak ill of the Empire and regime" answered Tamin.

    "Our troops and police forces are joining them in larger numbers, so far they've not used violence" replied Governor West of Terra.
    "I'd say agonise their loved ones in front of them, the pain stops when they back down" suggested Admiral Naynta Lot (red).
    "Admiral Lot, draconian punishments and reprisals will only increase resentment toward the regime. The Germans tried it in Terra's WW2 and look where it got them" said Seisa.
    "Why do you side with thought criminals and traitors?" asked Naynta.
    "Admiral Lot, your tendencies have partially caused this strike. Ruling through fear will not inspire your troops Admiral" answered Seisa.

    "You would enjoy that, Admiral" said Solat, "Admiral, to the strikers and protesters, you are part of the problem. Your tendencies have partially caused this" she said afterwards.
    "My troops turned on me and joined them" answered Naynta.
    "You don't exactly inspire loyalty, I have heard you laughing in joy as you tortured the Trills under your command. You have become a liability" replied Solat.
    "What are their demands? asked Naynta.
    Jodi passed over the PADD,
    "They're all traitors" said Naynta afterwards.
    "They've not been violent, they have been peaceful. They are also unarmed" replied Governor Thran of Andoria.
    "They have called the empire and regime illegitimate and are praising Spock, they don't have the right to decide who leads them, they should know their place. I propose this, anyone who speaks ill of the Empire should be shot on the spot as a thought criminal" answered Naynta.
    "This strike has grounded the fleet and merchant fleet. The miners have all downed tools and are refusing to work, forecasts are we will run out of dilithium in three months and our engineering crews have smashed their dilithium crystals to make sure their ships cannot go to warp" replied Governor West.
    "Execute them as saboteurs" advised Naynta.
    "We need to open a dialogue with them, maybe we can end this without blood being spilt" suggested Solat.
    "Regent Solat, I hope we can end this strike without bloodshed. The last thing our Empire needs is another civil war" replied Seisa.
    "Your logic is sound" answered Solat.
    "Who's side are you on?" asked Naynta to Solat.
    "The regime's, we use violence, we spark a war against our own citizens. We're still weakened from the Flores rebellion, military force is not an option yet" answered Solat.

    "Solat, can your Romulans cover the slack?" asked Jodi.
    "We're overstretched as it is, resources are tight as they are" answered Solat honestly.
    "How many ships can you spare?" asked Jodi.
    "A battle group at most, my forces still need reorganisation" answered Solat.
    "You are lying" said Naynta accusing Solat of siding with the strikers.
    "Vulcans do not lie, Admiral, do not question my loyalty again" answered Solat.
    "How long will it take for your forces to be ready for full mobilisation?" asked Jodi to Solat.
    "I can send the order through now, realistically, my forces can be ready to move in a week" answered Solat.
    "Send the order, I need that battle group here. You have a week to mobilise the rest of your forces" replied Jodi.
    "Ma'am" answered Solat.

    Betazed (MU yellow)

    Captain Trianna Valdez (red) was ready to return to work, when she arrived at Admiral Dawson's office, she knocked on the door,
    "Enter" said Admiral Dawson.
    Trianna then entered and saluted,
    "Captain, welcome back" said Admiral Dawson.
    "Ma'am" answered Trianna as she sat down.
    "Given your family situation and hatred of the Borg Collective, you have two options, immediate retirement or a transfer to Starbase Omega" replied Admiral Dawson.
    "You need me on the front line" answered Trianna.
    "Think about your son, do you want him growing up an orphan due to your hatred of the collective getting you killed or assimilated?" asked Admiral Dawson, "I'm asking you as a fellow mother" she said afterwards.
    "Junior comes first" conceded Trianna.
    "Good, so what will it be?" asked Admiral Dawson.
    "How can I be of use here?" countered Trianna.
    "Starbase Omega needs a permanent CO, I'll be moving my HQ to the Starbase but I need a safe pair of hands running the station" answered Admiral Dawson.
    "I'm not exactly qualified" replied Trianna.
    "Your crew will be stationed there as well and the Teanna permanently based there to help protect this system" answered Admiral Dawson, "while you are there, you'll be my intel advisor" she said afterwards.
    "Retire or Starbase command, I'll take the transfer. That way I can spend more time with Junior after work" answered Trianna.
    "Have you made childcare arrangements?" asked Admiral Dawson.
    "He'll be at my Aunt and Uncle's while I'm at work" answered Trianna.
    "Good, come on, your crew are waiting for you" replied Admiral Dawson.
    Both beamed up to Starbase Omega and were greeted by the crew of the Teanna.

    "Reyes, do I see an extra rank chevron?" asked Trianna.
    "You do, I've been appointed the CO of the new I.S.S Monrovia" answered Captain Reyes Valdez.
    "Congratulations" replied Trianna.
    "The families of the original Monrovia crew have all sent their sons and daughters to crew the ship. I've got three weeks to train them and turn them into a combat capable crew" said Reyes.
    "Try not to scare them too much" answered Trianna.
    "They know how to run a ship, I'll tell you that now. They may be former merchant crews but that said, they have spirit in them" replied Reyes.
    "I'm going to need a new XO" said Trianna, "Cmdr Baker, you're it. Congratulations and don't be afraid to keep me on my toes" she said afterwards.
    "Ma'am, I'll do my best" answered Cmdr Baker.
    "How many fighters are stationed here?" asked Trianna.
    "The I.S.S. Bunker Hill is delivering two squadrons complete with engineering crews and pilots, they are due in at 1400 local time" answered Lt. Cmdr Wallace.
    "Good, you're my new CAG" replied Trianna.
    "Ma'am" answered Wallace.
    "Chief Horisho, I need a full diagnostic of the station" asked Trianna.
    "It'll be on your desk by 1100" answered Hirisho, "The defence grid and shields are also being upgraded" he said afterwards.
    "Lt. Emden, cyber-security?" asked Trianna.
    "I have a team installing new software patches and hardware as we speak" answered Emden.
    "Good, make sure it's done by 1600" ordered Trianna.
    "Ma'am" answered Emden.
    "Cmdr Barras, I'm making you station security chief" said Trianna.
    "My MACOs are ready" answered Barras.
    "Excellent" replied Trianna.
    "One of Six, reporting for duty" said One.
    "One, work R&D with Bareil" ordered Trianna.
    "Captain" answered One.
    "Doctor Garcia, is the hospital ready?" asked Trianna.
    "It will be once the rest of my medical staff arrive" answered Lt. Cmdr Garcia.
    "ETA?" asked Trianna.
    "1030" answered Garcia.

    "Everyone to your posts" ordered Trianna before she and Admiral Dawson went to the CO's office.
    "Captain, now that you have your house in order, we can start tracking enemy transwarp apertures. We need to find out where they originate" said Admiral Dawson.
    "I'll get to work now on that" answered Trianna.
    "Work with the liberated Borg who call this station home" ordered Admiral Dawson.
    "Ma'am" answered Trianna.
    "You've changed" said Admiral Dawson.
    "Well, when the person you love tries to assimilate you, you see things differently" replied Trianna.

    (This is Starbase Omega, AKA the Mirror Sentok Nor)

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    Starbase Omega, Betazed orbit (MU yellow)

    Lt. Victor Cornwell had been called up to Ops, when he arrived, he was called in,
    "Cornwell, my office now" ordered Captain Trianna Valdez (red) before Cornwell went in
    "Someone's in the doghouse" joked Emden.
    "How do you know?" asked Wallace.
    "The captain has her glasses on, she's got the annoyed school teacher look down to a tee" answered Emden.
    "Shall we read Cornwell his last rites?" asked Wallace
    "Get the scriptures" joked Emden.
    "I'll get the funeral robes" added Captain Siesa (yellow) as she entered Ops.
    "Mr Cornwell has got on the CO's bad side, teaches him for showing off" said Wallace.

    In Trianna's office, Lt. Cornwell was put on the spot,
    "Lt. Victor Cornwell, How long does it take to train you pilots?" asked Trianna.
    "Two years ma'am" answered Cornwell.
    "Why show off?" asked Trianna.
    "It would buck up morale" answered Cornwell.
    "Who are you kidding? You could've got yourself killed" asked Trianna.
    "I wanted to test my engines at full burn" answered Cornwell.
    "You went through my shipyards at full impulse, there is a speed limit of one quarter impulse for a reason or did your ego conveniently forget?" asked Trianna.
    "I had the situation under control" answered Cornwell.
    "Get a grip, you think you are invincible because you are young. An attitude like that gets people killed, deal with it or I will" replied Trianna, "I am responsible for all 5,000 lives on this base including yours. What would happen if something went wrong? You'd be a red paste on the hull and I do not want to have to tell your family why you died stupidly" she said afterwards.
    "I had it under control" answered Cornwell.
    "What's that grey mush in your head?" asked Trianna.
    "A brain" answered Cornwell.
    "Next time use it and if I ever catch you showing off again, I'll have you sent back to flight school as a cadet now get out of my sight" ordered Trianna.

    When Cornwell emerged from the office, he was sweating,
    "The CO has a mean streak" he commented afterwards.
    "Wallace, my office, now" ordered Trianna.
    "Glasses are off, I'm safe" joked Wallace.

