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Mirror Wars (RP Thread)



  • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,482 Arc User
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    Keep things within Trek lore, that includes weapons (phasers, disruptors and particle weapons that's in the trek and STO lore).
    One of my characters likes to use vintage fire arms because vintage weapons have been in Trek. (Her personal favorites are the M14 EBR rifle for sniping and a MP5 for close in work with a dagger as a back up when it gets hand to hand combat and she's very good with that dagger).

    She can kill unarmed just as easily and she has done.
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  • xungnguyenxungnguyen Member Posts: 193 Arc User
    I'll just stick to firearms and Herald staves for my characters. Steven's a swordsman and archer from a Medieval era society. He has chainmail armor as well as a personal cloak so no one knows where that arrow came from until it's too late.

    "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder." (King Hamlet Act 1 Scene 5)

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  • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,482 Arc User
    Belize City, Central America, Earth (Prime)

    Under the cover of darkness, two teams landed in the jungle on the landward side of the city. Valdez's Jem'Hadar and Remans then took to native canoes and began to paddle stealthily down a river through the city. To cover this move, the raiders masked their bio signatures and kept as close to the shore as possible. A the same time an Imperial team moved through the storm drains towards their objective. No one in both teams made a sound as they began their infiltration of the docks, once they had stealthily got to with striking distance, both teams moved up as the Imperials infiltrated the building and opened the doors for the rest of the raiders. "Commander, good you all made it" said Ghost (Trianna red). "Colonel, let's move" said Valdez and he gave the hand signal to move up, "Colonel, status of security?" he asked afterwards. "Primary systems down, back ups will be online in ten minutes. I may have sabotaged their power grid" answered Ghost. "Expect close quarters, oh I see you've come prepared" replied Valdez noting the fact Ghost was armed with an MP5 submachine gun. "Mr 9mm can outrun any scumbag" joked Ghost. "Work with the Cadet, you two are our tech specialists" answered Valdez.

    "You up for playing who's the best killer?" asked Ghost to Trianna (yellow). "Let's rock" answered Trianna (yellow). "All forces attack, show no mercy" ordered Valdez. "Sir" chorused the troops and the assault began with grenades being used to clear corridors. Under the cover of smoke and tear gas grenades, the raiders blasted their way in and soon Section 31 security troops were fighting for their lives as the fighting even got to hand to hand. Both Triannas were keeping score with the other as they were dropping Section 31 operatives one after the other. "How many?" asked Ghost. "Five already" answered Trianna (yellow). "I'm on six" replied Ghost as she dropped another operative, "make that seven." "Show off" joked Trianna (yellow). Meanwhile Valdez was unleashing his anger on Section 31 as he made quick work of operatives with his knife and plasma pistol. Eventually, the raiders got to their target and soon Section 31 operatives tried to overload their power core. "Girls, how long before that core goes up?" asked Valdez. "15 minutes, cover us" answered Ghost. "Girls, you both have 10 minutes. Assault troops, let's buy them that time" ordered Valdez.

    As the twins frantically got to work on the core, the covering troops led by Valdez formed a defensive line behind barricades. Anything that came through the door was shot. "Five minutes" said Valdez. "Primary self destruct sequence delayed, Anna is working the back up system" answered Ghost. "We can't do this all day" replied Valdez. As the minutes counted down, the twins were sweating as the timer crept to zero. "There, self destruct terminated, phew" said Trianna (yellow) when she saw the timer was stopped at two seconds. "Beam up the data cores, leave the bodies of the enemy. It'll send them a message that their friends are next" ordered Valdez. "Sir" answered Ghost. The data cores were beamed up along with the raiders to their respective ships. The power core was then beamed into space and destroyed to prevent any collateral damage. Aboard the Harbinger, Valdez shared the intel with Papela via secure channel and passed on a message commending her troops. Aboard the Stadi, Papela began studying the captured intel and any prisoners taken during the raid by Ghost were put to the booth for interrogation. Aboard Harbinger, the prisoners taken by Valdez were put into cells and questioned without respite.
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  • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,482 Arc User
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    Turkana IV (MU red)

    Regent Solat was leading another punitive expedition, Turkana IV had dared to challenge the Empire and declare independence. Watching via secure channel, Empress Heath gave Solat her recommendation "Turkana IV has not learnt the lesson of Seldonis III, teach it them." "It will be done" answered Solat, "all ships prepare to drop out of warp and prepare for battle" she ordered afterwards. "This is Regent Solat of the Terran Empire, you have 15 minutes to offer your total capitulation, failure to comply will result in military action. You have been warned" said Solat over a open channel so all could hear it. "We have 1500 Bajoran hostages, if the w**** of Bajor is watching, she must abdicate the throne or these Bajoran subhuman trash will be executed and we'll make her watch" said the leader of Turkana IV. "And you will make a fatal mistake, the empress will make sure you and your supporters suffer. Your leaders put to the empress's heel and your families deported and resettled in reeducation centres. Your choice" answered Solat.

    "Our fleet will crush you, Vulcan" replied the rebel leader. "You mean those Imperial ships you hijacked. No they will not" answered Solat as Heath via secure gave the nod to activate the recall codes. The hijacked Imperial ships suddenly moved out of the system and soon their crews were in loyalist hands. "All ships, move on the planet. Take no prisoners" ordered Solat. Solat's fleet then carried out a micro jump and appeared in orbit as ground troops were rapidly beamed down to the surface. Before the rebels could start to kill their captives, they were dropped by snipers as Vulcan troops moved in to liberate the hostages. Aboard the Surak, Solat updated Heath on the battle and confirmed the news that the liberated hostages were being moved to safety. "Kill all those who resist, once you've pacified the planet,start your deportations" ordered Heath. "Yes Empress, you'll be kept up to date on operational progress" answered Solat as she directed her fighters down to support the ground operations. On the surface, rebel strong points were bypassed and then mopped up the Imperial troops cleared each building and street. Once streets were secured, the population were driven out of their homes and put on transports for the journey to their new home on the reeducation colony on Alpha Centauri.

    Imperial troops then put the buildings to the torch with flame throwers as the rebel troops still refused to surrender. Once the last pocket of rebel resistance fell, Solat razed the colony from from orbit after her troops were evacuated. Turkana IV was another example of the price of rebellion as the rebel leaders were thrown into cells for processing, the other prisdoners after telepathic interrogations were given 15 years in the Torfan dilithium mines after a military court hearing. The rebels who did not repent and pay respect to Heath were blown out of the shuttle bays and their bodies left floating in orbit. Aboard Solat's ships, the Bajoran citizens were just thankful to be rescued as they thanked their liberators.
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  • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,482 Arc User
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    RDW Harbinger (Prime)

    "Anna, how many kills?" asked Valdez. "Red got ten, I got nine. That was a fun game of who's the best killer" answered Trianna (yellow). "I got 15, those scumbags never stood a chance" replied Valdez. "Where did you learn to fight like that? Dual wielding a dagger and plasma pistol, that was awesome" asked Trianna (yellow). "Something I picked up fighting Klingons" answered Valdez smiling. "It was freaking cool, you went all medieval on them" replied Trianna (yellow). "Should never have got on my bad side" answered Valdez. "Dad, nicely done. Mom calls you her knight, I can see why now" replied Trianna (yellow). "This is only the beginning, we'll be hitting the enemy again and again until they are cleared from Earth. Once Earth has been cleaned up, we're going after their other holdings" answered Valdez. "Complete purge" replied Trianna (yellow). "Only way to be sure" answered Valdez. "Agreed" replied Trianna (yellow). "Anna, well done. Seeing you and your sister working as a unit impressed me a lot" answered Valdez. "Dad, I've always been a fighter. I had to just to survive" replied Trianna (yellow). "I know, end of the day you fought like everyone else. You even impressed the Marines, they asked me to give you this" answered Valdez passing a PADD over to Trianna (yellow).

