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Mirror Wars (RP Thread)



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    Betazed (MU Yellow)

    At the Regent's palace, Medic First Class Dawson (red) was shown in by Papela. "Mr Dawson, thank you" said Papela. "Just another day at the office, ma'am" replied Medic Dawson. "Why did you volunteer for medic duty?" asked Papela. "To help people, my job is to stabilize patients so they can be medivaced out" answered Medic Dawson. "I hear you like to visit your old patients to check up on their recovery" replied Papela. "It's just to see how they are doing, I do it with all my old patients" answered Medic Dawson. "It'll be done under supervision" replied Papela. "Understandable given what happened" answered Medic Dawson, "may I ask how Ms Lot is on her recovery?" he asked Papela afterwards. "According to the doctors, she's recovering well" answered Papela. "Good to hear" replied Medic Dawson smiling. "Kestrella (red) requested this meeting, she would like to thank you in person" said Papela as the door opened into a living area. Medic Dawson then took a seat opposite Kestrella after she told him "at ease soldier" and asked him to sit down.

    "Ms Lot, it's good to see you doing well" said Medic Dawson. "Mr Dawson, have we met?" asked Kestrella. "I was the medic who treated you" answered Medic Dawson. "Thank you, from what I hear, you saved my life" replied Kestrella. "I was just doing my duty, my duty is to save lives" answered Medic Dawson. "My sisters told me what happened, good job" replied Kestrella. "Just another day at the office. How's your recovery been?" asked Medic Dawson. "Getting there, I'm just glad to be alive and with my family" answered Kestrella. "That's excellent news" replied Medic Dawson. "Mr Dawson, I will never forget what you did" answered Kestrella. "Ms Lot, it's what us medics do" replied Medic Dawson. "Medics need recognition for their duty to saving lives" answered Kestrella. "If saving lives means putting ourselves in harm's way, we'll do it. The real job satisfaction is seeing our patients recovering and doing well. Ms Lot, think positive" replied Medic Dawson. "Mr Dawson, you're a good man. Never forget that" answered Kestrella. "I won't Ms Lot" replied Medic Dawson. "Mr Dawson, enjoy your stay on Betazed. I won't keep you away from your shore leave any longer" said Kestrella. "I'll enjoy Betazed. Take care and get well" replied Medic Dawson before Kestrella went to her nerve therapy.

    Terra (MU Red)

    Ambassador Smith was discussing improving ties between both Alliances with Heath. "Two universes that rely on the other to exist, the Alliance have authorized me to offer you this. It's a proposal for a way of easing tensions at the borders, the Alliance is talking of creating a multinational peacekeeping force to police the rift zones" said Smith passing Heath a PADD. "How about a neutral policing force at the border on both sides?" asked Heath. "Who do you have in mind?" asked Smith. "The Benthans, their record of law enforcement in the Delta Quadrant makes them an ideal candidate" answered Heath. "Their neutrality in policing the Delta Quadrant is renown in both universes, I hear that they have autonomy within the Mirror Alliance" replied Smith. "We get both Benthan governments talking" suggested Heath. "It would have to be beneficial to all parties" answered Smith. "Since Antares Station is on the border, maybe letting the Benthans use that as a home base on both sides may get them to agree to help" replied Heath. "I'll put the recommendation through to the Alliance" answered Smith.

    "The Mirror Alliance will get the same recommendation, dealing with the border is a first step" replied Heath. "Coming from a combat veteran, words not weapons" answered Smith. "Agreed" replied Heath. Once the meeting was finished, Heath boarded the Los Lobos while Smith hailed President Ford via secure subspace on Heath's proposal.
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  • theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,333 Arc User
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    Terran Senate (MU red)

    All the Senate sat down after Heath took her seat, "“However, there may be those among you that will oppose whatever I suggest simply just because of where I was born. Allow me to show you something.”
    The holo-wall changed. In both universes, the council was treated to a replay of the fight on the Enterprise. The playback froze on the image of Heath’s heel embedded in Leeta’s skull. The image stayed for a few seconds before returning to the council view. Heath smiled, then leaned back in her chair and put her feet up on the table.
    “The price you pay for being an obstructionist bigot is I plant these heels of mine in your skull. Just like I did to her.”
    She swept her feet off the table and stood up. “Now if any of you, have anything to say about me, NOW’S THE PROPHET BLESSED TIME!” she said to the Senate.

    "With respect, you're you're taking us down the path that Spock led us down. Down to the interference of your Federation when your Kirk corrupted him, we suffered greatly. That's the reason we don't like you. You'll lead us to disaster like Spock did, our advise is listen to the conservative elements as well as the liberal elements" said Senator McKenzie. "Your reforms are destroying our culture and way of life, ease back on them. Teach our citizenry our values not your Federation values, we are the Terran Empire and not the United Federation of Fools. The Federation is responsible for our suffering at the hands of the Cardassians and Klingons, now you know why we hate the Federation, they sit back and do nothing while people suffer. They let the Maquis be wiped out, that included women and children, where was your Federation to stop that slaughter? The Federation sat back and did nothing when your Bajor was repressed and occupied, the Federation should have fallen long ago but the cancer still stands, at least we made the Cardassians and Klingon suffer for what they did to us and we enjoyed every minute of it. If you try anymore Federation type reforms, we will block you by right of veto and you need a majority for any motion to pass. Remember that, here it's Terran values not some air headed Federation values" added Senator Xi.

    "I consider all points of view and act for the best of ALL citizen of the Empire. Do not preach to me about standing by and doing nothing. I have watched your previous leaders commit wholesale genocide on entire planets while all of you said nothing. No, that's no right. You cheered their actions and praised them. So tell me, who is worse? You were nothing more than toadying sycophants to a madman, to afraid to say anything out of fear of them turning their attention to you. And let me tell why I've made the changes that I have. Papela said I had the outside view, and view was the Empire was flawed, self-destructive. The Federation leaders predict that it would eventually destroy itself. I am working to prevent that and that involves removing the parts of it that don't work. Now you don't like that, then you come up with another way to fix the problem. But block me without offing a better option and we will return to the old ways and I promise you won't like it" said Heath. "That was revenge, we suffered greatly. Where was your Federation then? You are no better than Spock, we are asking that you demand the Federation pay reparations to the people who suffered under the Klingons and Cardassians. If you want us on your side, put our values before your own. Cut your education program, we don't need the plebs getting any dangerous ideas" replied Senator McKenzie.