    When he emerged from the office, Wallace sighed relief,
    "Captain, you should be safe to go up" said Wallace to Seisa.
    When Seisa entered the office, she took a seat,
    "Hopefully he'll be more careful from now on. Overconfidence is a common Achilles' Heel among new cadets so please try to stamp it out before they get into trouble. As the Terrans say, "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure"" said Seisa.
    "Mr Cornwell is now on probation, sorry you had to hear that" replied Trianna as she went to the replicator and got two cups of tea, she passed one to Seisa.
    "They're like kids, they require a firm hand" said Seisa.
    "Not going to disagree, I have no idea how you can cope with two, one is difficult enough" answered Trianna.
    "Patience and a lot of it" replied Seisa.

    Betazed (MU red)

    The meeting had finished, everyone but Empress Iodokar, Solat and Seisa (red) left,
    "Admiral Lot will not forget that" said Solat to Seisa.
    "Regent, I was being honest with Admiral Lot. A reprisal against the strikers will not give us any long term or short term benefits unless you think having a lot of angry citizens is a benefit" answered Seisa.
    "Naynta Lot is not someone to make an enemy of. We need to keep you and your crew as far from the admiral as possible" advised Solat.
    "What's she capable of?" asked Seisa.
    "If she cannot hurt you, she'll hurt your crew and their families in reprisal. I'm extending you this offer, you'll be reassigned to Vulcan and work for me and D'Tan, it's for your safety and you are under my protection" answered Solat.
    "Thank you Regent Solat" replied Seisa.
    "Relocate you and your crew's families as well, you may have to accept a permanent self imposed exile from Betazed" answered Solat.
    "It may be a bitter pill to swallow for my crew but it may be for the best" replied Seisa.

    Later on, Seisa briefed her crew,
    "I have some bad and good news. To start, we are now exiles from Betazed, but please understand that I'm doing this to protect you and your families from Admiral Naynta Lot's reprisals. The good news is that Regents Solat and D'Tan have offered us a place in their fleet so we can use our abilities to their full potential. Long live the Empire!"
    It was greeted by a "Long live the Empire!" from her crew.

    After evacuating the families, the Duarte crew said their goodbyes to Betazed and joined up into formation with Solat's guard squadron, on-route, Solat gave Seisa her instructions,
    "Once your families are settled in, I want you to look through all the INN footage, find ringleaders and people we can talk to. I'm also authorising you to study Admiral Lot's record, any piece of intelligence that can help bloodlessly end this strike."
    "Yes Regent, my crew and their families won't forget this" answered Seisa.
    "You have family?" asked Solat.
    "No Regent, they were all killed when my people were nearly exterminated" answered Seisa.
    "I can teach you to handle that pain, I require absolute mental discipline" replied Solat, "Your crew and families will be required to undergo a mind meld. That way, help can be allocated to those who need it most" she said afterwards.
    "Thank you Regent" answered Seisa.
    "You are welcome" replied Solat.

    When Naynta (red) went to her replicator, she ordered,
    "Wine" as she smiled.
    "Go get it yourself" answered the computer as Naynta was served hot mud instead.
    When Naynta tried to activate her personal terminal, it kept randomly restarting.

    Aboard the Duarte, Seisa smiled as her haywire program began to take effect,
    "Enjoy my gift, Admiral" commented Seisa.

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    Mu yellow Betazed

    "All rise."
    The voice echoed across the filled to capacity chamber as those in attendance came to their feet.
    "Announcing her royal highness, the Empress!"
    As the far doors opened, the choir along the sides began to sing

    No, I won't give in
    I won't give in
    'Til I'm victorious
    And I will defend
    I will defend"

    Layress entered the room to the applause of those gathered. She smiled and waved as she walked down the carpeted aisle. All the while the singing continued.

    No, I won't give in
    I won't give in
    'Til I'm victorious
    And I will defend
    I will defend
    And I'll do what I must
    No, I won't give in
    I won't give in
    Oh, so glorious
    Until the end
    Until the end"

    A bit ostentatious she thought, but it did sum up her feelings and opinions.
    She reached the platform and walked up the ramp to the podium. She had learned over the years that steps and dresses like these were not a good combination. The music was timed to end as she arrived at her place. She raised a hand as the room fell silent.
    “Peldor Joi,” she began as always. “Tonight, I stand before to inform you of the state of the Empire. And that state is good.”
    She paused for the applause to stop.
    “We have welcomed those who have embraced our way of life, from both within our own universe and from beyond. The Empire is greater than the sum of it’s parts, and with every new part added it grows stronger, their diversity only serves to strengthen us all.”
    “With that in mind, I am pleased to announce that that out expeditionary forces in both the Gamma and Delta quadrants report that more and more new world and races are joining us and the Alliance. In fact, we can foresee a time, within our children’s lifetimes, that the Alliance will have achieved total control of the galaxy.”
    “But with that success comes a problem. What then? Those in our neighboring realities have their own ideals. The so-called Prime believes in bettering themselves, yet those enlightened ideals quickly fall away when they are attacked. And the other Red universe, they are nothing but aggression. And they are constantly on the verge of tearing themselves apart.”
    “The true path lies somewhere in between. We must strive to better ourselves yet have the strength to protect and defend our way of life.”
    “There are those who say that the only path is through war. And while I have nothing but the utmost respect for our Klingon brethren, we must elevate our idea of war.”
    "Wars are not won on the field of combat, battles are. But those are only part of the story. To win a war you need to break the enemies resolve. to force him to accept defeat. Otherwise the war will never end. Too many conflicts persist because battles are won but the hearts and minds of the people are not. Winning involves every level of society from the generals and politicians to the shop girls and the street cleaners. The soldier with his rifle may be the blunt weapon used to win this fight but he is neither the instigator or the concluder of it."
    “So, you may ask, who are we preparing this new type of warfare for?”
    She smiled. It was a smile devoid of all warmth and compassion.
    “I say this to those in our neighboring universes. Leave us alone. Your problems and issues are just that, your problems. We have no desire to get involved in them. Conversely, do not interfere with us in any way. Keep your agents, spy’s, and informants out of our space. I issue you this one warning, and listen well for it will not be repeated. Interfere with us in any way, and I will destroy you. Not your civilization, but your government. I will turn your own people against you and see you dragged through the streets. To put it very basic terms; don’t bother us, we won’t overthrow you. And should someone try to use us to further your own ambitions, please remember. I’m determined, not stupid. I will expose you and deliver you gift wrapped to those you tried to usurp.”
    “Where others fall, The Empire shall endure. Thank you, and may the Prophets watch over you all.”
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    Starbase Omega

    "So that is your empress, is the empress like your hive queen?" asked One after she watched the empress's speech on INN.
    "In a way yes but we all retain our individuality" answered Trianna (red).
    "Fascinating, conformity but still individual" replied One.
    "The Collective is conformity but minus individuality" answered Trianna.
    "Correct" replied One.
    "Wouldn't you agree that the Borg are stagnating?, they can only understand what they assimilate" asked Trianna.
    "We innovate by assigning drones with the right skills for the task, that way, we can always adapt" answered One.
    "Efficient" replied Trianna.
    "Very" answered One.

    "Progress on mapping the transwarp apertures?" asked Trianna as she darkened the office and activated the holodisplay.
    "Inputting the co-ordinates of transwarp apertures now" answered One as the map was updated.
    "All recent Borg attacks have been near our borders, what pattern is there to the attacks?" asked Trianna as the attack sites were displayed.
    "Harvesting of new drones maybe or they are testing our defences" suggested One.
    "Find a weakness in our defences and then exploit, there must be a transwarp hub operational somewhere in Borg space" replied Trianna.
    "Find and destroy that hub and we cripple the Borg's ability to attack into this quadrant" answered One.
    "I was thinking the exact same thing, we need to find an active aperture and send a probe through to map the route. We use that to locate the hub" replied Trianna.
    "It will be intercepted and assimilated as soon as it emerges" answered One.
    "Make sure it goes bang in their faces then" replied Trianna.
    "If we destroy the hub, millions of drones could die" answered One.
    "I know but ask yourself this, if we do not destroy the hub, how many more could be assimilated?" countered Trianna.
    "We must destroy that hub" answered One.
    "Agreed, first we need to locate it" replied Trianna.
    "We'll need permission for our reconnaissance mission" answered One.
    "Present it to Admiral Dawson, we've got a meeting with the admiral this afternoon" replied Trianna.
    "I'll prepare a plan" answered One.
    "Be efficient and I've got another job for you" replied Trianna.

    "Captain?" asked One.
    "I need an aide who can keep up with me, how many tasks are you running right now?" asked Trianna.
    "Including this, six" answered One.
    "You want the job?" asked Trianna.
    "Yes captain" answered One.
    "Good, you start now" replied Trianna.
    "I'll get a list of what resources we'll need" answered One.
    "One, I need efficiency" replied Trianna.
    "Captain" answered One.
    Trianna then studied the map further as merchant ships arrived for forming up into convoys, they would be escorted to and from Terok Nor (yellow) by warships.