    After Trianna (yellow) read the PADD, she was surprised with what it said, "This is an offer of a officer commission in the Star Union Marine Corps, is this a fast track?" she asked afterwards. "2nd Lt, it's yours if you want it. Sub-Commander Verak requested that you been assigned to his unit as a tech specialist full time" answered Valdez. "I don't know what to say, I just did my job" replied Trianna (yellow). "It's up to you if you want to join the Marine Corps. Think about it carefully then go and take it up with Verak" answered Valdez. "Thanks Dad, Rick's back from his shift" replied Trianna (yellow). "Why is your side of the family totally crazy? That was mental, shame I could not come with you both" asked Crewman Dawson after he entered the room and sat down. "You are nowhere near ready for ground missions and I made a promise to Joanna that I'd make sure you finish your sentence" answered Valdez. "It's boring being stuck on the ship" replied Crewman Dawson. "I understand that you've requested a department transfer" answered Valdez. "I've been learning medicine from Doctor Egren in my spare time, figured that it's more useful than just sitting around bored" replied Crewman Dawson. "Doctor Egren put the request through for you, you'll be a orderly" answered Valdez. "Nathan, I want to study medicine full time. I will listen to what Doctor Egren teaches me and not disappoint him" replied Crewman Dawson. "It'll be hard work, you know that" answered Valdez. "That's why I asked" replied Crewman Dawson. "That's the first time I've seen maturity from you, don't ruin it" answered Valdez. "I won't, thanks for your support Dad" replied Crewman Dawson. "Rick, you called him Dad" said Trianna (yellow). "He pretty much is, Mom was right, he's been a better father figure than my father" answered Crewman Dawson, "my father was always cheating behind Mom's back and never bothered with me, Mom did what was best and signed the divorce papers. I hated her for it but looking back, I can see why she did it." "Luke is your stepbrother and you two are like actual brothers" said Trianna (yellow).

    "Captain Montfort was tough on discipline, Luke is his son. I never got on with Mom's second husband but when Mom got the letter that he had been killed in action, she was never the same. Me and Luke are close because Mom raised him like he was her own and having a brother around is always fun" answered Crewman Dawson. "Rick, your mother is a remarkable woman. She's raised you and your brother on her own for two years and that shows strength" replied Valdez. "Dad, you and Mom are right, my antics only got me into trouble. I need to grow up" answered Crewman Dawson. "Takes a strong person to realize that they made bad choices in life. Never make the same mistake twice an learn from it" replied Valdez. "Thanks Dad" answered Crewman Dawson, "Anna, thank you to you and your sister for reuniting Mom and Dad, Mom is the happiest I've seen her in years" he said afterwards. "Dad's a good man, just don't cross him" answered Trianna (yellow). "I'm firm but I'm fair, remember that" said Valdez. "Thanks Dad, I'll bear that in mind" answered Crewman Dawson. "I'll sign the transfer, for now let's just have a family night. Anything you both want to do?" asked Valdez. "Movie night?" asked Trianna (yellow). "Rogue One, Dad you'll like it" added Crewman Dawson. "I've never seen a Star Wars movie before, should be interesting" replied Trianna (yellow). "Movie night it is, I'll replicate the popcorn" said Valdez.
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  • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,482 Arc User
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    Terra (MU red)

    Regent Smith-Petrofski had assembled the press for the raising of the Terran Guard Regiments, the Terran Guard were all Terran regiments sworn to serve the Imperial family. Regent Smith-Petrofski smiled as the people of Terra cheered as regiments of troops marched past wearing Red tunics and navy blue trousers with dyed brown helmets, each soldier was armed with a phaser rifle and dagger. Mothers and fathers looked on proudly as their sons and daughters marched past in perfect order to military bands as the crowds cheered and waved the Imperial flags throughout the streets of the march, Regent Smith-Petrofski announced that enlistment was voluntary as she cited that the troops marching past were all volunteers, some units were from the same towns and workplaces and formed Pals Battalions.

    "These brave young men and women have sworn their oaths to the Empress, each and every citizen must do their bit for the benefit of the Terran people be it military service or civilian service. Those who want to remain where they are working for the good of the people are under no pressure to volunteer, any attempt to coerce people into joining by force or shame will be dealt with as you all have a choice whether you want to fight or not. This is a new dawn for our people, the dark night has passed and we will improve as a people and society. Let us set a good example to the rest of the Empire that we can accomplish great things but we must never regress back to the old ways" said Regent Smith-Petrofski in her speech. "Down with the old ways, in with the new" chanted the crowds as INN broadcast the speech all over the Empire.

    On Vulcan, Regent Solat paraded captured rebels from her campaign of reconquest in front of the press. The prisoners under heavy guard were brought before both Solat and Regent D'Tan and the verdict was guilty. The captured rebels were exiled to a work camp in an undisclosed location in the Vulcan desert and worked to death. The liberated Bajoran citizens were given asylum on Vulcan as they could not return to Bajor due to the quarantine of the planet, across the Empire the example of Seldonis III and Turkana IV were played via INN as warning to others of the price of rebellion. The campaign of reconquest was not over and soon many more rebel held planets would made examples of. The Empress would soon authorize more punitive expeditions to reinforce her point that rebellion would not be tolerated and that a reckoning would come for any rebel who did not give the empress their total capitulation.
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    RDW Harbinger (Prime)

    Sub-Commander Verak was just finishing some paperwork when his office door chimed. "Enter" he ordered and the door opened, "Jolan Tru Cadet" he said to Trianna (yellow). "Jolan Tru Sir, I spoke to my father about your offer, he advised me to think carefully before accepting or not" answered Trianna (yellow). "Take a seat" replied Verak. "Sir" answered Trianna (yellow) before she sat down. "Sound advice, you should listen" replied Verak. "Having thought long and hard about it, I've decided to accept the offer and join the Star Union Marine Corps" answered Trianna (yellow). "I fought against the commander's counterpart, your father on more than one occasion. He was formidable, I saw that yesterday in you" replied Verak. "I'm Terran, I had to fight just to survive growing up" answered Trianna (yellow). "Fighters make the best Marines, your job is dealing with any computer based defenses and intel. Anna, welcome to the Marines" replied Verak shaking Trianna's (Yellow) hand. "Thank you sir, I have a request to make" answered Trianna (yellow). "Cadet, I'll grant it" replied Verak.

    "I want Dad to be the one to promote me" answered Trianna (yellow). "I'll ask the commander. Marine Valdez, you've earned this" replied Verak. "I won't let you down" answered Trianna (yellow). "I know you won't, you're also out of uniform so input these into your replicator" replied Verak handing Trianna (yellow) her uniform code, "Dismissed Marine Valdez" said Verak afterwards. "Sir" answered Trianna (yellow) before she got up and left the office. On the bridge, Valdez called out Marine Valdez and awarded her with her Lt junior grade sash which was then attached to her marine uniform. "I am so proud of you, your mother would have been proud" he said afterwards. "Mom is smiling on us from above she's proud" answered Trianna (yellow). "I know, Lt Valdez" replied Valdez, "Lt, you can start by cracking open those captured datacores, be creative" he ordered afterwards. "Sir" answered Trianna (yellow). "Congratulations Anna" said Orderly Dawson later in the mess hall. "Thanks Rick, how's working in sickbay?" asked Trianna (yellow). "Doctor Egren keeps me busy, it's hard work but worth it. I'm still not used to the weird and wonderful that we have to treat" replied Orderly Dawson, "best part is I'm learning and it's interesting, that book I read on the history of military medicine opened that door" he said afterwards. "Dad did not mind, knowledge must be shared" replied Trianna (yellow).

    "I've got studying to do" answered Orderly Dawson. "Need help?" asked Trianna (yellow). "Please" replied Orderly Dawson. "Best way of studying is over drinks, soft drinks only" answered Trianna (yellow). "Thanks Anna" replied Orderly Dawson before getting the round of drinks and starting the mock tests.
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    ISS Los Lobos-B
    *in transit*