    We are also asking that Bajor pays us reparations as a price of their membership of the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance, they're just as guilty. We want anyone involved in the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance arrested as criminals and executed, make the former Alliance races pay higher taxes than those who were made to suffer as a way of getting us on side. Make the former Alliance races pay the price, we are demanding that economic sanctions be placed on all of them. Their people should suffer as we suffered, only then will you gain our support" said one Senator. "In fact, you are worse than the Borg. At least they announce they are going to assimilate you, you are doing it by stealth. Papela Lot is a fool who allowed her people to suffer at the hands of the Alliance by her collaboration to the Alliance and now you've allied us to the Dominion, the same Dominion that butchered billions of our citizens. We are asking that they pay us reparations for all the citizens they killed. We also demand that the Federation pay us reparations for their interference, we're angry at your choice of allies" said another Senator. "Since you made our enemies our allies, we have no choice but to put in a vote of no confidence in your leadership. We hereby raise a motion to dissolve the Terran Empire, all in favor raise your hand" said Senator Xi It was followed by most of the senators saying yes to the motion. "If we cannot have our Empire back the way it was then it must be dissolved" said Senator Xi. Regent Smith-Petrofski and the moderate senators voted against the motion. "We will veto all your reforms, only those with money should have rights, let the plebs die in the gutter where they belong. We may even deny your schools and hospitals the resources they need, we will make it very difficult for you. We demand that you disinherit your twins and name a Terran as your heir, this is the Terran Empire not Bajoran Empire so be a good alien and go off back to your Federation and take your brats with you or we will formally dissolve the Empire" demanded another Senator. At that Moment Heath walked across the table and planted her heels into the Senators face before returning to her seat. It had no effect and the Senate hardliners decided that the Empire had to die just to spite Heath.

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    Terran Senate (MU red)

    Heath just glared at the hardliners and told them straight, "So you would rather destroy the Empire than see me on the throne?" she asked. "You're an outsider interfering, you allow the plebs to get dangerous ideas. You collaborate with our enemies, you are a traitor to us and even to your own Federation" answered Senator McKenzie. "Since all you hardliners will keep obstructing me and harming the citizens of the Empire, I hereby place you all under arrest for high treason. Soldiers, remove them" she said before Imperial Army troops walked in and pointed their rifles at the hardliners' heads. The troops were told of the hardliners' treason and they showed no kindness as they dragged the hardliners out and straight into a Penal Legion after their financial assets were seized. "Regent Smith-Petrofski, how quickly can you implement these reforms on education and healthcare?" asked Heath. Smith-Petrofski read the proposal and suggested a few amendments.

    "As much as I disagree with the idiots, teaching our values must always come first. There is a place for some Federation values but we can never forget who we are. Speaking as a mother of two, we need to find that fine balancing act. On healthcare, we can use the seized assets to improve the standard of care. What I propose is boosting the numbers of trained and qualified medical staff by offering training to any citizen who has an interest in medicine. Maybe ask the military if they can spare some of their doctors to train the new staff" she suggested. "Increasing cooperation between military and civilian agencies is a good deal for both parties" said Senator Iodokar. "The military serves a civilian government" replied Smith-Petrofski. "All in favor, raise your hand" asked Heath. The motion was passed by a clear majority, "next item on the agenda, a new public holiday to honor our brave veterans. I personally witnessed their courage on Trasimene II, they held the line despite being outnumbered 10:1. We're going to reward their bravery with a Veteran's day" said Heath. It was passed unanimously.

    There was good news from Bajor, the plague had been wiped out though Bajor had lost a full third of it's population. Doctor Wren's team were named Heroes of the Empire for their work in treating the plague as they remained on Bajor decontaminating the whole of the planet. The Dominion had also created a new gene to overcome the sterility on both Bajor (red) and Trill (yellow), it was spread by air dispersal as the crowds cheered below. At the Regent palace, Ambassador Smith had just concluded an agreement with the Benthan governments and the border treaty was signed by Heath and Ford via subspace. Bethan ships now took over border policing and a neutral zone was established, when Smith returned home, he finished packing for the move to Earth. The Smiths were given a communal send off after Valdez passed Smith the keys to the old family farm in Normandy, Smith passed Valdez the keys to his old house and requested that Trianna (red) have it. When the Brays got the keys, they moved into their new home as their family helped them unpack their belongings

    When the Smiths got to Earth, they unpacked all their belongings and settled down in their new home. The Smith's farm now became the Mirror Alliance Embassy.
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    ISS Los Lobos
    Terra orbit (red)

    The Empress sat on the couch, drink in hand as the first lady stood looking at her, arms crossed.
    "That was messy."
    "Don't judge me."
    "Was it necessary?"
    "What do you think?"
    "I think that you are enjoying yourself."
    "For someone that doesn't enjoy it, You seem to do it a lot."
    "They don't respect weakness over here. Compassion only gets you so far."
    "Heels in eyes takes you the rest of the way?"
    "You don't have to deal with them! Every time I turn around there's someone else wanting to undo everything I've done. All the changes, all the lives lost defending them. I can't let it all be for nothing."
    "So you'd rather kill someone in cold blood. How are you going to explain that to your girls?"
    She stood up and threw her glass at her.
    "No, I don't. But I am. And you used to be."
    "They are not the Federation. They never will be. You can't make them into something they're not."
    "This group will never be what you want. Now the other universe, from what I've read, is much more accepting of you and your style of leadership."
    "Are you saying..."
    "That you should let someone else run things over here? Yes. You put them on the right track, let someone else take care of the rest. Someone who knows their ways and can deal with them without loosing herself."
    The Empress closed her eyes, and sat back down.
    "Your right. A good captain knows when to leave an unwinnable fight."
    "Staying to the end can only result in the loss of ship and crew."
    "On the plus side,Thay hates this place. She'd rather stay in the other, that's her home."
    "So when are you going to do it?"
    "We leave for Betazed yellow tomorrow. I'll do it before then."
    "That's going to shake things up."
    "Yes it."