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    Starbase Omega, Betazed orbit (MU yellow)

    Admiral Dawson the Empress and Regent Lot were all in the briefing room when Captain Trianna Valdez (red) and One of Six entered, both then saluted and took their seats.
    "Captain, status of the Borg transwarp network?" asked Admiral Dawson.
    "Operational, the Borg appear to have an operational transwarp hub" answered Trianna as she put her reading glasses on.
    "Location?" asked Regent Lot.
    "Somewhere in Borg space" answered Trianna as One passed around some PADDs with the intel on.
    "A Borg transwarp hub gives the collective a strategic advantage, we need to find it and destroy it" said Heath.
    "Finding it will be one thing, destroying it another problem entirely" replied Admiral Dawson.
    "We've been thinking about that, permission to launch a recon operation?" asked Trianna.
    "What's the plan?" asked Admiral Dawson as she read through the intel report.
    "Get a ship in position to fire a probe through an aperture and track it to the hub" answered Trianna.
    "What resources will be needed?" asked Regent Lot.
    "My aide is passing around the list of resources required" answered Trianna as One passed around more PADDs.
    "That hub is a priority, destroy that and we stop the Borg from reaching this part of the galaxy" replied Heath.
    "We need to end this war before we are too exhausted and damaged to fight off the collective" answered Admiral Dawson.
    "Captain, your recon mission is a go but you will not be going on it" said Heath.
    "I know, my past history with the Borg" answered Trianna.
    "I can assign a captain, ship and crew to that, I'll make sure a group goes with them for protection" said Admiral Dawson.

    "Onto the next piece of business" said Heath.
    "Merchant captains are complaining about the lack of Starfleet protection, the fighting at the front has diverted resources away" replied Regent Lot.
    "The S.S. Monrovia was travelling alone when she was attacked, had an effective convoy system been in place, maybe that could have been avoided" answered Admiral Dawson.
    "What has the Minos Korvos governor said about it?" asked Regent Lot.
    "He could not spare the resources from his security operations, he seemed unconcerned about the loss of the Monrovia" answered Admiral Dawson "according to his report, merchant ships can be replaced as well as their crews. He seemed unsympathetic to the families of the victims" she said afterwards.
    Trianna took some deep breaths and kept her cool,
    "We've been replacing our older ships with newer designs, those ships that have been pulled from front line service can be put to better use protecting our merchant fleet, to scrap these ships would be a waste" suggested Trianna.
    "You've been doing some field trials of a convoy system, what are the results?" asked Admiral Dawson.
    "The convoy reached Terok Nor safely, no losses due to the vigilance of the military escort" answered Trianna.
    "While I agree that we need to protect the merchant fleet, we also need to keep our front line fighting forces up to strength" replied Heath.
    "We still have ex Klingon/Cardassian Alliance ships in storage, put them on convoy duty" suggested Admiral Dawson.
    "That would free up other ships for the front" said Regent Lot.
    "Agreed" answered Admiral Dawson.
    "It might prevent another Monrovia incident" replied Trianna.
    "Captain Valdez, it might or it might not" answered Heath.
    "It would at least lessen the chances of it happening again" replied Trianna, "we owe it to the merchant crews who risk life and limb everyday ensuring that resources get to where they are needed, without them, the Empire could not function" she said afterwards as a report came in from the Boreth sector, the Borg had sent three cubes to take and assimilate Qo'noS.

    "Admiral, take Omega and help the Klingons. Captain, you're on intel here" ordered Heath.
    Ma'am" answered both Admiral Dawson and Trianna. Admiral Dawson then beamed up to the Morrigan and set course or Qon'oS with Omega.
    "Captain, I noticed your emotional level increase. May I ask why?" asked Regent Lot.
    "My Isoisa was aboard the Monrovia, I had no choice but to kill her and destroy the ship. She had been taken and assimilated" answered Trianna.
    "You did the right thing and now you want to honor her and her valiant crew mates by protecting merchant shipping, very noble of you, you've changed" replied Heath.
    "I am doing by living a good life and lessening the chances of another Monrovia incident, no family should have to go through what those 20 families are going through right now" answered Trianna.
    "How's Junior taking it?" asked Heath.
    "Not well, it's to be expected" answered Trianna.
    "You have to be a good example, you cannot let your anger towards the Borg cloud your judgement" advised Heath.
    "Doctor Lot has been a life saver, without her I would be drinking myself blind drunk" replied Trianna.
    "You accepted help, once of a day you would have tried to erase it" answered Heath.
    "I don't want to end up like my father, bitter, angry and genocidal. That's the curse I have to live with everyday" replied Trianna.
    "You still seeing Doctor Lot?" asked Heath.
    "I am" answered Trianna.
    "You're no longer wearing a wedding ring" noted Regent Lot.
    "I've had to move on" answered Trianna.
    "Moving on is the hard part" advised Regent Lot.
    "Indeed, I met someone and we've started a relationship" replied Trianna.
    "Why are you wearing those glasses?" asked Regent Lot.
    "Partially blind in one eye, blame my demonic father and I'm allergic to eye medication" answered Trianna as a fighter came streaking past the window at full impulse doing a barrel roll, "Valdez to Ops, call that fighter in and put the pilot in a cell, I'll have words with the culprit later" she ordered afterwards tapping her combadge.
    "Ma'am" answered Lt.Cmdr Wallace.
    "I'm sorry about that but my fighter pilots think they can show off without me noticing, Mr Lynch this time" said Trianna afterwards.
    "Usual suspects?" asked Regent Lot.
    "Got a log running on this device of which fighters are in the air and who's piloting with location and flight log, Mr Lynch has no excuses" answered Trianna showing Regent Lot her terminal.

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    Starbase Omega, Betazed orbit (MU yellow)

    After the Empress and Regent returned to Betazed, Captain Trianna Valdez (red) went to the cells and questioned Lt. Micheal Lynch,
    "You were warned about showing off, in my hand I have the crew chief's report and not only am I not best pleased with having to interrupt a meeting, the chief is fuming at having his time wasted repairing something you broke. This is from his report, structural integrity fields reduced to 40% and an impulse manifold nearly blown out. That means the chief is having to rebuild the whole manifold, what's the excuse?" asked Trianna.
    "I wanted better handling performance at high speed" answered Lynch.
    "You nearly wrote off the fighter and got yourself killed pointlessly and stupidly, have you any idea how long it will take to repair that fighter?" asked Trianna.
    "No ma'am" answered Lynch.
    "A week, a week of wasted time caused by you" answered Trianna.
    "There goes my Imperial day holiday" thought Lynch.
    "You fighter pilots are the same, cocky, arrogant and impulsive" answered Trianna.
    Lynch just gulped when he realised he had thought the wrong thing,
    "Lt. Micheal Lynch, I am stripping you of your pilot's wings and hereby demote you to ensign. For the next week, you will be with the crew chief helping to repair the damage you caused, once you've learnt some humility, you can have your wings back" said Trianna as she removed Lynch's wings and rank before throwing him ensign chevrons and throwing a jumpsuit in, "Ensign, you will report to crew chief Hirosho at 0630, once you have done your shift, you will be escorted back to this cell, don't worry since Mr Cornwell will be joining you. Understood?" she asked afterwards.
    "Crystal, ma'am" answered Lynch.

    Trianna then took her glasses off and put them back in the case.
    "Lynch, was your little stunt worth it?" asked Trianna.
    "No ma'am" answered Lynch.
    "While your buddies get to have some fun on Imperial day, you will be grounded" replied Trianna, "base safety is something everyone has to take seriously, I would rather not have to write that letter to your family. Learn some responsibility, it takes two years to train a pilot, if that that pilot gets him/herself killed in an accident, who's fault is it?" she asked afterwards.
    "Theirs" answered Lynch.
    "So what are you going to do about it?" asked Trianna.
    "Learn to think next time" answered Lynch.
    "Correct answer, you have children?" asked Trianna.
    "Two girls and a boy, all young" answered Lynch.
    "How old?" asked Trianna.
    "3,5 and 1" answered Lynch.
    "I'm going to tell you this as a mother of one, think about them before you decide to show off next time" replied Trianna.
    "Yes ma'am" answered Lynch.
    "You married?" asked Trianna.
    "I have a wife" answered Lynch.
    "How would your wife feel learning her husband got himself killed in an accident?, how would your children feel? You are a provider for them, think on that" replied Trianna.
    "Yes ma'am" answered Lynch once the depth of the situation sunk in.
    "Good, it's a week so take the punishment. Had that been another captain, you might not have been so lucky" replied Trianna.
    "Ma'am" answered Lynch.

    "It's 2230, you've got work at 0630 so get your head down and get some sleep" ordered Trianna.
    "Ma'am" answered Lynch before Trianna left the cell block.
    "I messed up big time" sighed Lynch afterwards.
    "Your own fault" said Cmdr Barras.

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    Vulcan (MU Red)

    Solat had called a meeting. When Seisa (red) arrived at Mount Seleya she was met by Cmdr T'Pamne,
    "We walk the rest of the way, you are on hallowed ground so show respect to the priests" said T'Pamne.
    "How long have you worked for the Regents?" asked Seisa.
    "Around a year, they're good people" answered T'Pamne.
    "This reminds of Loneel back home" commented Seisa.
    "Mount Seleya is the most important cultural site for our people, it is where we go for the Kolinahr" replied T'Pamne.
    "Kolinahr?" asked Seisa.
    "It is a ritual where we purge all emotion and embrace logic as taught by Surak" answered T'Pamne.
    "The father of Vulcan logic" replied Seisa as they both walked up a steep path to the main temple.
    "Indeed, Surak taught that embracing logic over emotion was a better option than what we had before" answered T'Pamne.
    "The Sundering" replied Seisa.
    "When the Vulcan and Romulan peoples split and went their own ways, it was bloody with nuclear warfare and body counts into the millions. Surak ended that and for 2,000 years, our peoples were split. Vulcans embraced logic while the Romulans embraced emotion. Since reunification, we've been trying to find that balance of logic and emotion" answered T'Pamne.
    "Must be difficult" replied Seisa as they both approached the temple and knocked on the doors.
    "It's a balance we have to manage. Hand over all weapons to the guards, you'll get them back on the way out, Seleya is a place of peace" answered T'Pamne.
    Seisa handed her weapons over and both went into a main chamber lined by statues, Seisa was awe struck as she looked around.
    "You're honored, you are the first non-Vulcanoid to enter this chamber. Each statue is a teacher of logic who have passed down Surak's teachings over the millennia" explained T'Pamne they both approached a table in the middle of the room.