    "We are taking him back to his Earth. From there we will begin our hunt."
    Thay watched as Layress changed her clothes.
    "Are you feeling up to this?"
    "I am angry enough that I don't notice the lingering pain."
    She stopped as she winced in pain and grabbed the wall for support.
    "Agonizers cause deep tissue damage," Thay explained. "Just because the surface marks are gone doesn't mean that the damage is as well. Your pushing yourself too hard."
    "Aren't I suppose to?"
    "Stop trying to be like us. Be you. Be... Be better than us."
    There was a moment of silence between them.
    "I'm not backing down from my statement of exterminating them."
    "And you shouldn't. Make them pay! Make them fear you! Make them afraid to ever try something like this again! Just don't lose what makes you."
    "I won't. By the way, I’ve decided to not destroy the station.”
    “Why would you want to keep a constant reminder of your pain?”
    “True. I never want to set foot on it again. But a station that can be physically and temporally undetectable is an asset not to waste. We can put it anywhere to monitor anything or anyone we want.”
    “You see, it’s things like that that make me want to tear your clothes off. I..."
    The door chime interrupted them.
    Paris came in. She has two hypos in her hand.
    "Hello ma'am. I have something for you.'
    "That phrase always worries me."
    "Well, you'll like this. This stuff is going to make your hair grow back." She said holding them up.
    "Oh good. I was wondering when you’d bring it. Why you have two of them?" Thay asked.
    "We made one for the other you as well. We couldn't leave her like that."
    "And people say you don't have a compassionate side."
    "Don't tell anyone that. I have a reputation to keep. They're color coded. Red for you, white for her."
    Aren't they the same?"
    "Oh no ma'am. Each is specifically designed to return the amount of hair that you had before."
    "I see."
    The Empress took the white one from her hand.
    "No ma'am, that's for her."
    "I want this one. She can have that one."
    "You heard her," Thay said.
    "I... Yes ma'am. But why?"
    "I feel like a change. Besides in her state yelling in anger is good for her."
    "Yes ma'am"
    "Now that that's settled we..."
    Thay stopped as she grabbed her stomach, her face twisted in pain.
    "That, what's wrong?"
    She doubled over in pain.
    Paris hit her badge.
    "Medical team to the Empress's room."
    "Don't bother," Heath said. She bent over and picked Thay in her arms. Her face grimaced in effort and pain.
    "Lazy! You'll hurt yourself!"
    "For once, be quiet."
    She forced herself into a run out the room and down the hall. They ran into the medical team at the turbolift.
    "What the hell! What did I tell you about taking it easy?" Naynta yelled at them. "Grab them both and take them back to sick bay."
    Several minutes later they were sitting in Naynta's office.
    " I swear, running down the corridor in your underwear, carrying her in your condition... I should have you locked up until I say you can leave."
    "Yes, you should restrain her."
    "You’re not one to talk. I swear you two are going to drive me to drink... More than I already do."
    "What do you mean?"
    Naynta turned the screen on her desk towards them.
    "This Admiral, is your body scan from your physical from last year."
    Thay looked at it. She always hated looking at her medical records. That open empty area in her body was a constant reminder of what was taking from her.
    "Yes, I know. What about it?"
    The image changed.
    "This, is the body scan I just did."
    The images were the same, except...
    Thay leaned forward, then scowled.
    "I don't appreciate this attempt at a joke..."
    "It's not a joke," Naynta said firmly. "That is what's causing your pain."
    Thay looked at it again, her mind couldn't process what she was seeing.
    The empty area... wasn't empty anymore.
    "I can't say why," Naynta said running her hands through her hair. "Maybe it's because you were at ground zero of that temporal explosion, maybe it's those wormhole aliens, maybe you've been healing on your own... I don't know how, I don't know why... But everything that was removed from you...is back. All of your organs are there again. When it missing your other organs shifted into the space. The pain your feeling is them being pushed back into their normal positions."
    "I...I'm healed?" Thay said in shock. "I... I can have children again?"
    "Yes, you can. In fact... I swear I don't know how you did it the first time, but it happened again."
    "What do you mean?"
    "Not only are you healed... Admiral, you're pregnant."
    They both looked at her in stunned silence.
    "If this healing is temporal in nature," Thay said quietly. "I was pregnant when they did that to me."
    "Was the father Bajoran?" Naynta asked.
    "No, he was a Terran."
    "Well, your child is 100% Bajoran."
    "How is that possible?" The Empress asked.
    "How should I know? You two don't make sense. You shouldn't have been able to have those two. But you did. And now she’s pregnant Empress and you are the father."
    "It's yours. Like Pren and Osha are hers. Don't ask me how. Just... congratulations."
    The two looked at each other.
    "Baby... Another one..." Layress said quietly.
    That put her hands on her stomach.
    I will protect you with my life, she thought looking down. Nothing will ever hurt you. I swear it.

    Sito Thay opened her eyes and sat up. She was in the sick bay of some ship, that was all she could tell.
    A female Bolian took notice of her and came off.
    "How are you feeling?"
    "Not in pain," she said quietly. "I'd forgotten what that felt like. Where am I?"
    "You are on the Empress's flagship ISS Los Lobos-A."
    "I see. So, we got rescued. That's what that flash was. Where are we?"
    "Back in the other universe I think. They're off loading the prisoners and treating them."
    "We're in the mirror universe? Wait, am I a prisoner?"
    "Not that I'm aware of."
    "So, what are they going to do with me and... Vaylin! Where is she?"
    "The admiral's assistant?"
    "The what? No, she was brought in with me."
    "Oh, she's behind you on the bed over there."
    She turned around and saw her laying there. She went over to her.
    "How is she?"
    "We've stabilized her. It wasn't hard to do. They could have done it easily it they had wanted to."
    "Thank the Prophets. Thank you."
    She kissed the sleeping figure on the forehead.
    "So, what happens to us now?"
    "They left orders that after you were awake and healed to give you a room to stay in. I'm sure that the President will want to talk to you..."
    "He's here too?"
    "Apparently they were holding him prisoner as well. His hands were quite bruised from punching things."
    "That doesn't sound like him."
    "We'll, President Ford does have a..."
    "Wait a minute. Ford?"
    "Michael Ford?"
    "How the hell did he get elected president? Did he sleep with all the voters?"
    "I don't know the details. It was over a year ago."
    "A year? Oh, right. I'm like three years into the future. I need to catch up on things."
    "Well we don't have access to a Federation news service, just the imperial one."
    "I'll ask Michael. Where is he?
    "He was talking with the Empress. If he's done, he'll be back with his wife over there in back."
    "You never answered me. Am I a prisoner here?"
    "No ma'am. Just another victim."

    Sick bay
    The first lady opened her eyes.
    It doesn't hurt, she thought. Nothing hurts.
    Three weeks of constant torture had almost erased the memory of what being pain free felt like.
    She almost cried with joy then she noticed something else.
    I can't feel anything, she thought. I can't move!
    Panic was starting to set in.
    What happened? I could walk before. Did I get shot? Hit my heart on...
    "Oh, good you’re awake. How are you feeling?"
    Naynta bent over her to check.
    "I... I can't move..."
    "Oh sorry. We set up the neural inhibitor on you to block the pain. Had to turn the strength of it up fairly high. The tissue damage was quite extensive."
    She sighed and relaxed.
    "She had a real fixation with my chest."
    "I can tell. After seeing what she did to you I refuse to treat her."
    "Don't go down that path. We're better than that."
    "I'm not."
    The conversation was interrupted as Ford walked up. He bent over and kissed her forehead.
    "How are you feeling?"
    She smiled weakly.
    "I'm not being tortured and screaming until my vocal cords bleed."
    "You see? that's why I refuse to treat her."
    "I don't think I punched her enough," he said stroking her head. "You know I've never seen you with short hair before."
    "She burned it off with a phaser."
    "It looks cute."
    "Don't try to make me feel better about it Michael. My hair looks hideous. I look like my mother."
    "I didn't want to say that, but..."
    "You know your bedside manner sucks."
    "You do know that if the cover wasn't over you he'd pick you up and not let go!" Naynta offered.
    "Does she always ruin the mood like that?'
    "So, what's the prognosis?"
    Naynta looked slightly uncomfortable.
    "You had severe tissue and nerve damage in your chest from those agonizers. For a while it was touch and go as to whether you would ever be able to feel anything there again."
    They both looked horrified.
    "But we were able to prevent that. You should have full feeling in them as normal."
    "I'm sensing a 'but' here," Ford commented.
    "We fixed the damage, but there was considerable swelling as a result. The swelling I'm afraid is permanent."
    "How much swelling?"
    Naynta deactivate the cover and let it open.
    "Oh my..."
    "I do know if I want to go down to the Brig and beat on those two or thank them."
    Naynta closed it back up and reactivated it.
    "The good news is that you should be able to leave here in a few days."
    Ford suddenly became serious.
    "That presents a problem."
    The others picked up on his tone.
    "What's wrong?"
    "The mirror me escaped. He left a huge mess behind him. He almost made the Constellation self-destruct to cover his tracks."
    The anger in his voice was barely concealed.
    "You need to go back there and fix things," Heath said.
    "I don't want to leave you."
    "I'm sorry, but she can't be moved yet," Naynta apologized.
    "You go. Send the Los Lobos back over here for me. I'll come over when I can."
    "Excuse me..."
    They turned to look at the newcomer. Her appearance gave them a start.
    "After everything I should expect that," she sighed.
    "And you are?" Ford asked.
    "You forgot me? Captain Sito Thay of the USS Athena. Apparently, I'm from the same time line as the Empress. My ship was lost at the battle of Antares."
    "She's not lying," Naynta confirmed.
    "Sorry Thay, it's just been..."
    "I understand Michael. Sorry, Mr. President."
    He smiled.
    "So, you were there too?"
    "Can't say I enjoyed the accommodations. Room service was terrible."
    "So how can I help you?"
    "I couldn't help but overhear you as I got close. If you don't mind, sir, I will stay here and guard the first lady for you."
    "You will?"
    "I'm a stranger out of time. I need something to help me get my barring and while I'm protecting her she can bring me up to date on the past few years."
    They looked at each other.
    "Nothing personal, but I associate your face with pain."
    "So, do I. Seeing two of yourself doing... I'm not them ma'am. Far from it."
    "I would feel better with someone else here watching you."
    "Hey! We've no intention of hurting her!" Naynta protested.
    "You, I believe. The others..."
    "Go Michael. Be Presidential. I'll be fine and along shortly."
    He looked at her for a moment then bent over and kissed her.
    "You better hurry up and come home. All those children aren't going to make themselves."
    "Any more than three and you're having them."
    "I leave her in your hands captain."
    "You can count on me Mich... Mr. President."
    They watched him leave.
    "You know in my time line, I had a date with him to meet on Risa the day after Antares," Thay said.
    "I'm sorry."
    "Don't be. If I'd gone I'd have gone through everything you have."
    "I wouldn't wish that on the Cardassians during the occupation."
    "I agree."
    Thay pulled a chair over to the bed and sat down.
    "So, what's new back home on Bajor?"