    "This is INN. We interrupt our normal programming to bring you a special announce from the Empress herself."
    The image changed to her sitting on her throne in her normal legs crossed, hands folded in her lap pose.
    "Citizens of the Red empire. I have come to you with a confession. I have reached the end of my usefulness to you. I was my goal to stop the fighting with our neighbors, improve the quality of life for all to ensure that the empire would continue to expand and be prosperous, and I have achieved all of these."
    "But now, in the act of preservation and integration of your original culture with the new, I have failed you. You require someone who can balance the the two cultures and that is not me. Only a delusional fool puts their own desires and ego ahead of the needs of their people. With that I announce that in three months time, I shall step down from the Red Imperial throne and appoint a successor. They will take the Red Empire forward into an even more prosperous future."
    "I shall relocate to the yellow universe, where I shall continue to rule there. The two Empires shall still have a strong connection to each other, but will now follow their own paths as needed. Those who wish to follow me, are welcome to do so. Those who remain, it is my wish that you give my successor all the support that you have given me. And to the children of Bajor, you're Emissary is not abandoning you. I will always be here for you, and I will come when I am needed. For now, this is the path my Pah must take.
    Thank you, and may the Prophets watch over you all."

    "Ladies and gentlemen... I don't know what to say. Obviously this was unexpected... we will have more information on this developing story as it comes in."

    En route to Betazed yellow

    The Empress sat on the couch in her room. The pot of tea on the table had just reached the right temperature when the door chimed.
    "Perfect timing," she smiled. "Enter."
    She looked up at the other version of herself.
    "Nice speech."
    "Any ideas on who is going to replace you?"
    "I have someone in mind."
    "What did they do to make you mad?"
    "I have my reasons."
    "So tell me, we're just going to throw that whole me having to staying in my room thing out the window aren't we?"
    "Well we're going to have to shortly anyway."
    "Sit and I'll explain."
    She sat and handed her a cup.
    "So Thay is going to have the baby in about month."
    "Thank you. And I'm going to be down on Betazed occupied with that and the transfer for the next few months afterward."
    "Understandable. I'd be surprised if you weren't."
    "Yes, but the problem is to repair the damage done to the ship by your little nanite problem they have to put her in drydock."
    "Makes sense and...oh."
    "You see the problem. They have to shut down everything while they work."
    "Including the temporal shields that stop us from exploding. So what am I supposed to do?"
    "I had two ideas. First was to give you a ship of your own."
    "Counterproductive to the whole hiding from view thing."
    "Look, unless you go around broadcasting 'yo fed girl over here' who is going to know? But it does make protecting you difficult. A group of ships flying around in protective formation around you would attract attention."
    "So what's the other choice?"
    "You and your friends come with me to Betazed. And before you say anything, her place is thorough shielded against everything there is. Plus it's huge. Lots of open space for you to walk around in, and her guards are trained not to talk about anything they see or hear."
    The Empress watch as her copy bit her lip.
    "Come on. After three months of being in that room you know you want to walk under the sun again."
    "One question."
    "Why the tea?"
    "Well Papela drinks a lot of it. Best to get used to it."
    "Try again."
    "I know when I'm lying. So what's the real reason?"
    "Because if I'm holding this cup I won't try to hold your hands."
    "I see. Is that the real reason you want me to come there?"
    "Look for the most part we've been avoiding each other since that happened and I need to know why that happened."
    "And you think your wife is going to be okay with your experiment?"
    "She took a group of Trills with her to keep her company. I doubt she'll be upset I have one Bajoran."
    "You're not going to 'have' me!"
    "You know what I mean."
    "I do. And that worries me."
    She put down the cup and stood.
    "I don't have a choice, so Betazed it is," she sighed. "I do want to get out, but you will keep your distance from me. Understand?"
    "I never realized how pretty our hair was loose like that."
    "Shut up!"
    She left the room.
    The Empress smiled.
    I don't know why I feel this way about you, she thought, but I intend to find out.
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    Terra (MU red)

    "Lads, our Empire has been betrayed from within. Cowards and traitors threaten to dissolve the Empire we fight, bleed and sometimes even die for. We will honor our Empress's name in carrying on her fight and that fight starts now, we will be launching a purge of all disloyal elements within the Empire and we will take everything off them. Their families are to be kept out of this, we are only after those who would harm the citizens of this empire. Make no mistakes, the gloves are coming off" said Regent Petrofski to his troops, "this purge will involve the Imperial fleet and Army, Admiral Dawson and Admiral Lot will clean up the Alpha Quadrant, we will clean up the Beta Quadrant. The Alliance stays out of this, this is strictly an internal matter. Rules of engagement apply since we will be working populated areas, everyone understood?" he asked afterwards. "Sir" chorused 250,000 Imperial troops. "Get some rest, we ship out in three days" said Petrofski, "Long live the Empire" he finished with before he went to see his family off.

    "Make sure my family gets to Betazed (yellow) safely, I don't want them getting caught up in this" asked Petrofski to Admiral Dawson. "They will" replied Admiral Dawson, "Captain Valdez is evacuating her three boys as well. Her husband has volunteered to stay behind to help protect his neighbors" she said afterwards. "I see you transferred your boys to the Tikal" replied Petrofski. "My boys are not to be caught up in this, we'll be escorting civilians out as well who want to leave" answered Admiral Dawson. "Admiral, may good fortune smile upon you" said Petrofski. "Mario, do what you need to do and keep the Empire stable" said Smith-Petrofski before she gave her husband a kiss. Petrofski then said his goodbyes to his girls before they beamed up to the I.S.S. Tikal. Now it was time for Petrofski to plan his next move out carefully. In his office, he put a secure call through to Shade requesting Shadow support for his great purge. Petrofski would be calling on every available resource to make sure all bases were covered.

    Betazed (yellow)

    Battle Fleet Omega arrived 48 hours later, when Regent Smith-Petrofski arrived, the situation was fully explained to her. "Betrayed from within, I'm advising you to look the other way while my husband and his allies deal with them in a permanent manner. He's planning a Stalinist purge of the red Empire government, those hardliners who want to kill the empire will be getting quite the shock" said Regent Smith-Petrofski as she was getting Katerina to sleep. "I don't need to know the details, your husband has full operational authority to do what is needed. His mission is to keep the Red Empire stable" replied Heath, "you'll be safe here, your husband asked me to keep you and your family safe" she said afterwards. "I know, we don't want our girls caught up in this" answered Smith-Petrofski. "You look concerned" said Papela to Smith-Petrofski. "Regent, with all due respect, some serious accusations have been made against you" answered Smith-Petrofski passing Papela the list of accusations.