    "Regents" said Seisa before she saluted and took her seat.
    "Inquisitor, status on finding strike ringleaders we can speak to?" asked Solat.
    "I've made some discreet calls, some are willing to speak with us on Terra but others are not, they are scared for the future of their families" answered Seisa.
    "Admiral Lot's threat of reprisals has them scared, we know what she is capable of" said T'Pamne.
    "We are after a solid case against her, have you contacted some of the Trills who were tortured by Admiral Lot?" asked Solat.
    "They're too terrified to talk" answered Seisa.
    "Understood" replied Solat, "we could talk with the former Federation POWs tortured by Admiral Lot, maybe they will be more forthcoming" she said afterwards.
    "We would need permission to contact the Federation" replied T'Pamne.
    "Do not worry about that, leave that to me" answered Solat, "Status of mobilisation?" she asked D'Tan (red) afterwards.
    "24 hours and we are good to go" answered D'Tan.
    "We are on the verge of another civil war, violence is not an answer here. I will go to Terra and speak with the strikers, Seisa, your troops will provide security" said Solat.
    "Ma'am" answered Seisa.
    "What about Admiral Lot? If she gets wind we're going to speak with the strikers, she might try and beat us to Terra" asked T'Pamne.
    "She won't" answered Seisa, "Her warp engines will conveniently cut out halfway to Terra, I may have left her a surprise and don't worry, it's not lethal" she said afterwards.
    "We can offer the strikers' families asylum in Vulcan and Romulan space, it will give them an incentive to speak with us" suggested D'Tan.
    "Make arrangements" answered Solat.
    "They will be made" replied D'Tan.
    "Good, I'm heading to Terra aboard the Surak. Seisa, you're with me and pick your best troops" ordered Solat.
    "Ma'am" answered Seisa.
    "I better supervise the the fleet redeployment" said D'Tan.
    With that, the meeting came to a close and everyone left. As they all walked to the shuttle, Seisa was still awe struck by the landscape.

    "Regent Solat, I'm picking up someone else in your head" said Seisa.
    "I carry the katra of Surak, I am his chosen to lead the Vulcan and Romulan peoples" answered Solat.
    "What's a katra?" asked Seisa.
    "It's what Terrans call a soul" answered Solat.
    "Vulcan will take some getting used to" replied Seisa.
    T'Pamne just smiled at the comment.
    "T'Pamne you have emotion" said Seisa.
    "I was offered the chance to take the Kolinahr, I turned it down" replied T'Pamne.
    "I guess you are attached to your emotions" answered Seisa.
    "Yep, meet the only Vulcan with road rage" joked T'Pamne.
    Seisa found it amusing.
    "D'Tan, you need to pick Pytor up from his tuition at 1600" said Solat reminding D'Tan.
    "I'll work from home, I've got some calls to make" answered D'Tan.
    "Get me Hakeev (red), I've got a task for him and tell him that he owes us for allowing him to remain in charge" ordered Solat.
    "Regent, that's the Tal Shiar (red)" said Seisa.
    "You are correct on that, the Inquisition and Tal Shiar have had many successful operations together" replied Solat.
    "They have a flair for subtlety, useful asset" answered Seisa.
    "You'll be working with them, strictly recon and security. You will provide the security and I want you to scan people's minds, We need to know their intentions" replied Solat.
    "Vigilance is the the price of freedom" answered Seisa.
    "A very logical assessment, learn to harness that mind more, pulling a trigger is easy, a different solution may be more suited to that problem, the mind can be sharp as a lirpa" advised Solat.
    "Fascinating" noted Seisa.
    They all then reached the shuttle and departed, Solat, T'Pamne and Seisa were beamed up to the Surak while D'Tan flew back to the palace.

    Aboard the Surak, Solat transported up the troops she needed and Seisa's team and gave the order,
    "Group, form up and set a course for Terra, maximum warp."

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    I.S.S. Surak (MU red)

    "Who's the target?" asked Colonel Tomrak.
    "Here's your target, I do not want her dead or hurt and leave her family out of it. I want you to arrange for a message to be sent to the Admiral, let us teach the Admiral a lesson in fear" ordered Solat as she passed the PADD to Tomrak.
    "I have two operatives ready to go, Admiral Lot cannot hide from our attention" replied Tomrak.
    "I would expect nothing less from the Tal Shiar, alert your operatives" answered Solat.
    "As you wish Regent" replied Tomrak before he left the bridge.

    12 hours later, Admiral Lot (red) awoke in her chambers on Betazed (red) and found the room darkened,
    "Lights" she ordered but they would not come on.
    "Morning Admiral Lot, we hope you had a good sleep" said a female voice in the darkness.
    "Don't bother calling security, you won't get through" said another female voice.
    Admiral Lot tried to reach for her phaser pistol,
    "We know where you keep your phaser" said one of the female voices as Admiral Lot found her phaser missing.
    Soon a PADD appeared on Admiral Lot's desk, it read,
    "We know who you are and what you do. Carry out any reprisals and your existence will be not be so pleasant, we will be watching you very closely. Don't bother complaining to your sister or there will be consequences."
    "Have a good morning Admiral Lot" said one female voice before both beamed out using a masked transporter signal and the lights came on leaving only Admiral Lot in the room.

    Aboard their ship, the message was sent over a secure channel to Tomrak,
    "Message sent."
    When Solat got the report, she read it,
    "Fine work, I want the admiral to be constantly looking over her shoulder, I want her under around the clock watch at all times" she said afterwards to Tomrak.
    "Regent, as you wish" answered Tomrak.
    Starbase Omega, Betazed Orbit (MU yellow)

    Imperial Day had been a success as the last guests left the station and the civilian residents got to clearing up and locking their businesses for the night,
    "The pilots are grateful for being allowed to fly" said Lt. Cmdr Wallace.
    "They only get to do that once a year, every other day, they must be on impeccable behaviour" replied Trianna (red) as she got a call from security.
    "Valdez here, what's the problem?" asked Trianna tapping her combadge.
    "We've got a very angry Vulcan in our cells, we caught her splicing the dabo table" answered Cmdr Barras.
    "On my way" replied Trianna before she left for the cells.

    In the cells, a young Vulcan woman was yelling to be let out as Trianna arrived,
    "T'Pamne, I know who you are" she said afterwards.
    "How do you know my name?" asked T'Pamne (yellow).
    "I used to serve with your counterpart and she had the same MO you have" answered Trianna.
    "How is a girl to get far in life?" joked T'Pamne.
    "Legitimately, you got caught" answered Trianna.
    "Let me out of here and all this can be forgotten" replied T'Pamne.
    "Three ways this could go and it all depends on you" said Trianna.
    "Prison does not scare me so do not threaten me with that" answered T'Pamne.
    "These are your options, enlist in the military and go legitimate or you can become my informant" said Trianna.
    "What's the third?" asked T'Pamne.
    "I hand you over to the courts and recommend you go into a penal legion" answered Trianna.
    "I'm not snitching" replied T'Pamne.
    "And a penal legion would be a waste of your talents, so here's your choices, penal legion or be conscripted and repay your debt to society. Either way does not bother me me in the slightest" answered Trianna.
    "You choose" replied T'Pamne, "I'm not snitching for you" she said afterwards.
    "Under Starfleet regulation 13982, you are hereby conscripted into the Imperial military for a period of two years, you will be unranked and your privileges limited" answered Trianna.
    "You'll never turn me legitimate" replied T'Pamne.
    "We'll see" answered Trianna, "Barras, put your new recruit through boot camp" she ordered afterwards.
    "Ma'am" answered Barras as INN came on,
    "This morning, Imperial and Klingon forces united to defend the Klingon homeworld of Qon'oS. We are happy to report that three Borg cubes were destroyed for minimal losses to us, this victory is a victory for the Alliance and we will not surrender to fear and terror" said the INN anchor on the monitor.

    Omega arrived a few hours later and soon they were followed in by a Klingon fleet,
    "Doctor, ready the infirmary for casualties" ordered Trianna tapping her combadge.
    "Ma'am" answered Doctor Garcia.
    "Chief, we may have damaged ships coming in, have your team ready" ordered Trianna tapping her combadge.
    "We're on standby" answered Hirosho.
    "Excellent" replied Trianna, "I'll meet the admiral" she said afterwards before she left.
    When Admiral Dawson arrived, Trianna saluted her and gave her a full run down on station operation,
    "Captain, excellent" said Admiral Dawson.
    "Ma'am, my medical and engineering teams are on standby" replied Trianna.
    "Get your teams onto it, we promised the Klingons we would treat their injured and repair their ships" answered Admiral Dawson.
    "Valdez to medical and engineering teams, everyone ready?" asked Trianna tapping her combadge.
    "We're heading to the airlocks now" answered Hirosho and Garcia.
    "We've got Klingons coming aboard, treat them with honor and respect" ordered Trianna.
    "Copy that" answered Garcia.
    "Captain, take the weekend off, Cmdr Baker can run things here while you are away for the weekend" said Admiral Dawson to Trianna.
    "Ma'am" answered Trianna before she boarded her shuttle and flew home home, she arrived at her aunt's as the sun was going down.