    San Francisco dock Yard
    Earth orbit

    "Alright people we have to completely gut and replace the computer system on this bird. And given what's happened recently expect security around here to be tighter than a Ferrengi's wallet. No complaining about them. They're just doing their job just like we are."
    The yard master addressed his workers as they approached the Constellation. The repair arms were being locked into place around her saucer as they docked.
    The head of security was waiting for him as walked off.
    "I take it that you're in charge of this lot?"
    He gave the female Andorian his best shrug.
    "No doubt you already know that. You've checked out all of us before we even got here."
    "True. Let's get down to business. We've already extracted what data we could from what’s left of the core. Further diving in to anything will require lab work. We've commandeered one of ring sections for our forensic analysis of the equipment."
    "That's going to slow us down."
    "Needs must," she said dismissively. "Also, we will need the parts brought to us in as good condition as possible. So, no rip and pull. You'll have to be careful with the removal."
    "Do you know how big the computer network on a Galaxy class is. It's weeks to do it normally. Your talking having crews occupied for months. Crews that I need check to over other ships..."
    "Sorry, but this takes priority. Any details, any clues or information that he may have left behind have to be found as soon as possible. Now one of our teams will be accompanying each of your work crews..."
    "They'll just get in the way."
    "... To secure each component as it's removed."
    His own words about cooperation echoed in his head.
    He mentally took those words and prepared to forcefully insert them in to person in front of him when a flash outside the window caught his attention.
    "What was..."
    He ignored her as he stared. Flashes in a shipyard were normally signs of disasters. But there was no expanding debris cloud. There was however...
    "What's that ship doing there?" She asked.
    "It wasn't there a moment ago."
    Before she could respond, more flashes appeared. The area around the shipyard was filling up with ships appearing out of nowhere.
    "Red alert! Those are Mirror Empire ships!"
    "Calm down woman. We were expecting them."
    "What? Why wasn't I notified?"
    "That question is above my pay grade." He whistled appreciatively.
    "Look at the size of the one that just came in. That's a fine lady I wouldn't mind getting hands on."
    "That's the Empress's flagship. Why is she here?"
    "Again, above my pay grade."
    One of her assistants came up to them.
    "Ma'am, your presence and his are requested on the Constellation."
    "She's running on external power," he complained. "Her crew are still packing up. The ship's a mess."
    "Still, they want you both to report to the bridge."
    She looked at him and shrugged.
    "Like you said, above our pay grade."

    They arrived in time to see four people beam on to the bridge. Two of them were immediately swarmed by the crew.
    "Yes, it's really us," Ford said. "You don't know how good it feels to be back here."
    "Yes, but how could you lot mistake those two for us?"
    "Be fair, all other you did was yell and threaten us. How were we supposed tell?"
    "And you complain about my crew," the one of the others said smiling.
    "Mr. President, First lady! I'm so glad to see that you're here and we'll."
    "As am I. But this is not my wife. I present to you, Empress Layress of the Empire and her wife."
    There was an awkward moment of silence.
    "Bowing is the appropriate response," Ford hinted.
    "No need for that right now," the Empress said. "We have more important things to discuss. There are elements within your government that still conspire against us and we are here to help you find them."
    "Their technicians know how to search for the type of programs and encryptions that are used over there," Ford explained. "We will work together. All information discovered is to be shared equally."
    "Now if you'll excuse us, the Empress will be returning to her ship to get her people ready. While I want to see my crew again and find out exactly what that TRIBBLE did to my ship. We'll meet in the ready room in an hour."
    This could be our once chance, Thay thought to herself. Eliminate the Federation, stop them from hurting us ever again! But she'll never forgive me ... could I do it? would I do it? should I do it? Pren, Osha and you little one on your way… It would be for your future…
    The two watched as two people beamed away and Ford left the bridge.
    "All that was so far above my pay grade, I don't think I'm allowed to remember it," the yard master sighed.
    "You and me both," she agreed nodding.

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    (Aboard DCV Gwendolyn) Raven, will Drake have an "accident" with a rattlesnake? Also, Jayde's a dragon while her son's a human/dragon hybrid.
    (Jayde's POV)

    I launch a drone from the timeship's hangar and send it to scan for any more S31 signatures. Apparently, my "guest"'s information about a S31 hideout near a dimensional portal checks out. The drone disguises itself as a Starfleet ship to blend in. It immediately picks up comm chatter on S31's frequency about moving one of their bases to the Pridelands. Armed with the new intel, I send it to "Belle" with a note saying, "Drake is sending his agents to kill your niece. The human named Valdez has the same target as you so you need to trust him. Jayde"

    I order my cyberwarfare team and crossbowmen to beam to the base and capture all intel and high ranking operatives after giving them a map of the base's floor plans and information on S31 to prepare them for the assault. They beam down under cloak and kill all the security troops silently with crossbow bolts (This will be very embarrassing.) before capturing all the high ranking personnel.. The cyber team reaches the central computer core and downloads the data before beaming out with the assault team and their prizes. My tactical officer beams a tricobalt torpedo into the base and detonates it blowing the base to smithereens. I analyze the data and tend to my son who's sleeping on the bed. Franklin Drake WILL pay for the attempted murder of my hatchling.

    (Sapph's POV)

    I'm back at the Pridelands due to being recalled by Simba and Nala. Luckily, Jayde's message gives me advance warning so I can prepare a security detail to reinforce Kion and his team since they can't defeat a S31 assassination team alone. Mufasa's apparition appears in the clouds and says, "Sapph, Rafiki and I went over your ally's intel and your plan. Put your security detail under Simba and Nala's command.
    I respond, "Yes Your Highness. Your grandson's Roar of the Elders will be useful, but that won't be enough to stop Section 31."
    Mufasa calmly states, "I have control over its use since I'm one of the Great Kings of the Past. I also need you to remain here to help me protect my granddaughter. If Drake even breathes on her, he's dead!" He goes to Kiara and spends some quality time with her.
    I gently cradle Amy in my flippers and feed her with some berries. She snuggles into my chest and sleeps after swimming in the lake. Ignitus and Lapry fly over to us and cradle me in their flippers and paws. Jerome also comes over, but he picks Amy up and snuggles into Lapry causing her to purr in delight. This will be the last peaceful night before the possible attack by S31.

    "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder." (King Hamlet Act 1 Scene 5)

    "Simba, you've forgotten me. You've forgotten who you are … you are my son and the one true king." (Mufasa)
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    Paris, Earth (Prime)

    Admiral Nakamura was transferred to Starfleet before processing. After Senator Jasmine Smith-Petrofski (prime) had read the evidence against Nakamura, she was deeply disturbed. "Commander, 120,000 plus Federation citizens killed just so he could have his war. This goes against everything the Federation stands for" she said afterwards to Valdez. "Everyone is accountable for their actions, Nakamura thought by working with this man, he could still get the war they wanted even down to replacing the President with his mirror" replied Valdez. "How's the President?" asked Senator Smith-Petrofski. "He's fine but not happy" answered Valdez. "Nakamura will go on trial, due process must always be applied. Franklin Drake however is another concern for worry, supplying arms and ships to destabilize a government is totally illegal. He has a lot of explaining to do" replied Senator Smith-Petrofski. "He's not on Earth, he's gone totally off the grid but Section 31 is still around despite their actions" answered Valdez.