    "You think I'm guilty?" asked Papela. "It's your late counterpart they've accused. Due to the seriousness of the allegations, this has to be investigated" answered Smith-Petrofski, "it'll be an impartial but thorough investigation so I'll need access to the records from Betazed (red) during the Alliance era and your counterpart's records from that time" she said afterwards. "What are the accusations?" asked Papela. "Collaboration with the Alliance as Red Betazed suffered, the buying of Terran slaves and use of slave labor" answered Smith-Petrofski. "Those are serious, I better get a lawyer to contest these accusations on behalf of the family" replied Papela. "I'm sorry but the law is the law on this" answered Smith-Petrofski. "The law must be upheld, I know that this puts you in a difficult position" replied Papela. "Thank you for understanding, their may be no basis in these accusations but we have to be 100% sure" answered Smith-Petrofski, "now that's out of the way, I've got two girls to look after" she said afterwards.
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    Terra (MU red)

    "She's finally gone" said one hardliner at a celebration party. "She's left a steward in charge, we need to watch our backs" said another hardliner. What the hardliners did not realize was that they were being watched covertly as their very words were recorded by surveillance bugs. "Now we remove her reforms, we strip all non-Terrans of citizenship and make their worlds slave worlds" said another hardliner. "Today the Terran Empire dies" replied another hardliner before they went to the senate hall. In the Senate hall was sat Petrofski who called them out in front of INN, "I see traitors here, all of you. You chased out an Empress who was loved and now you intend to destroy her legacy, did you enjoy the party?" he asked. "You're just another of her collaborators" said one of the conspirators. "I am a loyal soldier of this Empire, you disrespect the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice and you disrespect everything the Empress stood for, her reforms will stay and be improved, you treat the ordinary citizen as nothing more than property to be abused at your very pleasure. If that is not not treason against the state and the citizenry, what is?" asked Petrofski.

    "Plebs are not people, they're free labor to make us rich" answered a hardliner. "So you put profit over helping your fellow citizens, you commit treason against the Empress, you also disrespect the rights of citizens. I'm giving you all a choice, retire or be placed under arrest" replied Petrofski, "your choice" he said afterwards. "You and who's army?" asked the hardliner. "This army, this building is surrounded and I have troops ready to move on my order. If you think I'm bluffing, look out of the window" answered Petrofski. The hardliners saw the troops manning barricades around the building as troops entered the room, "these are the brave soldier you all disrespect, these men and women of all races fight, bleed and die just to protect their fellow citizens, they know your treason and they are not very happy with you all" said Petrofski. "You don't scare us" replied one of the hardliners. "Under the Emergency Powers act, I hereby place you all under arrest for high treason against the Empire, the Empress and the people, how do you plead?" asked Petrofski. "We're innocent, you've got nothing on us" answered one of the hardliners.

    Petrofski then played their words to them live on INN and read their finance records to them, "all of you are involved in corruption, some even taking bribes from the criminal underworld. It was you who made a profit off the backs of workers who you underpaid, you refuse to improve worker safety and people died. Those people had families who have to mourn because of your greed. That's minor compared to stripping away people's rights and citizenship based on species, turning all non-Terran worlds into slave worlds goes against our anti-slavery laws and I leave the worst until last, it was you who collaborated with Section 31 and gave rebel groups Imperial military secrets as well as the virus that killed a full third of the population of Bajor, 350 million innocent lives lost, you are all guilty and will be punished for your greed and crimes against your own citizens" he said as the INN news team broadcast live. "Now how do you plead?" asked Petroski. "This is a show trial!!!!" yelled one hardliner. "The public has been made well aware of your collective crimes, I'll leave it up to them to decide your fates" replied Petrofski. "This is a military coup!!" yelled a hardliner. "Quite the opposite, the Empress has made me her sheriff. The military serves a civilian government and the citizens" answered Petrofski. "Just remember, money talks" replied the hardliner. "I've also made all your financial records public and the public are not happy with you, in fact since you love your wealth so much, your wealth and assets have been seized. Those funds will go on improving the lives of the ordinary citizen, effective immediately. Enjoy being destitute and having to survive daily on little to no income and the public have made their decision, they have found you all guilty. Sentence is life imprisonment on an Imperial death world as forced labor, you will give back to the citizens of the Empire by hard labor under the Imperial military guard, sentence to be carried out immediately" said Petrofski as the soldiers took the hardliners into custody.
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    Betazed (MU yellow)

    Regent Smith-Petrofski was reading through the records from Betazed (red) with Papela and Senator Iodokar, "not much solid basis for these accusations. From Terran Rebellion records and Alliance records, it seems your counterpart was buying Terran slaves and freeing them, the freed slaves were then smuggled out beyond Alliance borders by an underground railroad. That is not collaboration, Terran Rebellion records also confirmed that your counterpart was a key figure in the Betazed resistance. The Alliance never had enough proof to go after your counterpart, on collaboration and slavery, your counterpart is clearly innocent. That leaves the forced labor accusation" said Smith-Petrofski. "The evidence is clear on the legal side of things, same assessment" added Senator Iodokar. "On the forced labor accusation, the lack of evidence against your counterpart is grounds on which no criminal case would have legal basis" said Smith-Petrofski. "They're trying to dishonor your counterpart's name by these baseless accusations, legally it would be thrown out of court and case closed" added Senator Iodokar.

    "Having seen all evidence, case closed" said Smith-Petrofski. "Your counterpart is innocent on all accusations" finished Senator Iodokar. "Thank you for looking into it both of you" said Papela. "You're welcome" answered Smith-Petrofski. "Family first" said Senator Iodokar. INN then came on the screen as the purge are played live, "The first opening salvo" commented Smith-Petrofski. "It's a strong message" noted Senator Iodokar. "He's also got the citizenry on his side, the purge has massive public approval" said Papela. "The sheriff is in town" replied Smith-Petrofski as she bottle fed Katerina, "How's Pel?" asked Papela. "She misses Mario, expected but she's safer here than back home" answered Smith-Petrofski as Pel got back from school, how was school?" asked Smith-Petrofski. "Miss Lot is strict" answered Pel, "we had a guest science teacher today, Captain Valdez was teaching us about how this planet works" she said afterwards. "What did you learn?" asked Smith-Petrofski. "That this planet's surface is made up of plates of rock pushing against each other, we also saw how mountains and volcanoes form and how quakes happen. We even saw rock float on water" answered Pel. "You enjoying school?" asked Smith-Petrofski. "This school is better than the one on Terra, we learn more things" answered Pel. "Good, any homework?" asked Smith-Petrofski. "Maths" answered Pel. "Get it done, once you've done your homework, rest of the day is yours" replied Smith-Petrofski. "Yes Mama" answered Pel before she left to do her homework.