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    Betazed (MU Yellow)

    On a bright morning, Trianna (red) woke up and got ready, she then got Junior ready, over breakfast, Isabella decided to tell Trianna the good news,
    "Red, we're going into town. Just the two of us" said Isabella.
    "What for?" asked Trianna.
    "To get you measured out for a dinner dress" answered Isabella.
    "May I ask?" asked Trianna before she took a sip of tea and glared at Junior, "Junior, behave" she said afterwards.
    "We'll have a dinner guest so everyone has to look their best" answered Isabella.
    "Who?" asked Trianna.
    "You know him, in fact you two have been getting close" answered Isabella.
    "Oh boy" sighed Trianna.
    "Red's got a boyfriend" said Julius.
    "Have you invited him over to dinner?" asked Trianna.
    "I have, we want to meet him. He'll be bringing his daughter Mara as well" answered Isabella.
    "This will be fun" joked Marius.
    "This will be an interesting weekend" sighed Trianna, "Boys, you three better be on best behaviour" she said afterwards.
    "Antos, you going to temple today?" asked Isabella.
    "I am, got to tend to my flock" answered Antos.
    "Can you take care of the boys for a few hours?" asked Isabella.
    "Not a problem, the temple is only next door" answered Antos.
    "Keep Junior out of trouble will you?" asked Trianna.
    "He's no problem at all" answered Antos.
    "Thanks" replied Trianna.
    "Why can't we stay home and watch TV? Temple's boring" complained Andreas.
    "It's part of your heritage and sitting in front of the TV is not productive" answered Isabella.
    "I don't like temple school" moaned Andreas, "What have the Prophets ever done for me?" he asked afterwards.
    "They provide guidance to how we can live our lives as good and honest people, they are a part of your heritage" answered Antos.
    "We've never met them" commented Marius.
    "They work in their own unique way, they never make contact unless they deem it necessary" answered Antos.

    After breakfast, everyone got ready, while Antos and the boys went to temple, Isabella and Trianna headed to town,
    "Thank you for stopping Andreas lying about his age to join up" said Isabella.
    "Not a problem. He can wait until he's 18, I can however put his name forward for the Imperial youth cadets" replied Trianna.
    "He'll enjoy it" answered Isabella as they walked into town.
    "He's a growing lad and full of energy" replied Trianna as they approached the dress shop. They then went in, after a few hours, Trianna picked out a dress she liked, after picking it and trying it on, she got changed and had the dress packaged up before purchasing it. Isabella and Trianna then spend some aunt/niece quality time together.

    When Isabella and Trianna got back late afternoon, Trianna helped her prepare dinner, that evening, an engine was heard driving up the street and an all terrain light scout car pulled into the driveway, Julius, Marius and Andreas all wanted to have a look inside,
    "Charlie, looking good" said Trianna as she gave Brookfield a kiss.
    "Wow, looking very beautiful Trianna" replied Brookfield.
    "Eww gross" commented Marius.
    "Daddy, not cool" said Mara.
    "Trianna, meet my daughter Mara. Mara meet Trianna, if things go well, she might be your stepmother" said Brookfield.
    "Hopefully, she'll be better than my sorry excuse of a mother" replied Mara.
    "Mara, pleased to meet you" said Trianna.
    "I've got custody of her, her mother walked out on us and she drinks heavily, we've been divorced since" said Brookfield.
    "Junior's father was killed in action before he was born, the loss of his stepmom has affected him as well" replied Trianna.
    "Trianna, are you a veteran?" asked Brookfield.
    "How can you tell?" countered Trianna.
    "The eyes, I know a thousand yard stare where I see it" answered Brookfield.
    "Dominion War vet and a serving military officer" answered Trianna.
    "Dominion War veteran myself and many other campaigns during my army service" replied Brookfield.
    "Charlie, meet my family, my aunt Isabella, my uncle Antos and my cousins Andreas, Marius and Julius and this is Junior, my son" said Trianna introducing her family.
    "A pleasure to meet all of you and Peldor Joi, Antos" replied Brookfield.
    "Peldor Joi, you know Bajoran" said Antos.
    "Some of my closest friends are Bajoran, great lads and you do tend to pick little phrases up from them" answered Brookfield.
    "We may be a spiritual people but we can fight if we have to" replied Antos.
    "I served with Bajorans in the army, I have nothing but respect for them" answered Brookfield.
    "Shall we all go in?" asked Isabella.

    Everyone then went inside before settling down to dinner,
    "What do you do?" asked Andreas to Brookfield.
    "Lad, I'm a police officer" answered Brookfield.
    "Must be hard" said Marius.
    "Can be, you get some good days and bad days in equal measure" replied Brookfield.
    "I want to either enlist in the police or Starfleet when I get old enough" answered Marius.
    "Keep a clean record lad and have good grades, that's how you'll get in" advised Brookfield.
    "I will" answered Marius.
    "Is that a tank outside?" asked Julius.
    "A light scout car lad, tanks have tracks and are a lot bigger" answered Brookfield.
    "It's got armour and a cannon" replied Julius.
    "Only enough to keep out small arms and the cannon is only good for light targets" answered Brookfield.
    "Does the cannon work?" asked Andreas.
    "It's been made safe so cannot fire" answered Brookfield.
    "That sounds boring" replied Andreas.
    "It's the law" answered Brookfield.
    "Good point" conceded Andreas.
    "Boys, try not to overload Charlie too much please" requested Isabella.
    "Isabella, it's quite alright, your lads are curious" said Brookfield.
    "What was the Dominion War like?" asked Andreas.
    "I don't speak of it" answered Brookfield.
    "Andreas, you would not understand" added Trianna.
    "My cousin does not speak of it, it upsets her still" said Andreas.
    "Lad, you want to enlist?" asked Brookfield.
    "Yeah, but I'm not old enough, I've got to wait another three years until I'm 18" answered Andreas.
    "Life in the military is not easy, ask your cousin, she'll tell you the same" replied Brookfield.
    "It's true" added Trianna.
    "Antos, what do you do?" asked Brookfield.
    "I'm a priest, as you Terrans say, I have to tend to my flock" answered Antos.
    "Faith is what keeps us strong, I often heard the Bajorans praying before battle" replied Brookfield.
    "You a man of faith?" asked Antos.
    "I am" answered Brookfield, "the amount of bad situations I've gone through made me that" he said afterwards.

    For the rest of the evening, they all talked and exchanged stories. Brookfield and Mara left at around 2000 hours and the family saw them off and Trianna gave Brookfield a kiss before he picked Mara up and put her in the passenger seat before he got into the driver's seat.
    "Charlie, have a safe trip home" said Isabella.
    "Mrs Valdez, thank you for an enjoyable evening" replied Brookfield.
    "Thank you" said Mara.
    "Charlie, this is my private channel for when I'm at work, you can contact me on this" said Trianna passing Brookfield a PADD with her channel on it.
    "Trianna, how about we get our respective kids together the next time you're not at work. If they get along which they are doing, let's think about making the relationship more permanent" suggested Brookfield.
    "Agreed, my son needs a father and your daughter needs a mother" answered Trianna.
    "Indeed" replied Brookfield, "Trianna, it was a pleasure meeting your family. You and Junior are welcome to visit when I'm not at work. I better get this little lady to bed. It's getting past her bedtime" he said afterwards.
    "We won't keep you, good night" replied Trianna.
    "Good night and lads, it was a pleasure meeting you" said Brookfield as the doors closed on the vehicle, the vehicle reversed down the drive, turned and drove down the street.
    "Red, need a hand with Junior?" asked Isabella.
    "Thanks" answered Trianna.
    Everyone went inside and after the boys were in bed, the adults cleared up,
    "Why do I get the feeling you and Antos approve of Charlie?" asked Trianna.
    Isabella and Antos just smiled.

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    Starbase Omega, Betazed orbit (MU Yellow)

    Captain Trianna Valdez (red) was leaving her quarters after returning from her weekend break, as she walked along the corridor to the turbolift, she was blocked by two assailants. They both walked towards her as they pulled out a dagger each,
    "Are we really going to do this?" sighed Trianna as she pulled out her pistol.
    She then dropped the first assailant with two well placed bullets to the left knee and right arm breaking bone, they passed through as the second assailant got to within knife range, Trianna without thinking just dodged the strike and deflected the blade with her pistol, using her quick speed to dodge contact as she put her dagger right into the second attacker's tendon, the assailant screamed as Trianna casually brushed herself off,
    "Valdez to security, report to my location and bring Doctor Garcia and his team. There will be casualties" ordered Trianna.
    "On our way" answered Barras and Garcia.