    "When we declassified their past activities, we thought that was the Section 31 problem over. I'll bring up Section 31's recent activities in the next meeting of the Federation Security Council. Mr Valdez, the Alliance and the Empire have our thanks because people have been too scared within the Federation to do anything about Section 31 and Drake" replied Senator Smith-Petrofski. "People have to wake up to the facts, what Section 31 has done is morally and legally wrong. They must be be exposed as the criminals they are" answered Valdez. "In time they will face criminal proceedings but for now we have to keep this very low key, we don't know who we can trust anymore" replied Senator Smith-Petrofski. "Their time will come" answered Valdez. "Mr Valdez, indeed, Section 31 are not above the law" replied Senator Smith-Petrofski. "Thank you Senator" answered Valdez. "Mr Valdez, too many have died due to these criminal's actions" replied Senator Smith-Petrofski. "Agreed, Senator, thank you for this meeting" answered Valdez. "Commander, the Alliance will get a full report as will the Empire" replied Senator Smith-Petrofski. "Senator" answered Valdez before he returned to the Harbinger.

    Back on the Harbinger, news came through that the Empress had arrived in Earth orbit. "Interesting, Battle Group Scythe, set course for Earth and prepare a secure signal to the Empress's flagship. We're going to share the intel with her" said Valdez. "Sir" answered Nydon. When BG Scythe entered Earth orbit, a secure databurst was sent to the Los Lobos containing all the intel captured from Section 31. "Hail the Empress's flagship, it's time we opened a dialogue with her. Tell her that her allies stand with her" ordered Valdez. "Sir" answered Nydon as the secure message was sent, "now we wait" said Valdez afterwards.
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    xungnguyen wrote: »
    (Aboard DCV Gwendolyn) Raven, will Drake have an "accident" with a rattlesnake?
    There's something called due process, the only reason Valdez left the bodies of his enemies at the Belize site was to send a very clear message, "Hell is coming for those who will reap what they sowed, you cannot hide because we will find you and you will die if you resist. Any who surrender will be spared. Belize was an example of what happens if you resist."

    Section 31 lore wise were formed when Starfleet was first formed, (Article 14, Section 31). They are clandestine in nature and do not use conventional forces. Instead they use operatives and assassins to carry out their aims of "Protecting the Federation by any means." During the Dominion War, they tried to commit genocide on the Founders but that was stopped by Bashir, o'Brien and Odo. They subvert governments illegally and by covert means, there is nothing overt about Section 31 as they do covert only.

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    Also, Valdez needs to be VERY careful when dealing with Sapph since she mistrusts Humanity due to a traumatic experience with them when she was younger.

    "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder." (King Hamlet Act 1 Scene 5)

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    Valdez had a bad experience with the Terrans but once the anger had subsided, he put it behind him. He was a Federation officer at one point before he retired and left the Federation (He lives outside of the Federation on Brea III along with his family on a Romulan world, he serves in the Romulan Star Union navy because he's getting his family citizenship of the Star Union since he can no longer trust the Federation and feels that the Federation is not the best place to raise a family).

    When Valdez does work alongside the Terrans, it's always professional and he puts his feelings aside on the matter of his experiences (two of his daughters are half Terran/half MU Betazoid and his adopted grand daughter and one of his grand sons are from the Red Terran empire originally so he buries the past and has moved on). Valdez knows that staying angry at something and harboring a grudge is unhealthy so knowing when to bury the hatchet shows wisdom.

    A few Terran crews sick of all the BS within the Empire legally handed in their notices of retirement and retired to the world of Brea III in the prime universe just for a peaceful life where they can raise their families.
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    Sapph grew up without Human contact for 7 1/2 years after her traumatic experience and adoption into a Pokemon family. During her time as an Academy cadet, she came into contact with Humans for the first time and was overwhelmed since she didn't know how to blend in. A werewolf pack led by then Captain Luperca took her under its paws and taught her how to survive with them. Ambassador Picard found her living with them and decided to help Sapph rediscover part of her humanity. She had no influence in Human affairs which still remains to this day.
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    "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder." (King Hamlet Act 1 Scene 5)

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    xungnguyen wrote: »
    Sapph grew up without Human contact for 7 1/2 years. During her time as an Academy cadet, she came into contact with Humans for the first time and was overwhelmed since she didn't know how to blend in. A werewolf pack led by then Captain Luperca took her under its paws and taught her how to survive with them. Ambassador Picard found her living with them and decided to help Sapph rediscover part of her humanity. She had no influence in Human affairs which still remains to this day.

    Valdez was orphaned when his parent's shuttle crashed (he was 12 at the time and his sister 15). He was adopted by a Betazoid family and spent 6 years on Betazed away from Human contact, his sister was adopted by a family on Earth and he lost contact with her for over 30 years. He's since found out that the shuttle crash was no accident (his parents turned down an offer to join S31 and they died in the crash). He was put up for adoption by his sister because legally, she could not be his guardian due to her age and they were separated.
    That's Valdez's back story.
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    Sapph uses a representative to speak to Humanity on her behalf. She has her own agenda in Starfleet which is to make sure her daughter is allowed to succeed her.

    "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder." (King Hamlet Act 1 Scene 5)

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    Unknown location

    "Phase one is complete."
    "Within acceptable parameters. We had accounted for both Ford and the Empress surviving."
    "And phase two?"
    "They chase the shadows that we let them find. The sacrificial members are already in place. They know nothing about their true purpose."
    The figure allowed themselves a smile.
    "They seek to destroy Section 31 to save the Federation. If they only knew..."

    ISS los Lobos
    Earth orbit

    "What's wrong Thay?"
    "What do you mean?"
    "You have that troubled look on your face."
    "... baby..."
    "Yeah, suddenly pregnant can be upsetting."
    Layress smiled.
    "How about a little old fashion intrigue to take your mind off things?"
    "I'm listening."
    "I did have an ulterior motive for coming over here."
    "You know how we already made alliances with the Dominions and Voth of the red and yellow universes?"
    "I plan to do the same with the ones over here."
    "One can never have enough friends."
    "What are you planning?"
    She just smiled.
    "I'm not planning anything. I just like having options."
    Thay snuggled up against her.
    "Beautiful and devious. No wonder I fell for you."
    And the allied force of all three along with us could destroy the Federation utterly. Oh Lazy, why do you tempt me so?
    “Now I have to get ready to meet with them. The guards have orders not to let you leave under punishment for me personally.”
    “Alright... wait, what?”
    “You thought you were going to be overprotective of me? That's nothing compared to the walls of security that I'm going to put around you.
    She cupped Thay's head in her hands.
    “As long as I breathe I will let nothing happen to you. So replicate yourself some reading material, cause you’re not leaving here until I get your guard detail worked out.”
    “You've been waiting to do this haven't you?”
    “I am a petty vindictive b*tch.”
    “I love you so much.”
    “I love you too. now I have to go find my shoes.”
    She got up and went in the other room.
    Thay looked down and saw something on the table.
    That's her personal PADD, she thought. I really shouldn't... Well she did say find some reading material.
    She picked it up.
    What has she been doing...hmm "Operation Guardian Angel" what’s that?
    She started reading:

    “If President Ford can't eliminate this rogue unit of Starfleet, our captains will want to strike back. That’s what Thay said and she’s right. I can only keep them on a leash for so long before someone will snap. We could attack and beat them now, but we couldn't hold them forever. There would be resistance groups forming on every world. They would constantly fight to throw off the "Invaders" control. The key to taking over the Federation is to present ourselves as the superior choice. Make them welcome us to restore order to their lives. That way we can move in and none will question us. Sending in support ships to some of the neglected colony worlds is the way to start. Help them get back on their feet. See the praising their Mirror friends and moving inward from there.”