    Meanwhile, the Dawson Brothers asked Captain Valdez (yellow) for a transfer to the Yellow Empire. "Your parents alright with that?" asked Isabella. "They are, we can look after ourselves" answered Medic Dawson (red). "We're used to it" commented Luke Dawson (red). "I'll ask your mother, if she confirms it's alright then you boys will get a transfer" replied Isabella before she put the call through. Admiral Dawson (red) confirmed the transfer request and told her boys "keep in contact and keep out of trouble", it was followed by a "Isabella, I'm trusting you with my boys." "Thank you Admiral" replied Isabella. "Thanks Mom" chorused the Dawson Brothers. "Take care and be a good example to others" said Admiral Dawson to her boys before closing the channel. "Boys, welcome to the crew of the I.S.S. Tikal, we'll be helping colonies and exploring new areas of space here in the yellow universe. I hope you are in the spirit of adventure" said Isabella. "We are" chorused the Dawson Brothers. "Oreada and Lanara are on this crew so keep it professional on duty" replied Isabella. "Ma'am" answered the Dawson Brothers. "Boys, you're both dismissed" replied Isabella. "Ma'am" answered the Dawson Brothers before they left the office. Captain Valdez then contacted her husband who had just got to the new family home on Betazed (yellow) and checked up on how her boys were doing.

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    Betazed yellow

    Thay moaned contentedly in her chair.
    "Not everyone can say that they've had the Empress massaging their feet," she said.
    "Not everyone can say that the Empress got them pregnant either," Layress said looking up at her.
    "Less talk, more rubbing."
    "I don't recall you doing this for me."
    "I was too busy trying to keep you alive. Besides, you know I'm bad at being comforting."
    "I'll have to teach you how to do it. You'll need it when they get older. Or for the next one."
    "Next one? What next one?"
    "Maybe after this one, we'll have another one. One we plan ahead for."
    "After all the girls, maybe a boy would be nice."
    Thay just looked at her.
    "Sometimes, you honestly surprise me."
    "I try."
    "Your little announcement certainly did. You didn't give us any idea that was coming. What brought that on?"
    She stopped rubbing her feet.
    "There was an old saying on Earth. 'To fight the dragon, you must become the dragon'."
    "What's a dragon?"
    "A large winged reptile that breathes fire."
    "They have those on Earth?"
    "Only in their stories."
    "Then what's it's relevance?"
    "It's merciless. Has no compassion, kills indescrimenantly, destroys everything in it's path."
    "Okay, and?"
    "To beat it, you have to be just the same."
    "I see..."
    "Every fight, everything that got in my way... I started becoming more and more like them."
    She looked up at her.
    "That's not what I wanted. I didn't want to be someone who they would be ashamed to talk about."
    She looked over her shoulder at their children playing on the other side of the room.
    "It's for the better," Thay agreed. " Besides, compared to here they were always one step above degenerate thugs. I'm surprised that you got this far with them."
    "They're not all bad."
    "Your Fed side is showing again."
    "I mean it. There are some good people over there."
    "And apparently they want to follow you," a new voice added.
    "Grandma!" The two young voices yelled as the newcomer entered.
    "Hello my little angels," Papela said hugging them. "We'll play in a minute. I need to talk to your mothers first."
    "Mummy says we moving here," Pren said.
    "We see you all the time," Ohsa agreed.
    "Yes, you will. And so will a lot of other people."
    She turned to the two adults in the room.
    "Sorry to listen in, but your thoughts were so dramatic. I couldn't help myself. Besides, I knew that you two wouldn't mind if I brought this."
    Papela smiled and handed Thay a PADD.
    "This is how many people want to come over here with you."
    Thay's eyes went wide.
    "Is this correct?"
    "You doubt my information? Shame on you little one. You know better than that."
    "What?" Heath asked.
    Thay read the information out loud.
    "According to this, approximately fourteen percent of the red empire population wants to come over here. They want to follow you. You've made thier lives better and they believe in you. You showed them a way to live other than combat."
    "That figure does include nine percent of the military as well," Papela added.
    "Mommy is popular."
    "Mommy looks surprised."
    "I... I am girls. I thought I was getting through to some of them, but... I had no idea..."
    Papela smiled.
    "Congratulations, you did make a difference."
    She knealt down to her grandchildren.
    "Now go put your shoes on, so we can go out to the garden."
    They ran off to get dressed.
    "My assistants are helping to organize the transportation and resettlement over here. You can just focus on finding a way of getting her to relax so she can have the baby."
    "I can be relaxed." Thay protested.
    "That doesn't involve sex."
    "Take of the fun out of it, why don't you?"
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    Terra (MU red)

    Regent Petrofski had just finished a meeting with the Regional Governors and it had been productive, they agreed to show their support in keeping the Empire together. After assigning police units with their arrest lists, Petrofski sighed as reports of more arrests came through. Throughout the Empire, corrupt military officers, officials and governors were being rounded up and questioned as the troops assisted the police units in providing security. The purge was swift and decisive as the waves of arrests were made public, soon the public were also assisting the police and military in helping police the streets as militia personnel formed patrol groups. The public were 100% behind the purge as they watched the arrests on their screens. Petrofski then contacted Betazed (yellow) via secure subspace with an update.

    "How far does this go?" asked Heath. "Those hardliners who forced you out were doing it because they feared you would discover their corruption, they were diverting public funds into their own accounts and blocking you so you would not find out" answered Petrofski. "Where are they?" asked Heath. "In a labor camp on an Imperial death world, their assets have been redistributed back into public funds" answered Petrofski. "How much does the public know?" asked Heath. "They're being kept informed, the public are actively assisting us by forming militia patrols to help police the streets while the military and police can do what they need to do" answered Petrofski. "No executions, keep this purge bloodless" ordered Heath. "We have done" replied Petrofski, "how are my family?" he asked Heath afterwards. "They're safe and sound" answered Heath. "Thank you, you're a good person. My lads have all expressed an interest to transfer to the Yellow Empire, they have not forgotten that you fought alongside them. They've chosen you as pack leader" replied Petrofski. "I spoke to Jasmine, she's expressed an interest to move to the Yellow Empire permanently" said Heath.