    When Barras, Garcia and their teams arrived, Trianna explained what happened,
    "You bleeding?" asked Garcia.
    "Not my blood" answered Trianna as a medic checked her over.
    "Ma'am, you're fine. Can't say much about the pistol" replied the medic.
    "What's your name?" asked Trianna.
    "Woodside, ma'am" answered the medic.
    "You have a first name?" asked Trianna.
    "Amanda, ma'am" answered Woodside.
    "Amanda, first day on the job?" asked Trianna.
    "It is, ma'am" answered Woodside.
    "You're doing good, keep it up Amanda" replied Trianna as Barras walked over.
    "Ma'am, Cmdr Barras is here" said Woodside.
    "Amanda, tend to the two fools. I need them both alive" ordered Trianna.
    "Ma'am" answered Woodside.
    "Remind me never to get on your bad side" said Barras.
    "They were not on my crew, I could tell that. I want to question them after they've been patched up, find out who sent them" ordered Trianna.
    "Ma'am" answered Barras, "We found this on them, you better read it" he said afterwards passing Trianna a PADD. Trianna read the message and it read,

    "Dear weak-minded sister, if you are reading this then you've incapacitated my little surprise. Shame, they were expendable anyway. How is dear mother? Oh wait, she's dead. The old witch outlived her usefulness anyway."
    Trianna paused for a second and her eyes changed,
    "Marie" she said before continuing,
    "I'm somewhere in this empire, this wonderfully organised empire. What it needs is a little disorder and chaos, I've heard it's a right party over in the red so I thought I'd import the party here, the Borg are such excellent pawns. Somewhere in this empire is an interplexing beacon, you have to find it. If you don't, I will allow the Borg to assimilate a new technology. Now it would be a shame if they got your quantum slipstream technology. Have fun finding it."
    "We have a problem and a very big problem at that" said Trianna to Barras, "Assign me an escort up to my office, I need to contact Betazed" she ordered afterwards.

    When Trianna got to her office, her security took up sentry duty outside as she activated her terminal,
    "Computer, Gold channel secured" she ordered.
    "Is the empress busy?" asked Trianna.
    "She's in her office, why do you ask?" asked Jasmine-Smith-Petrofski.
    "She's back, I need a face to face meeting. What has to be said cannot be spoken over subspace" answered Trianna.
    "I'll notify the Empress now" replied Smith-Petrofski, "Betazed out" she replied and the screen went blank.

    On Betazed, Heath got an alert on the Gold channel,
    "Put me through to Captain Valdez" ordered Heath to Smith-Petrofski.
    "Directing you now" answered Smith-Petrofski.
    In her office, Trianna got a priority call,
    "Captain, you 100% on that?" asked Heath.
    "Two assailants tried to assassinate me this morning, a PADD containing a message was found on them" answered Trianna.
    "My office, 1400" ordered Heath.
    "Ma'am" answered Trianna.
    "Captain, see you then, Betazed out" said Heath before the channel closed.
    "One, you're with me" she said to One of Six.
    "Captain" answered One.
    "The Borg getting quantum slipstream is a nightmare no one wants to go through" said Trianna.
    "It would render all your Empire and Alliance's efforts obsolete, the Collective would be able to attack the core worlds more easily" answered One.
    "Now you understand why we have to find that beacon, we are dealing with an individual who enjoys causing chaos and disorder" replied Trianna.
    "Like a form of corruption?" asked One.
    "Exactly" answered Trianna.

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    Betazed (MU Yellow)

    When Trianna (red arrived at the Empress's office, she was shown in by Jasmine Smith-Petrofski (red) before she bowed and saluted Heath,
    "Captain, glad to see you are alright, did you kill them?" asked Heath.
    "Incapacitated them in non-lethal spots, they're being patched and questioned as we speak" answered Trianna before she passed the recovered PADD to Heath. Heath then read the message,
    "How?" asked Heath.
    "We shut down her cloning facility on Terra Red but she may have taken a clone with her when she fled the end of her reign. She may have got in during the migration or before and if she is somewhere in this empire, we have a problem" answered Trianna as a call came in from the I.S.S. Toulon,
    "Long time, no see Bajoran. How about you do us all a favour and take yourself, your family and your entire people back to the labor camps where you belong" gloated Marie as she laughed about in Heath's face, "You know the Cardassians of the prime universe had the right idea what to do with your people" she joked afterwards.
    "No one is laughing" answered Heath.
    "No sense of humour, how did the Fedrat wounded I vented into space from the Resurrection feel?" joked Marie, "Being boiled, suffocated and frozen while still alive must be agonising or the crew you watched die all around you" taunted Marie as she treated it like it was a game.
    "What do you want?" asked Heath keeping her cool.
    "To bring disorder and chaos to your empire, this universe is boring so I thought I would bring some excitement over" answered Marie.

    "Where are the crew?" asked Heath.
    "They're alive but they won't be for long, not when the Borg find this disabled ship somewhere on the extreme edge of your space, I cannot say where since that is not part of the game" answered Marie.
    "Harm those hostages and you will be public enemy number one" said Heath.
    "Shut it slave and listen, you will tell your people this. Tell them to renounce their faith in their false gods and go back to the labor camps or face retribution" replied Marie.

    "Marie, people's lives are not your playthings for you to amuse yourself" said Trianna.
    "Dear sister, you killed me twice. The bullet through the heart, that really hurt and the second time, you stuffed my head into a box. That was a good one, this time though, daddy is not here to help you" answered Marie.
    "Don't need his help besides I'm not the insane one" replied Trianna.
    "I did not turn my back on what our father taught us, only the strong have the right to live, the rest are but mere pawns to be expended" answered Marie.
    "Look where that got your father, he's dead" said Heath.
    Marie then executed a hostage by beaming him into space,
    "Oops, finger slipped" joked Marie as she laughed about it.
    Trianna's eyes soon changed and she glared at Marie.
    "That's the look I want to see, I can see the murder in your eyes" gloated Marie.
    "And aimed at you, you insane brat" answered Trianna.
    "If you can find me" replied Marie laughing.
    "You will be found" said Heath.
    "Not before I cause more chaos, Rojab is a nice city, let's have a bonfire" said Marie as Bajoran texts were piled into the plaza and soaked in a flammable liquid, Marie's right hand man then lit it, recorded it and laughed as thousands of years of history burned before the gang stole a Miradorn raider and fled the system to link up with Marie.

    "You've got four days to find that beacon, if you fail to disarm it, the poor crew of the Toulon will find themselves living as mindless Borg drones for the rest of their lives, did I forget, the Toulon has a quantum slipstream drive? Would be a shame if the Borg assimilated that technology" said Marie as she laughed about it and the screen went blank.
    "Activate the beacon in two days" she ordered to her team afterwards.

    "Permission to hunt her down and kill her a third time and hopefully final time?" asked Trianna.
    "She is a threat to every pah in this Empire, get a team together and find her. Admiral Dawson can deal with the beacon" answered Heath.
    "I'll need ship that no-one will expect with a large cargo capacity, an Imperial Starfleet ship entering orbit would alert Marie and she would bolt at the first sign of trouble" requested Trianna.
    "But she cannot ignore you, there will be a ship sent to the station. Call it a mobile HQ" answered Heath.
    "Thank you ma'am" replied Trianna.

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    Betazed (MU yellow)

    "I'll need a team, weapons, half a dozen armored vehicles, poisons and explosives" requested Trianna (red).
    "Talk to Paris, Tamiko and Truzena, what weapons are you looking at?" asked Heath.
    "Firearms" answered Trianna as she pulled her pistol out of the holster and checked the safety, "I want to make this more concealable and near silent" she said afterwards as Heath examined the weapon.
    "You'd be better off with a phaser, this has no stun setting" said Heath.
    "There may be times when phasers do not work, a low tech solution may be in order" replied Trianna.
    "Talk to Truzena, she knows her guns" answered Heath.
    "Thank you, I've got weapons to secure and a team to organise" replied Trianna.
    "When will you be ready to start your hunt?" asked Heath.
    "Two weeks, should be enough time to get the ship modified, weapons delivered and a team raised" answered Trianna.
    "Speak to Captain Petrofski, he can put you in the right direction" advised Heath.
    "Thank you ma'am" answered Trianna.
    "Captain, keep me posted" ordered Heath.
    "Ma'am" answered Trianna.
    "Get to it" ordered Heath.
    Trianna acknowledged the order, reholstered her pistol, got up, saluted and left the room. She then left for the weapons lab aboard the Los Lobos complete with two cases of firearms.

    When she arrived, she was escorted by Cmdr Wheeler to the labs,
    "Wheeler, nice to see you again" said Trianna.
    "You working?" asked Wheeler.
    "That's why I'm here, I need this lot more quiet and concealable" answered Trianna before they reached the labs.
    "Captain" said Truzena.
    "You're good with guns, how could you modify these?" asked Trianna putting the cases on the table and opening them.
    Truzena checked each weapon carefully,
    "These are not particle weapons" said Truzena.
    "They're fire arms, bullets not particle bolts" replied Trianna.
    "Leave these with us, how many will you need?" asked Truzena.
    "I'll be taking two assault teams, so 20 pistols, 4 shotguns and 16 sub-machine guns with micro-replicators in the magazines, I'll also need ten TR-116Bs with microtransporter attachments to the barrel complete with micro-replicators in the magazine" answered Trianna.
    "What you need are folding stocks on the shotguns and SMGs, suppressors and flash suppressor will also be required, when do you need them?" asked Truzena.
    "Ten days" answered Trianna as she saw the armor in the locker, "Can that armour be modified to mask a lifesign?" asked Trianna.
    "Thinking about sneaking in somewhere? asked Truzena.
    "Indeed" answered Trianna.
    "They come from our universe Task Group Omega, the wearer will be cloaked but move and the cloak deactivates" replied Truzena.
    "You got ten of those to be replicated for a sniper team?" asked Trianna.
    "That can be arranged" answered Truzena.
    "I'll need 20 replicated suits of CQC armour as well, have a biodampener put on them" requested Trianna.
    "Can be arranged, sounds like you are going hunting" answered Truzena.
    "Oh I am, got a loose end to tie up, can those be ready in ten days?" asked Trianna, "next thing on the list are explosives and poisons" she said afterwards.
    "Can be arranged" answered Truzena.