    .... oh my... wormhole aliens... she thought trailing off in shock
    "Thay, which shoes? Plain blue or blac... What are you doing?"
    Thay looked at her in shock as stood there holding a pair of shoes in each hand.
    "Lazy, you're planning to take over the Federation!"
    "You weren't supposed to read that."
    "Why didn't you tell me?"
    "Because you'd get to excited like you are now. And I'm not going to, that is only if I need to."
    "Need to?"
    "If the corruption in it goes too deep, then the only way to save it, is to destroy it and start over... with our forces in place to help smooth the transition. Mostly to keep the flow of goods, food, and medical supplies moving."
    "Do it. Do it now! You can save them and remove the threat that they pose to us once and for all."
    " It's not ready yet, and right now it's not necessary. When the time comes, if I need to, I will."
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    RDW Harbinger (prime)

    Nathan Valdez was reading the intel captured from Belize. "Interesting, it seems Section 31 were willing to sacrifice an entire city" he commented to Nydon. "With the Empire here, they're getting desperate. They know that as you humans put it, hell is coming for them" replied Nydon. "Fear does that, they're scared and rightfully so. I see they got the message" answered Valdez. "Then we send them another message, surrender or die" advised Nydon. "They won't surrender, they'll try and take us and many others out with them. Belize showed us that" replied Valdez. "We need to hit them across Earth at the same time, every safe house and every data hub" answered Nydon. "A complete purge is the only way to be sure, how's Lt Valdez doing on mapping their network?" replied Valdez. "Facing wall upon wall of encryption, her report is most thorough on the matter" answered Nydon. "She's up to the challenge, I've never known her to give up on a tough problem" replied Valdez. "We've also received a report from Starfleet Intelligence on recent Section 31 activities, President Ford has ordered a full investigation into Section 31's activities" answered Nydon.

    "Micheal is angry and rightfully so, we may have to look at the possibility of assisting our allies in cutting out the corruption within the Federation government. The Imperials however are a bigger concern, Terrans have a long memory and the only thing keeping them from doing anything rash is the Empress. We know that, the Imperials know that as do the Federation but that said it's better the devils we know" replied Valdez. "We may have to carry out the purge of the corrupt within the Federation government if it comes down to it" answered Nydon. "Draw up a plan just in case we have to take action, sometimes, tough love is required" replied Valdez. "The Dominion used that policy, any sign of corruption within a government was often enough to warrant a purging, the Jem'Hadar can be most persuasive" answered Nydon. "Not exactly subtle but it does get the point across" replied Valdez. "Sometimes, it has to be done" answered Nydon. "I may not have to like it but there is a time and place for such things" replied Valdez. "There may be a way of finding the corrupt within the Federation government" answered Nydon, "We have changelings, put our spies in to hunt down the corrupt and track their every movement and communication. However, we would need permission from the president first." "Let me handle that, it's time we played the enemy at their own game" replied Valdez. "A wise move, you are thinking like a Founder" answered Nydon. "As a Bajoran friend of mine likes to say, it's necessity" replied Valdez.

    "An interesting way of looking at things" answered Nydon. "Sometimes" replied Valdez, "I need you to contact the Empress and the President, we need to meet face to face somewhere secure. We have a lot to discuss." "Sir" answered Nydon. "Thanks Nydon, time to make the inspection rounds" replied Valdez before both officers left the office and began their departmental inspections.

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    (Aboard PLV Temporal Lapras *It's a Paradox class dreadnought equipped with modified tetryon beam arrays, quantum phase torpedoes, and 3 superweapons (Krenim temporal weapon, Roar of the Elders, and a petrifaction device. It also has powerful shields and armor. The ship is one of TF Okami's flagships. )*

    I read the latest messages from the Federation and Empire. Apparently, the ISS Los Lobos is in the prime reality which means the Mirror Empress has a personal interest in the matter. Also, the reports of a S31 mole in the Pokemon Council are very concerning. I open a channel to Erika and report, "Admiral, the S31 mole won't be a problem anymore."
    The Zoroark responds, "Good. I need you to see if your Pridelander superiors are able to assist us and the Human named Valdez. The Bajoran empress also wants the same thing as you. The rest of the Pokemon starships (NX variants) have pulled back to the homeworld."
    "Yes Admiral. Sapph out."

    I close the channel and feed my little one. The rest of the royal fleet is cloaked and ready to attack S31 ships at a moment's notice. I also make a mental note to spy on the rest of the Feds in case another one of their admirals makes another attempt on Amy's life. Fortunately, Valdez' Star Union forces haven't made a move against me yet. I open another channel to him and activate my Belle hologram to avoid suspicion.

    I say, "Star Commander Valdez, I want to help you hunt down Franklin Drake, but he's gone dark. I've installed quantum scanners and other security measures to flush him out in case he appears on my homeworld."

    The Human admiral angrily snarls,"Damn! That snake's gone dark on my end too. We're going to search the entire galaxy for him. The Terrans are still hunting him down too so we'll have to work together if we'll have a chance to catch him. Also, call me Nathan from now on That's all I can tell you. Nathan out"

    I close the channel and prepare to hunt those S31 cowards down for nearly killing my kid. It's time for them to feel my wrath once more. As a famous Human playwright would say, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."
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    "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder." (King Hamlet Act 1 Scene 5)

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    ISS Los Lobos
    Earth orbit

    Two figures stepped off of the transporter pad.
    "Greetings, honored members of the Dominion. it's a pleasure to see you again."
    "And you as well Empress."
    "I trust that you are no worse after your ordeal?"
    "A little sore, but I'm fine. I see nothing escapes your notice."
    "We try not to."
    "We are after all the eyes and ears of the Dominion for the Founders."
    "Yes and before we meet your counterpart from this universe, there is a matter I wish to discuss."
    "By all means."
    "You have our undivided attention."
    "You are no doubt aware of the biological emergencies on two of our world's."
    "Yes, dreadful situation."
    "Those poor people."
    "Yes. We need to find a solution. That is why I wanted to ask you. The Dominion is known for it's unparalleled genetic engineering abilities. One only needs to look at the Jem'Hadar to see this."
    "You need our help in curing your people?"
    "A daunting task."
    "A task that I would be grateful for your assistance. In fact I would be grateful to the point of temporarily altering the disbursement of our planetary acquisitions to a 55/45 split in favor of the Dominion for the next five years as a gesture of my appreciation."
    "Consider your problem solved."
    "Our scientist will be en route within the day."
    "Thank you. The Founders and yourselves are indeed generous."
    "Not at all."
    "A trifling matter."
    "Ah here they come. I've had the chef prepare a kavanut soufflé with a Bourgia plant sauce for you."
    "You temptress. Such a delectable dish shall not sway our alliance to the Founders."
    " But feel free to keep trying. We do enjoy your efforts."

    Several hours later

    "How did it go?" Thay asked.
    "I got everything I wanted." Heath said sitting next to her taking off her shoes.
    "And what did it cost you?"
    "Nothing tangible. The hard part was watching them eat."
    "Everything there was flavored with some poison for them. I'm so hungry."
    "Well before you sit and eat, someone wants to talk."
    "Fine. Don't complain if they hear my stomach growling."
    She hit reply on the screen.
    "Hello Empress. My name is Nydon, assistant to star Commander Valdez. He wishes to speak to you and the President."
    "He knows where to reach me."
    "He would prefer to do it in person."
    She looked at him.
    "The three of us in one place would make a too tempting target. I have already dealt with three attempts on my life because of these people. I am not willing to give them a fourth."
    "President Ford said the same thing. He said the only way that the location could remain secure is if only the three of you knew about it."
    "He said he would be sending a hand written letter with where you should meet if you choose to do so."
    "is that what this is," Thay said holding it.
    Heath opened the letter.

    "Club 47 Tomorrow at 3. Disguise yourself."
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    Club 47, ESD (prime)

    "A private lounge is safer" said Valdez after a lifesigns dampening field was activated. "Nathan" said Ford. "Micheal, good to see you well" answered Valdez. "Nathan, you've been busy" said Heath. "Out of necessity, good to see you" replied Valdez. "Nice work, how's the family?" answered Heath. "They're fine, knowing my girls, they are busy dealing with a complex problem, I asked them to be creative" replied Valdez, "let's get down to business." "We all have a problem, something deep rooted" said Ford. "The incident with the impostor, the people I work for do not want to see an ally fall. They're concerned at the corruption within and that warranted a response" replied Valdez. "It's personal for all of us, I heard about Nakamura. They sent my wife to be tortured" answered Ford. "They also killed my parents, my late wife and crew are also their victims along with tens of thousands of Federation and Imperial citizens" replied Valdez. "They've been trying to kill me and failed, my daughter was injured by them. When they failed to kill me, they targeted my people and inflicted a biological genocide on them" said Heath. "They crossed the line, what we need is a complete purge. It's the only way to be sure" answered Valdez.