    "I know, it would be better for the girls. We want them to grow up without the constant risk of conflict and to be educated properly" answered Petrofski, "I've not going to disagree with her on this, once I'm done here, I'll join Jasmine and the girls. I'll appoint someone we both trust to take over as Regent" he said afterwards. "Anyone in mind?" asked Heath. "I'll ask Admiral Dawson, she's a good administrator" answered Petrofski, "I've been fighting for 12 years, no more" he said afterwards. "Resignation or retirement?" asked Heath. "Retirement from the military, Jasmine did mention about moving to either Betazed (yellow) or Bajor (yellow) so somewhere peaceful where we can carry on our work in helping the ordinary citizens" answered Petrofski. Heath just smiled and replied "We'll discuss it when you've finished on Terra (red), sort out your affairs over there and report here once you've done." "Ma'am" answered Petrofski and the screen went blank.

    "Not long until I see you all again" thought Petrofski as he looked at the photo of his family.


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    USS Constellation
    Earth prime orbit

    "That was unexpected."
    "Tell me about it D. What chatter have you picked up?"
    Ford sat in his office/ready room. In addition to the constant flow of information, they were in the final stages of the repairs and he was monitoring all of them.
    "No one knew this was going to happen, not even her own ambassador."
    "Something must have happened to trigger this."
    "The why isn't as important as the out come of this. We will soon have to deal with an unknown quantity. Despite being their ruler, the current one still has many of her Starfleet mindsets about things. We know nothing about who will take over."
    "They were worried about the alliance that she had set up. At least she had no hostile intentions towards us. If this new one decides to attack... Our combined forces may be able to stop them, but the cost in lives will be catastrophic."
    "There is something else you need to consider."
    She switched on the display.
    "This is our universe. And this is the red empire. The yellow where she still rules is over here. We and the red are connected. All transitions between the prime and mirror universe are between these two. The yellow is connected only to the red by use of the Bajoran wormhole and special equipment. We can't duplicate that effect on our side. We physically can not access the yellow universe without going through the red. We are isolated from each other."
    He was silent for a minute.
    "Where is she now?"
    "Betazed yellow. Sir, we face the possibility of her being trapped there unless we can solve our problems in the next three months."
    "And the likely hood of that?"
    "Not very I'm afraid. At least she has protection."
    "That she does. Any luck on finding the rest of her protection?"
    "A few scattered reports. I passed them along before we lost the connection."
    "Let's hope it's enough."
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    Betazed (MU yellow)

    "I miss papa" said Pel as Jasmine Smith-Petrofski was sorting out Katerina. "We're safe here, the people your papa are after would hurt us to get to him. You girls don't need to be caught up in this" answered Smith-Petrofski. "She's right, you are safer here than back in the Red empire" said Heath. "I don't like the Red Empire, not since my family was killed" answered Pel, "the bullies were the worst part, with names like orphan and where's your mama gone" she said afterwards. "My advice is forget those bullies and be yourself, can you do that?" asked Heath. "I will, Emissary" answered Pel. "Why did't you tell us about the bullies?" asked Smith-Petrofski. "It would only make things worse" answered Pel. "Bullies are nothing more than cowards" replied Smith-Petrofski, "you no longer need to worry about the bullies in the Red Empire" she said afterwards.

    "Why's that?" asked Pel. "Because, we're moving to this Betazed full time. Me and Mario have been looking at buying a house here" answered Smith-Petrofski. "Like a new start?" asked Pel. "It's better for you girls, you go to a good school here so that should not be disrupted" answered Smith-Petrofski. "Miss Lot is a strict teacher and expects high standards of us" replied Pel. "It's for your own good, Miss Lot is just doing her job. She wants you to excel and we all have to work to standards even as grown ups, it's preparing you for that" answered Smith-Petrofski. "Some of the work is difficult" replied Pel. "Life is not easy, as an example, the Empress has to govern an entire empire" answered Smith-Petrofski. "It's not an easy job" said Heath. "Grown ups are also wiser, respect your elders since one day, you'll be one yourself" finished Smith-Petrofski. "Yes mama, yes Emissary" answered Pel. "You've got school in the morning, go and get changed. It's bed time. I'll be with you in 10 minutes to read you a story" said Smith-Petrofski. "Yes mama" answered Pel before she left for the quest rooms.

    "Kids" sighed Smith-Petrofski. "Has Pel seen a counselor?" asked Heath. "She won't open up to them. She finds it hard trusting people again given what happened, it's not good for her in the long run" answered Smith-Petrofski. "Maybe if she saw a Bajoran counselor, she might open up" suggested Heath. "Thanks, I'll make the call" replied Smith-Petrofski. "How's Katerina doing?" asked Heath smiling as she smiled at Katerina. "Keeping her mother on her toes" answered Smith-Petrofski smiling as she cleaned up Katerina. "You spoken to your brother yet?" asked Heath. "I have, he's been kept busy with work and family" answered Smith-Petrofski. "Best leave him to it" replied Heath. "I did hear about him making President Ford laugh, from what he told me. The president asked him how he and Mereu met, all my dear brother said was "Risa, hotel room and two Orion matrons." No other details" answered Smith-Petrofski. Heath just found it amusing, "that sounds about right" she said afterwards. "How are your two?" asked Smith-Petrofski. "They're fine, I'm asking that you try not to swear near them" answered Heath. "little ears" replied Smith-Petrofski. "Exactly" answered Heath passing Smith-Petrofski a PADD. "I see Mario has been cleaning house over there" said Smith-Petrofski reading the report. "He'll be here once he's done over there, he's asked Admiral Dawson if she can take care of things over there once he's done" replied Heath. "Any idea who your successor is?" asked Smith-Petrofski.
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    Earth (prime)

    "I have no idea what just happened" said Ambassador Smith to President Ford. "We've got three months, the border agreement and peacekeepers have kept the peace. What we need is a more concrete peace" replied Ford. "I'll speak with the Empress on that, what we need to do get both governments talking. I'm suggesting that both governments write up some accords, what I may propose to to her is a peace process that both sides can keep to" answered Smith. "Both sides have a different ideology, making them see eye to eye may be difficult" replied Ford. "Not exactly, on Brea III, us mirror expats made a deal with the Federation expats where in exchange for knowledge, we let them take part in our martial exercises. We learnt a lot about each other and we found they were no different to us. We can see eye to eye as long as both sides show respect for the other" answered Smith.

    "Mrs Smith-Petrofski, take a seat" said Ford a Jasmine Smith-Petrofski (prime) took a seat. "This'll be interesting" sighed Smith. "Please say you're a sane version of my brother" commented Smith Petrofski. "Different universes, some things stay the same" joked Smith. "I can't be that bad" countered Smith-Petrofski. "Trust me, you don't know my sister" answered Smith.