    "Did someone say poisons?" asked Tamiko.
    "Tamiko" said Trianna smirking.
    "How do you want it to operate?" asked Tamiko.
    "Fast acting from first entry into the body, make it look like they died instantly from natural causes" replied Trianna.
    "Delivery system?" asked Tamiko.
    "Bullet or by drone launched darts" answered Trianna.
    "I can do that" replied Truzena.
    "I can have a poison ready for you, when do you need them?" asked Tamiko.
    "Ten days" answered Trianna.
    "What do you need on explosives?" asked Paris.
    "Concealable and powerful enough to blast through a two meter thick wall or floor" answered Trianna.
    "Can be arranged, ten days?" asked Paris.
    "Please" answered Trianna.

    "Your weapons and replicator codes will be delivered to the station in ten days" said Truzena.
    "Thanks" answered Trianna.

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    Betazed (MU yellow)

    Trianna (red) now got to building her team, the first person she visited was Petrfoski.
    "Red, how can I help?" asked Petrofski.
    "I'm building a team" answered Trianna.
    "For what purpose?" asked Petrofski.
    "To hunt down a dangerous individual" answered Trianna passing Petrofski a copy of the message recovered from the failed assassins.

    "I see" answered Petrofski, "You have the empress's permission to go after this individual?" he asked afterwards.
    "I do, the target I'm after is my twin in a sense" answered Trianna.
    "The butcher of Betazed, you have my blessing. Who will you need?" asked Petrofski.
    "20 of your best Kill Team veterans and 10 of your best snipers" answered Trianna.
    "How are you getting to the target?" asked Petrofski.
    "Converted Nandi, we land the ship and straight out with assault vehicles" answered Trianna.
    "How many vehicles?" asked Petrofski.
    "I need half a dozen, three to transport the teams including a command vehicle for me, two self propelled guns based on the assault transports and a medical version based on the same vehicle" answered Trianna.
    "Then you'll do well with the Stryker, very versatile vehicle. I can get those vehicles for you and crews to man them, who's your gunners?" asked Petrofski.
    "Liberated Borg, how long will it take to get the vehicles ready?" countered Trianna.
    "12 days tops" answered Petrofski.
    "We've got 13 days to get the ship and team ready, we start the hunt on day 14" replied Trianna.
    "More than enough time" answered Petrofski, "I can put you in contact with some lads who can help" he said afterwards.
    "How experienced?" asked Trianna.
    "Very" answered Petrofski.
    "I only want lads with no family connections, my twin will target her enemy's families like the coward she is" replied Trianna.
    "I can contact those lads for you, anything else I can help you with?" asked Petrofski.
    "Yes, could you assist some Starfleet security guards by having some of your lads help protect my family?" asked Trianna.
    "Where are you staying?" asked Petrofski.
    "At my aunt and uncle's" answered Trianna.
    "I've have a team at that address" replied Petrofski.
    "Thanks Mario, that's one less worry" answered Trianna.
    "Red, go kill that thing" said Petrofski.
    "I intend to" answered Trianna.
    "Good hunting" replied Petrofski.
    "Thank you" answered Trianna.
    "I've got paperwork to fill out, all this red tape" sighed Petrofski.
    "I'll leave you to it" answered Trianna before she shook Petrofski's hand and left his office.

    Rixx, Betazed, 12 days later (MU yellow)

    At Rixx's central bank, it was an ordinary day with people coming in and out. That soon changed as a gang of masked individuals burst in through the door and pointed their weapons at the terrified customers,
    "Everyone face down if you don't want to get hurt, we're only after what belongs to the Lot family" said one of the gang.
    Another gang member pointed their phaser pistol at the manager and forced him and the clerks down into the vault,
    "Open it or I start killing" ordered the gang member.
    Up in the main foyer, the rest of the gang pointed their weapons at the customers and one of the gang pistol whipped one of their hostages
    Down in the vault, the gang leader and two other gang members shot the manager after losing patience and proceed to bypass security themselves, when they got into the vault, they put the next part of their plan into motion,
    "Transporter boosters in all of the corners, we're clearing this place out" they ordered as the two other obeyed and placed the beacons.
    "How long before security alarms activate?" asked the gang leader.
    "One minute" answered their underling.
    "Time to go" ordered the gang leader as part of the Lot family fortune was beamed up followed by the gang.

    When the gang arrived on their ship, they unmasked.
    "I'm sure the Lots can live without that cash, when the cops arrive, they'll find a message in the vault from me" joked the gang leader who soon revealed who she was,
    "Stealing from the Lots, are you insane?" asked one of the gang.
    "I'm not happy with your attitude, your faith in me seems to be in doubt" said Marie before she shot him, "leave him at the crime scene" she ordered afterwards as the gang member's body was beamed back to Betazed.

    "Let's not hang around, we've outstayed our welcome. Engage sensor jammers and go to warp" ordered Marie.
    "I want to see the look on that Betazoid hag's face, she'll be really mad" joked Marie's pilot before the ship and crew made their getaway.
    "Take us out of the core worlds, head to lawless regions" ordered Marie.
    "I've set a course that will avoid any imperial trouble" answered her pilot.
    "I've got a sister to kill and a galaxy to bring to chaos" said Marie as she laughed.
    "Do we link up with the Toulon?" asked one gang member.
    "The Borg should be finding that ship in 24 hours, the people I left aboard to guard the crew are expendable, they're too crazy, even more than me" answered Marie laughing, "Good thing, I won't be there to see it" she said afterwards.
    "Shame, the Toulon looked like a nice ship" answered her pilot.
    "With that beacon activated, it'll draw the Borg to that ship and crew, either way, this empire will never know peace" joked Marie as she laughed.
    With that, Marie's stolen Miradorn jumped to warp and were out of the system before police got to the bank.

    When Petrofski and his team got to the bank, they found the vault emptied and a PADD on the floor next to the body of the manager and a gang member, it read,
    "To Regent Papela Lot, I'll be enjoying that latinum. My name is Marie Valdez and I have demands, you will order that all military ships lower their shields and surrender to the Borg. They only wish to offer us perfection, why do you resist that perfection? The Borg are gods to be worshipped, if you don't order the surrender of all Starfleet forces to the Borg Collective and escort them to all the Empire's worlds, I will carry out a reprisal operation on your people. Would be a shame if your water supply got contaminated with telepathic inhibiting drugs. Think on that you old hag."

    "Petrofski to Palace, we've got a problem" he said afterwards via secured coms.
    Witnesses were interviewed and all had the same story, a gang of masked individuals had done the bank raid.
    "The Regent is not going to like this" sighed Petrofski, "I'll need an audience with the Empress and Regent" he said afterwards.
    "Messed up if you ask me" answered Brookfield.
    "That it is my friend" replied Petrofski.
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    Betazed (MU yellow)

    Petrofski and Trianna (red) were were both shown into the Regent's office, both took their seats and sat down.
    "Ma'am, this is the full report on what was stolen" said Petrofski passing Papela the PADD.
    "Someone had the audacity to steal from me" said Papela.
    "What was on the PADD found at the crime scene is of most concern, this individual has become a danger to the Empire" replied Petrofski.
    Papela then read the message found at the crime scene,
    "To Regent Papela Lot, I'll be enjoying that latinum. My name is Marie Valdez and I have demands, you will order that all military ships lower their shields and surrender to the Borg. They only wish to offer us perfection, why do you resist that perfection? The Borg are gods to be worshipped, if you don't order the surrender of all Starfleet forces to the Borg Collective and escort them to all the Empire's worlds, I will carry out a reprisal operation on your people. Would be a shame if your water supply got contaminated with telepathic inhibiting drugs. Think on that you old hag."
    "Captain, how long will you be ready in?" asked Papela.
    "We're finishing loading up the ship, my kill teams have been trained on the weapons and my drivers trained to use the vehicles" answered Trianna passing Papela the schematics of the vehicles.
    "How do you intend to deploy onto the ground?" asked Papela.
    "Land the ship and straight down a cargo ramp and out" answered Trianna.
    "You'll need a Starfleet crew to man your ship, I'll be assigning Captain Seisa and a crew of 50. Captain Seisa will handle getting you to your target, you'll run the ground operations" replied Papela.
    "Ma'am" answered Trianna as a report came in from Admiral Dawson.
    "Bad news, the Borg has assimilated the Toulon and her crew. Good news is that the slipstream technology was destroyed just before the crew were overwhelmed and captured, this Marie Valdez has effectively declared war on the Empire. I want her gone, use what means you deem necessary but avoid collateral damage" ordered Papela.
    "Copy that" answered Trianna.