    "Agreed" said both Ford and Heath. "We play them at their own game" suggested Valdez. "What do you have in mind?" asked Ford. "Infiltration, find those elements and track their every movements and whom they speak to. Look for past and present associations to find their friends" answered Valdez. "We keep it as low key as possible, keep distracting them elsewhere so they never see the true danger" replied Heath. "We are also looking hitting them everywhere on Earth at the same time" answered Valdez. "We time it for Nakamura's trial as the media is distracted by the trial, we move in and carry out the purge" said Ford. "We'll need a serious amount of people who are loyal to do this and we need to hide them until the time is right" replied Valdez. "This group must never know what's going to hit them. I suggest that you keep a low profile for now, lull them into a false sense of security" answered Heath. "Works for me, let's give them a calm before the storm, to quote the old testament, "They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind", " replied Valdez. "It'll be a big storm, let's return to our ships and prepare" said Ford.

    "We'll need time to prepare, get our forces ready. They'll be going to war" replied Heath. "Hell is coming for them" answered Valdez. After returning to their ships, the preparations began for the Great Purging. Section 31 would never know what hit them.
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    Mirror Stuff!


    Want a character cameo? Dump your characters sliders here.

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    Col Trianna Bray of Imperial MACO
    Markers are 2 but make her 5 foot 6 (Any mention of her evil twin sister would warrant her punching your character).
    She's a tech specialist usually though her other job is classified and she will kill to protect that secret.
    Her ship, the I.S.S. Teanna (Named for the Empress who was assassinated on the orders of her own offspring)
    Change the saucer to the Archon and it's spot on
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    I need the character creator sliders ... otherwise I'll have to wing it.
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    Mirror her up
    Sliders are near enough normal just put her height to 5 foot 6
    If you want to use both MU twins, clone her. Red is call Trianna and Yellow is called Anna, you'll catch them two near a computer causing mischief or comparing their kill counts (They like to play who's the best killer)
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    thay8472 wrote: »
    That okay?


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    ISS Los Lobos
    Earth Orbit

    Sito Thay sat with her arms and head resting on the bio bed. Tears running down her face. They however we're not tears of pain but laughter.
    "He passed out?" She wheezed between laughing.
    "One bite and he was on the floor," Heath said. "After he woke up, he threw up on me."
    "...stop... no... more... laughing...hurts...too... much..."
    "It's been so long since I heard you laugh," another voice chimed in.
    They both turned to look.
    Thay stood and wrapped her arms around her as she did the same. They released each other then kissed passionately.
    "I'd give you two some privacy, but I'm stuck here."
    "Sorry," Thay said. "How do you feel?"
    "Whole," Vaylin said smiling. "The voices aren't conflicting and screaming in my head anymore. I mean I know they're there, but we get along now."
    "I was so worried about you."
    "Me? You're the one that was screaming all the time."
    "That's all behind us now. We're home."
    "I don't recognize this type of ship..."
    "That's a long story. There's so much I need to tell you... Hopefully over dinner and in bed... Oh, right. Sorry I have to look after her."
    "Who is she?"
    "She has a name. You know." said the person in the bed.
    "This is the President's wife. She was also held prisoner there."
    "Sorry ma'am. I meant no disrespect."
    "Don't worry about it," Heath said. "After what we've all been through, this is nothing to worry about."
    The other smiled and nodded.
    "Now you two, go have fun."
    "I can't. I said..."
    "And I'm telling you to go enjoy each other's company. We've been through hell and deserve to be in the arms of the one you love."
    "You're very kind Ma'am. But I promised him..."
    "What he doesn't know, he can't complain about. Besides I can distract him if needed. Now go, that's an order."
    Vaylin put her arm around Thay.
    "Thank you, Ma’am."
    She watched as the two of them walked up to the Bolian nurse who led them away.
    "That was really nice of you," Naynta said coming over. "You two are still so much alike."
    "Just because I have to lay here doesn't mean everyone else should be miserable."
    "Well you’re in luck. I'm about to release you."
    "Your stable enough to leave. I'll let the Empress know after my last two things I need to do."
    "What are those?"
    "First I need to see if your pregnant."
    "Because somehow after that temporal explosion, the Empress's wife ended up pregnant. I just want to see if it happened to you as well."
    "No one would be more surprised than me."
    "Well.... You’re not. In fact..."
    "Don't say it. I'm well aware of that fact."
    "How have you not had sex with him yet?"
    "Every time we try, something happens to interrupt us."
    "Every time?"
    "So you remain the undiscovered country?"
    "And what is the other thing you need to do?"
    She held up a hypo.
    "Give you back your hair."
    "They made one for the Empress so she could get her hair back so no one could tell what she'd been through. While they were at it they made one for you."
    "Oh... That was... nice of them."
    "We're not monsters ma'am. We're the same as your versions, we just can't come back home."

    "Hello Mr President."
    "Hello Empress. It's late. What do you want?"
    "I just thought that you'd like to know that your wife is finally healthy enough to leave us. You can come get her if you like or we can keep her."
    "Could you really put up with another you?"
    "Thay might enjoy it... for a while."
    "Sorry, but I'm not giving her up. Especially not now."
    "What do you mean?"
    "You obviously haven't seen her lately. I'll be there in a few minutes."
    The screen went blank.
    What was he talking about? She wondered. Could he know about the surprise I planned? I'll find out soon enough.

    The two leaders entered sickbay ten minutes later to find a frantic Naynta waiting there.
    "I don't know how it happened," she said. "They must have mixed up the hypos or made two of same kind."
    "What do mean?" Ford asked
    "Hello Michael."
    They turned to see the First Lady standing there, her hair like the Empress's used to be touching the floor.
    "Oops," the Empress said smiling. "I must have taken the wrong one. And... Why is she..."
    "About twenty percent bigger than you in the chest?" Naynta asked. "Permanent swelling from the agonizers."
    "Actually, I don't mind the hair," the first lady said.
    "You don't?"
    "I rather like it. What do you think Michael?"
    "There's nothing in this picture that I don't like," he said.
    "Of course, it's not regulation. I'll have to cut it..."
    "Like hell you will," he replied.
    "Oh really?"
    He pulled her in to him.
    "I'm the President. I can change the rules if I wish."
    Naynta felt a relief wash over her, but it was replaced by a fountain of raging jealousy next to her.
    "Are you alright Ma'am?"
    "I'm fine," the Empress growled.

    Hours later the couple returned to his temporary accommodations.
    "You sure you're fine?" Ford asked
    "I should be asking you that."
    "I'm fine now that you're here."
    "Do I really need to have guards around me?"
    "Yes. These two are going to make sure nothing gets in to you."
    "Fine. Now go work on your plans. I have things I need to work on myself."
    They kissed again before he left and she sat down at the desk.
    "Computer, put me through to the USS Los Lobos."
    "Unable to comply."
    She frowned.
    "What the hell does that mean? Computer, what is the current status of the USS Los Lobos?"
    "USS Los Lobos status decommissioned. Location Utopia Planitia museum yard."
    "I forgot how literally you take things. What is the status of the USS Los Lobos-A?"
    "No such ship of that name exists."
    She stared at the terminal.
    "Put me through to Captain Augustine McBrocken of the USS Valiant."
    "Captain Augustine McBrocken is no longer a member of Starfleet."
    She began to feel very cold.
    "Put me through to the 113th Task Force."
    "Unable to comply. 113th is currently on assignment in the Delta quadrant. Communication with them is not permitted."
    "Under who's orders."
    "President Ford."
    "You mean not Ford. I'll fix that."
    She got up and went to the door but the two guards blocked her.
    "Please sit-down ma'am." One of them said
    "Out of my way. I need to talk to him."
    "It would be best if you sat down Ma'am." Said the other
    That cold feeling intensified.
    "Who are you?"
    "The President does not need to be disturbed while planning his strategy."
    "Especially since it needs to fail if he wants to ensure your safety."
    Heath shook her head.
    "No. I will not be held prisoner again."
    "You already are." They smiled coldly at her.

    Michael settled back down in to his chair. His mind at rest at last he turned his attention back to that task at hand. He had just picked up his PADD with his troop movements when there was another call on the secure line.
    What do you want this time Empress? he thought as he hit receive.
    The screen remained dark.
    "Hello Mr. President." came the voice from the dark screen.
    Someone’s trying to be dramatic, he thought.
    "Who are you?"
    "That is unimportant. Tell me, how is the First Lady?"
    "She's fine."
    "Are you sure? You never know who to trust these days."
    "What are..."
    Ford was half out of his chair when the voice stopped him.
    "I wouldn't move if i were you. All it takes is one order for something... unfortunate to happen. You'd never make it to her in time.”