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    Betazed yellow

    "I have a few candidates in mind," Heath explained. "But I'm not going to worry about that until after the baby is born."
    "I see. Any hints?"
    "Maybe a Medusan."
    "A Medusan?"
    "Hard to argue with someone who's mere precence can drive you insane."
    "You're joking, aren't you?"
    Heath smiled.
    "Am I?"

    Betazed red

    "You can't be serious."
    "I am little one."
    You want me to help these..."
    "Careful with you words little one. Remember all that you went through."
    Jodi sighed.
    "I know. But why help them? If after everything the Empire isn't good enough for them..."
    "Don't you think that everyone deserves a second chance at life? To change things for the better for themselves?"
    "You know I hate it when you do that."
    "You just hate it when you have to admit I'm right.:
    "But how are we going to move all these people?"
    "Now that we know the scale of our problem, there are things that can be done."
    "Such as?"
    "Come over for dinner tomorrow night and I'll explain."
    "I want to see my daughter's face in person and not over a screen every now and then."
    "Alright, I'll be there."
    "Good. Oh by the way..."
    "Bring that boyfriend of yours that I hear you've spending so much time with. I want to meet him."
    "You mean interrogate."
    "If you want to look at it that way."
    "Manipulative old lady."
    "You say that like it's a bad thing. Remember wear something nice."
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    Betazed (MU yellow)

    Regent Petrofski had arrived at Betazed with a full report on the purge, it had been swift and decisive as corrupt and disloyal had been arrested and sentenced to hard labor on an Imperial death world. The people of Betazed watched as a column of tanks rolled through the streets followed by the veterans of Trasimene II all singing in marching step, Petrofski then dismounted from the lead tank and handed his retirement notice to Heath. "We'll discuss your report in my office, welcome to the Yellow Empire, I see that you've brought me an army" said Heath. "Their choice" answered Petrofski smiling, "they did insist on bringing their families with them. They believe in you, a strong wolf pack needs an alpha. They chose you as Alpha" he said afterwards. "I accept their service, their families are welcome here" replied Heath in front of the veterans. It was met by a chant of "She-wolf, She-wolf, She-wolf" from the troops. "Lads, welcome to the Yellow Empire" answered Heath to the troops.

    "How have the people of Terra taken you and your wife stepping down?" asked Heath. "They thanked us for our work with them and are supporting Admiral Dawson, she's our nomination as the next Regent of Terra" answered Petrofski, "How's my family?" he asked afterwards. "They're fine, they've been no trouble" answered Heath as they walked to Heath's office. "Do they know I've arrived?" asked Petrofski. "I felt that leaving it a surprise would be better" answered Heath as they got to her office. Heath sat down and beckoned Petrofski to take a seat as she read the report. "How was this amount of corruption hidden from me?" asked Heath. "It was covered up by those who did not want you to find out. I had the Inquisition do some digging for me, their information was enough beyond reasonable doubt to make those arrests. Eight senators, 12 sector governors and over 25,000 military officers involved. We also found evidence that they were plotting a military coup against you" answered Petrofski, "let's just say that their crews were very talkative" he said afterwards. "Were they acting alone?" asked Heath. "Negative, they had backing. I had my people do some digging based off information gathered from interrogations, they were working for a Micheal Ford" answered Petrofski.

    "What precautions have you taken?" asked Heath. "I have mobilised security forces to guard all essential areas, each soldier has been mind scanned and background checked as a precaution. Admiral Dawson has been liaising with the Inquisition in rooting out any more traitors from the military" answered Petrofski. "Wise precautions, thank you" replied Heath. "Ma'am, just doing my job" answered Petrofski. "I'll take you to your family, your daughter has just got back from school" said Heath smiling before both left the office. When Petrofski walked into the lounge with Heath, he just smmiled as Pel ran up to him, "papa" she said as Petrofski picked her up. "You been on best behaviour? asked Petrofski. "Yes papa" answered Pel passing him her school report. "How's the new school?" asked Petrofski reading the report. "It's good, Miss Lot expects a lot from us" answered Pel. "Then Miss Lot is doing a good job" replied Petrofski, "I know you find it hard learning to trust people again" he said afterwards. "Why did you send us away?" asked Pel. "It was to protect you all" answered Petrofski. "I don't understand" replied Pel. "I'll explain when you're older" answered Petrofski, "let's just spend some family time together" he said afterwards before he put Pel down and gave Jasmine Smith-Petrofski a kiss. "Mario, glad to see you made it safely. Please say you've got our belongings safe" said Smith-Petrofski. "I have, they're in storage aboard the Dragon" answered Petrofski "any luck in finding a house?" asked Petrofski. "How would you feel about a farm house with land around it?" asked Smith-Petrofski. "Nice and quiet where we can raise the girls" answered Petrofski looking though the information pack, "it'll be perfect as a family home" he said afterwards.

    "Then it's settled, we'll fill out the paperwork tomorrow" replied Smith-Petrofski as Katerina woke up. Petrofski sat down and was passed Katerina by Smith-Petrofski. "I've missed you all so much" said Petrofski as he smiled at Katerina. "She takes after you" said Petrofski to Smith-Petrofski as he started singing to Katerina in Russian. "Is that Russian?" asked Heath. "It is" answered Smith-Petrofski, "Katerina is half Russian, the language is part of her culture. I'll be teaching her the culture of my side of the family and Mario will be teaching her about the culture of his people" she explained afterwards. Heath just smiled.
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    Earth (Prime)

    "We have three months to get a peace process worked out" said Ambassador Smith to Senator Smith-Petrofski (prime). "Given our history, this will be most difficult" replied Smith-Petrofski. "But not impossible" answered Smith. "Let's take Brea III as an example, there are Star Union, ex-Federation and ex-Terran living there in peace. We need to replicate that on a larger scale" suggested Smith-Petrofski. "You ever been in combat?" asked Smith. "Never" answered Smith-Petrofski. "I have, it's not pretty" replied Smith. "That's why we need to work out a peace settlement that avoids war" answered Smith-Petrofski. "Agreed, there's been too much bloodshed" replied Smith. "All our governments' problems caused by one transporter malfunction, the crossover incident" answered Smith-Petrofski. "Ah yes, the infamous James T. Kirk. He turned our Spock traitor and our people were enslaved by the Klingons and Cardassians" replied Smith. "A breach of the Prime Directive" answered Smith-Petrofski. "If your president was to issue a formal apology to the Empire, would that help?" asked Smith.