    "Can you bring your launch forwards?" asked Papela.
    "Once a Starfleet crew have arrived, I'll be good to go" answered Trianna.
    "Can you launch tomorrow?" asked Papela.
    "I can, who's my back up?" asked Trianna.
    "I'm attaching a Hirogen hunting pack with you, two Hunter heavy escorts" answered Papela.
    "When will they arrive?" asked Trianna.
    "1800 hours" answered Papela.
    "Excellent, I may have to explain that Marie is my prey, the rest of her crazies are fair game" replied Trianna.
    "They'll listen, you're hunting pack Alpha for this hunt" answered Papela.
    "Yes ma'am" replied Trianna.
    "Captain, good hunting" answered Papela passing Trianna a PADD.
    "What's this for?" asked Trianna.
    "Some of those bricks of latinum have concealed trackers on them, use that to track that thief and murderess. Captain, you are dismissed" answered Papela.
    "Ma'am" replied Trianna before she got up, saluted and beamed up to the station.

    When Trianna briefed her teams, Seisa and her crew aboard the modified Ferengi Nandi, she told them everything they needed to know on the target,
    "The target is Marie Valdez. She looks like me and sounds like me but there is a difference, her eyes are Terran, mine are Betazoid. Do not let her play mind games and whatever you do, pick your fight carefully, she's an insane brat with a god complex. Take advantage of that and do not let anyone fall into her hands, she'll do unspeakable things to them before she kills them. Kill her before she kills you."
    How dangerous is she?" asked Seisa.
    "She committed an act of genocide on Betazed Red when she wiped out all but 400,000 Betazoids
    Betazed had a population of 4 billion" answered Trianna, "I was on the mission that got the survivors out" she said afterwards.
    "If she even think about killing my kids, she's dead! My Red counterpart lost her family due to that thing" replied Seisa.
    "That's why I made arrangements for our families to be protected, they'll be under round the clock protection from Imperial security and plain clothed Betazoid police officers" answered Trianna.
    "I can spare the security officers to assist" replied Seisa.
    "Excellent thinking" answered Trianna.
    "I'll make the arrangements" replied Seisa.
    "We leave tomorrow so those of you with families and loved ones, spend that time well with them, once we set off, we won't be able to contact them for the duration of the hunt" answered Trianna, "what has been said here is not to be repeated by anyone, operational security is now in effect" she said afterwards.
    "Ma'am" answered the kill teams and Starfleet personnel.
    "We meet up on the station at 0800 tomorrow so until then, those with families and loved ones, spend that time well with them but before you all go, all of you will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement" said Trianna passing the PADDs around.

    Everyone signed and went to spend time with their families and loved ones.
    At 0800 the next morning the team boarded their Nandi and escorted by two Hunter heavy escorts, slipped out of her mooring and set a course for their forward base of 20 Draconis.
    "Helm, nothing to alert suspicion" ordered Seisa to Wallace.
    "Copy that" answered Wallace as the hunting pack left the Betazed system.
    "Time to hunt that thing down" said Trianna to Seisa.
    "Indeed" replied Seisa.
    "I'll be down in the armoury" answered Trianna.

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    20 Draconis (MU yellow)

    The team checked their gear and vehicles as they prepared for the phase one, the trackers had revealed a location in the lawless region on the Imperial border,
    "Jaye, let's take off, set a course for Eldrek III" said Trianna (red).
    "Mr Wallace, you heard your captain" said Seisa (yellow) to Wallace.
    Wallace obeyed the order and soon the ship tok off and set course for the Eldrek system.
    "Captains, this ship needs a name" said Emden.
    "Good point" said Seisa.
    "Suggestions?" asked Trianna.
    "The Anubis?" suggested Seisa.
    "The Banshee" suggested Wallace.
    "The Jager" suggested Emden, "German for hunter" he said afterwards.
    "The Loneel" suggested a Betazoid officer.
    "The Bandit" suggested another.

    "All good ones, put it to a vote" said Seisa.
    It was put to the vote and the winner was the Jager, with that the name was made official.
    After 24 hours, the Jager arrived in orbit of Eldrek III before entering the atmosphere and landing at a spot 2 km from the target location, the ground team then disembarked in civilian clothing,
    "Jaye, have the drivers on standby just in case we need evac" said Trianna.
    "Good hunting" replied Seisa, "by the way, you suit black hair" she said afterwards.
    "Keep the ship secure" answered Trianna.
    "Copy that" replied Seisa.
    Trianna's team then entered town and following the tracker in the latinum traced it to a shady bar in the port. When they arrived, two of the team locked the door while Trianna convinced the owner for a chat in his office,
    "Ms Selena Diaz, I saw the poster in your window" said Trianna
    "Is this about the dancer's contract?" asked the owner.
    "Best discussed in your office" answered Trianna.
    Both went into the office as two of Trianna's team took up position overlooking the office and entrance.
    "Ms Diaz, you could bring more profit to this place" said the owner.
    Trianna locked the door and soon shoved the owner against the wall and put a gun to his head,
    "Some latinum came through these premises, where is it?" asked Trianna.
    "I don't know, you have no idea who you are messing with" answered the owner.
    "Talk quickly and honestly or that wall will be redecorated" replied Trianna.
    "I get all sorts of people coming in, I don't ask where it goes. I just make sure it gets laundered" answered the owner.
    "Who brought it in?" asked Trianna.
    "Young woman, red hair and real cute too" answered the owner as a report came in that slaves had been found in the basement in cells.
    "Where is she?" asked Trianna.
    "If I told you, she would kill me" answered the owner.
    "If you don't answer, I'll kill you" replied Trianna.
    "I've said enough" answered the owner.
    "I'm not the one with a gun to their head, talk fast" replied Trianna.
    "She left the planet 12 hours ago, she told me to process the slaves for auction" answered the owner.
    "Where is she?" asked Trianna, "this trigger finger is getting real itchy" she said afterwards.
    "Casadian IV" answered the owner, "she's taken over the gangs, they all answer to her" he said afterwards.
    "Thank you, since you are a slaver, I will not be showing you any mercy" said Trianna before she pulled the trigger and the wall was sprayed red.
    Trianna then left the office and after freeing the slaves, her team departed.

    When they returned to the Jager, Trianna updated Seisa.
    "Jaye, we're going to the Casadian system, fourth planet" said Trianna.
    "Mr Wallace, take off and set course for Casadian IV, maximum warp" ordered Seisa
    "Yes ma'am" answered Wallace.
    "Get anything useful?" asked Seisa to Trianna as the ship was secured for take off, the Jager then took off and left the planet as Marie's lieutenants found their slaving operation shut down.
    "We did, Marie has taken control of the gangs" answered Trianna, "I better report in" she said afterwards.
    When Trianna opened a secure channel to the Regent, she gave her the bad news first,
    "Ma'am, the latinum is gone. We found the trackers and the bars have been laundered, no trace of them at all" reported Trianna.
    "And the good news?" asked Papela.
    "We have a lead on the target, in addition we found a slave market. We've freed the slaves and the individual in charge of slave trading and money laundering is deceased, let's just say the creep's office wall was redecorated by the contents of his head" answered Trianna.
    "Loose end?" asked Papela.
    "Indeed, he was a creep who wanted more than a dancer, his thoughts gave that away and he was not repentant for his crimes" answered Trianna.
    "Thank you, keep me updated, Betazed out" replied Papela before the channel cut.
    "Marie, you have a lot to answer for" thought Trianna afterwards.
    "Red, the gangs have found their operation shut down" reported Emden via combadge.
    "Good, I hope that thing gets the message" answered Trianna.
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    Casadian IV orbit (MU yellow)

    Aboard her stolen raider, Marie Valdez got the report back from the gangs on Eldrek III,
    "My sister is hunting us, I know that style of execution anywhere" said Marie laughing.
    "Permission to kill her?" asked one of the gang.
    "Certainly not, I want to end her myself, at least the Lots will never see their latinum again. Let's give the Borg a real juicy target, activate the beacon on Bajor since their false prophets will not be able to save them" ordered Marie.
    "This will really wind up the empress, she'll be forced to divert ships to protect her people" answered one of the gang.
    "You forget that Bajoran thing killed Leeta, I want to drive her even madder" replied Marie.
    "That will bring the Imperials right to us" answered the gang member.
    "It's part of the game, are the telepathic inhibitors in the Betazed water supply?" asked Marie.
    "The water supply is heavily guarded, police have it under armed guard" answered the gang member.
    "This game is getting really fun, let's see what happens if I do this" joked Marie as she brought up the prefix code for the I.S.S. Roma.
    "It's engaging a Borg Sphere in the Awarath Sector" said the gang member.
    "Not anymore, the Borg are going to be gifted a new ship to assimilate complete with fresh victims for assimilation. Give that crew their ascendance to perfection" ordered Marie.
    "Inputting code in now" answered the gang member.
    "Where's the beer and popcorn when you need it?" joked Marie.

    In the Awarath Sector, the crew of the Roma suddenly found their shields, weapons and engines offline. They were soon boarded and the captain ordered a self destruct. It was offline as crew desperately tried to overload the warp core. They failed as the Borg assimilated the ship deck by deck, when the survivors tried to fight back, they were overrun with many choosing to shoot themselves rather than be assimilated. It was over in a matter of less than ten minutes, the Roma was tractor beamed inside the sphere and soon all contact was lost.

    Marie laughed and danced in joy as she celebrated the Borg victory,
    "Resistance was futile" she joked as she laughed at the Roma crew's fate.
    "You know you are now public enemy number one" said the gang member.
    "The game's afoot" replied Marie, "time to wind the Empress up" she said afterwards.

    When Heath got the news,
    she remarked "good thing the Roma did not get the slipstream upgrade" to Papela.
    "Find out how the Roma was lost" ordered Papela to Admiral Dawson via combadge.

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