    Heath back and forth between the guards. She identified them as pale blonde female and dark skin brunet female. both about her size
    "You can't keep me here," she said.
    "You'll find that we can," the blonde answered
    “I haven't done anything.”
    “Sure your haven't, traitor,” the brunet answered.
    “Just waiting for the chance to sell us out to your mirror friends,” the blonde remarked.
    “I don't know what you're talking about.”
    “Sure you don't,” the blonde said grabbing a handful of her hair. “You disappear for weeks then you're spotted over there and when you come back you have all this hair just like their Empress”.
    “Get your hands off my hair.”
    She tried to knock her hand away but the brunet grabbed her wrist.
    “Calm down. Wow, look at these nails. “
    ” Let go!”
    “You get those over there as well?”
    “It was a side effect of getting my hair back. I decided to keep them to use on idiots like you.”
    “Well,” the brunet smiled. “We’ll have to disarm you then.”
    “What do you mean?”
    The blonde grabbed her other arm. They began dragging her fireplace
    “It was so tragic,” the blonde lamented
    “You tripped on those ridiculous heels of yours and fell breaking all your nails and fingers as well”.
    “And as you landed next to the fireplace, the embers flew out and set all that hair on fire.”
    “LET ME GO!”
    “Now now, if you keep struggling how are we going to make this look good?”
    “We'll just say you we're running from us when you fell.”
    “No better than what you and your traitorous lot deserve.”
    “Besides, how do you rate getting someone like Ford anyway?”
    Heath stopped struggling and closed her eyes and smiled.
    “For the record,” she started. “When I disappeared, I was kidnapped by another pair of psychotic bimbos like you two. They also cut off my hair and nails.”
    “Well, then you should be used to what’s about to happen to you,” said the blonde
    “However, unlike you two idiots, they had the sense to tie me to a chair before they tried it.”
    Heath brought her right leg up and drove it in to the knee of the brunet.
    There was a loud wet crack as her leg was now bending in the wrong direction. She screamed in pain and let go of Heath’s arm to clutch at her broken leg. With her arm free, Heath then pivoted and slammed the palm of her right hand in to the blonde’s face. She followed up by grabbing her by the neck and slamming her against the wall.
    “You listen to me,” Heath growled bringing her hand up in front the blonde’s face. One nail resting millimeters away from her right eye. “You touch me again and I’ll tear your eyes out of your skull. Understand?”
    “Yes ma'am...I'm sorry ma'am... please don't hurt me... I was just following orders”

    “Ah… you hear those screams Mr. President? There is the proof that you can’t do anything to save her.”
    “I’m going to enjoy taking you down.”
    “And now we get to the reason for all this. I will tell you what you will have your troops do. If you fail to comply just remember the screams. Now sit down.”
    Ford hesitated until he saw the door open and heath come out. She was about to talk when he gave his head a quick shake no. Hoping his head was still out view of the camera, he mouthed the word “wait” to her and sat back down.
    “What do you want?” he scowled at the screen.
    “you will send your men to the coordinates on the screen. That is all. And remember the price for disobedience.”
    “Oh I will.’
    He stabbed the off button and got of his chair and went to her.
    “Are you alright?”
    “I broke a heel. But otherwise I’m fine.”
    “I heard the screams…”
    “That was them, not me.” She sighed. “They were apart of this as well. How pervasive is this?”
    “Very it seems. It seems that the only people we can definitely trust are our own crews.”
    “That’s a problem. I can’t find the Los Lobos. The system says that there’s no such ship with that name.”
    “Not only that, Augie isn’t in Starfleet anymore and the 113th is off in the Delta Quadrant under mirror you’s orders. What the hell happened while we were gone?”
    “it’s not just people they put in place, it’s orders. Layer upon layer of orders to move people and resources in to position for them. And if they did it yours and Augie’s ships there must be others as well.”
    “So how do we fix it?”
    “I’ll deal with the physical problem. You deal with the intangible. Find your ship and your crew. Solve what they did to them and we can help the others.”
    “I can’t do that on my own.”
    “You won’t be. I want you to go back to the Empress’s ship…”
    “…and work with them to solve this. You are hear by authorized to do what you need to do to solve this.”
    “I’m not leaving you.”
    “You will be safe there and they have the resources to help you with your search.”
    “That’s an order Rear Admiral.”
    He put his and on her shoulders.
    “Only when this is over can be we safe. And I need to know your safe so I can do my part. They think they have you under control. That’s our advantage that we need to keep secret. Take your playmates with you. Maybe you can get some more information out of them.”
    “you’re right. I don’t like this, but you’re right.”
    “I’ll contact her and make the arrangements.”
    “Two things. One, when this is over I’m going to hit you very very hard for pulling rank on me like that.”
    “Two,” she put his hands on her chest, “Always remember that you sent these away.”
    “The sacrifices that I make for the Federation,” he sighed

    ISS Los Lobos

    “So you’re going to help?” Thay asked.
    “Covertly, yes.” The Empress said. “She’s looking for her crew. I can’t deny her that.”
    “Then she’ll find this interesting.”
    “One of our patrol ships near the Badlands picked up a Fed office that was asking for help and/or asylum from us.”
    She handed the Empress a PADD.
    She recognized the figure in the image right away.

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    RDW Harbinger, Computer lab (Prime)

    "How far are you on this datacore?" asked Valdez to Trianna (yellow). "Decryption program installed after much resistance, that was fun" answered Trianna (yellow). "Anna, how long have you been up?" asked Valdez. "I'm fine dad" answered Trianna (yellow). "You've been up 48 hours non-stop, go and get some rest" replied Valdez. "I've got this to finish" answered Trianna (yellow). "Lt, go and get some rest, that's an order" replied Valdez. "Pulling rank, well played. I'll deal with this in the morning" answered "Trianna (yellow) before she locked her terminal down. "You make mistakes tired, a fresh mind in the morning will be more helpful than a tired mind" replied Valdez. "I'll see you in the morning" answered Trianna (yellow). "Anna, bad news is I'm going to have to put you on report for endangerment to your health with your long stretches. You will check in with Doctor Egren twice a day, he's concerned that you are overworking yourself. All this does not have to be done at once" replied Valdez. "I'll deal with it in the morning" answered Trianna (yellow). "Good night" replied Valdez.

    Later in the Jem'Hadar training room, Valdez went to see how the Jem'Hadar were preparing. "First, I'm not on duty" said Valdez to his first. "Honored Elder" answered the Jem'Hadar first. "First, I'm here to sharpen my combat skills. We may be facing more hand to hand combat" replied Valdez. "The best kind" answered the Jem'Hadar first. "First, I need a sparring partner" replied Valdez. "It'll be my honor, honored elder" answered the Jem'Hadar first. "Just bear in mind I'm human" replied Valdez. After an hour, Valdez got to sickbay. "What happened to you?" asked Orderly Dawson. "Sparring with the Jem'Hadar. Good fighters all of them" answered Valdez. "They did a number on you, I'll call the doctor" replied Orderly Dawson. Doctor Egren arrived and just look one look at Valdez and sighed, "why do commanding officers always ignore the medical officer?" "Doesn't look that bad" said Valdez. "Light concussion, blood loss from a cut on your head. This is why I wonder how you officers would survive without us medics." answered Egren. "Cannot disagree on that, OK, maybe this a bad cut" replied Valdez. "Orderly, bring me a dermal regenerator and auto suture" ordered Egren. "Yes doctor" answered Orderly Dawson as he opened the first aid kit and passed Egren the tools requested. "Orderly Dawson, try not to be sick in my infirmary please. It's only a bit of blood" said Egren. "Sorry doctor, never seen a head wound that bad" answered Orderly Dawson. "This is a minor one, you will see far worse injuries coming through that door and you must be prepared to deal with that fact" replied Egren, "Sir, get some rest and no alcohol for 48 hours. Any symptoms like head aches start to appear, report directly here immediately" he said to Valdez afterwards. "Yes doctor" answered Valdez.

    "Orderly, clean up. Once you're done, go and get something to eat" ordered Egren. "Yes doctor, not even a single microbe" answered Orderly Dawson. "What got you into medicine?" asked Egren. "I read a book on the history of combat medicine throughout Earth's history, it was fascinating" answered Orderly Dawson. "Medicine has it's own sets of challenges" replied Egren before he went into his office.

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    Trianna (yellow), do same with this one to her height (5 foot 6)
    Regent Solat of Vulcan and Romulus, make her 6 foot. She's calm but not someone to cross (she has a habit of making examples of those who oppose the Empire with her all Vulcan and Romulan fleet. She's a problem eliminator who only answers to the Empress).
    She'll be talking politics with the Empress or supervising Trianna (red).
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