    "I don't know, I'll talk to the president while you talk to your boss" replied Smith-Petrofski. "Let's go for it. Both sides have to trust each other" answered Smith.

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    Betazed (Yellow)

    Heath had called a meeting on the resettlement. "This will be a multi-agency approach, military and civilian" said Heath, "Mario, you are to supervise construction here on Betazed" she said afterwards. "Ma'am" answered Petrofski. "The veterans you brought you, how are they on construction?" asked Heath. "Every man is a trained engineer as well as soldier" answered Petrofski. "I'm making them into Seebees" replied Heath. "The lads will enjoy that, there may be a way of increasing the workforce" answered Petrofski. "How?" asked Papela. "Get the locals involved, any man who can be put to work is open to apply" answered answered Petrofski, "petty criminals from the prisons as well. Call it rehabilitation by work" he said afterwards. "I can compile you a list of petty criminals" answered Papela. "Captain Valdez, since geology is your field of expertise, I'll need you to map any possible construction sites and assess them" said Heath.

    "You'll need somewhere stable, one area I've singled out may not be safe to build on. This is the Loneel plate boundary, Mount Loneel is of concern to communities downstream. I cannot recommend any building in this area" answered Isabella (yellow). "Explain" asked Papela. "The Loneel Mountains are a chain of dormant volcanoes with a very fertile soil table, those mountains have also had a history of explosive eruptions. The rocks tested in that area have confirmed that" answered Isabella. "Can those deposits be used to make concrete?" asked Petrofski. "As in Roman concrete?" asked Isabella. "Exactly, I need a durable building material that will not split and crack" answered Petrofski. "I can run some tests" replied Isabella. "Thanks" answered Petroski. "What about a recruitment campaign? We get INN to cover the story" suggested Papela.

    "Don't they have a show called "Hardest jobs in history?" asked Petrofski. "They do" answered Papela. "How about contacting them to do a series on the resettlement construction?" asked Petrofski. "Use it to get popular support and more volunteer construction crews" replied Papela.
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    Betazed (MU yellow)

    Mario Petrofski was looking over a full map of Betazed, "Good, everything on schedule" he thought as a call came of through of someone acting suspiciously and in police custody. "We caught him trying to bribe an immigration officer, his name is Richard Thornton" reported an Imperial security officer. "Which reality?" asked Petrofski. "Red" answered the officer. "Bring him in for questioning" ordered Petrofski. "Sir" answered the officer. When Papela asked why a citizen was being arrested, Petrofski answered "That man is a coward and deserter, he bolted and fled on the first shuttle out of Betazed Red when it fell." "Not everyone can face death with the same resolve. Not all have that same mental fortitude. If his nerve simply broke and he panicked and ran...I will forgive him" replied Papela.

    "That same officer has a history of bolting at first sign of trouble, Betazed was not the first time. His name is Major Richard Thornton, he's incompetent. During the first ground battles, he refused to order a retreat to Rixx until it was too late and we were encircled. 1000 of us held that line at the beginning, only 150 of us made it to the Regent Palace where we made our last stand. The records concerning the Fall of Betazed are interesting reading, he assassinated his commanding officer and even threatened to shoot civilians if they tried to board the shuttle he fled on. He claimed that he had orders to abandon his men on the Empress's orders. We all knew he hated Betazoids and let the Dominion massacre over 5000 civilians and he just laughed at their suffering as he bolted like the coward he is" answered Petrofski. "I want to hear his side of the story" replied Papela. "Ma'am" answered Petrofski.

    In the interrogation chamber, Thornton was sat at a table under guard. Papela and Pel watched from the observation room. "Major Thornton or should I call you Rear Lines Richard?" asked Petrofski. "Just remember who you are talking to, boy" answered Thornton. "I saw you run, what about the innocent people you let die so you could run away?" asked Petrofski, "you also abandoned your own troops, I am the last one still alive" he said afterwards. "I had orders from the Empress" answered Thornton. "I had some people do some digging, there were no orders for you to leave. You deserted your post" replied Petrofski. "It was hopeless, were those citizens really worth it?" asked Thornton. "Those citizens were relying us for protection and your cowardice failed them, we were helpless to stop that slaughter. I gave up my seat for a mother and infant, you threatened to shoot anyone who tried to board your shuttle" answered Petrofski.
    "Sacrifices had to be made" replied Thornton. "5000 men, women and children. Think about that" said Petrofski. "They were not like us, they were weak where we were the strongest" replied Thornton. "The strong protect the weak, our last stand saved over 600 people. The fleet lost over a hundred ships making sure civilians got out, thanks to the actions of heroes, over 11000 civilians got out safely. What would those heroes think if they saw you?" asked Petrofski. "They're dead, they should have surrendered" answered Thornton. "The Dominion executed captured Imperial soldiers, surrender was out of the question" replied Petrofski, "since I have to set a good example, you will be put on a military court martial on Betazed red where if found guilty, I'll leave it to Regent Iodokar to decide your fate and she is not as forgiving as I am considering the Betazoid people in the Red Empire were nearly exterminated in an act of genocide" he said afterwards. "Good, less of those witches around" answered Thornton. "Guards, take him back to his cell" ordered Petrofski before he left the room and went to the observation room. "He's a bad person" commented Pel to Petrofski. "What happens to those who break the law?" asked Petrofski. "They get punished" answered Pel. "Is it worth it?" asked Petrofski. "No papa" answered Pel. "Correct answer" replied Petrofski. "I do not want his presence to stain this world. Give him his trial, ensure that it is fair, if found guilty, punish him accordingly" ordered Papela. "Make it public, let INN cover the story" suggested Petrofski. "Make an example of him" ordered Papela. "Ma'am" answered Petrofski. "Get this disgrace off my planet" ordered Papela. "Yes ma'am" answered Petrofski.
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    Betazed yellow

    The interior courtyard of the Regent's estate were in many ways more luxurious than the lawns surrounding it. The spacious private gardens in the interior were home to a much greater variety plants from many different worlds. And while they were bathed in the warm sunlight, a protective shield kept any from viewing from above what transpired within.
    The gardens were off limits to the public and where Papela sat in her favorite chair enjoying both the physical and mental quiet around her.
    Every now and then, you need a moment to unwind and relax, she thought.
    She smiled as she set down her cup. She had actually managed to finish the cup without being interrupted.
    That never happens, she thought. Maybe it's because of my two companions. Maybe they're keeping the problems at Bay.
    She couldn't see them but she could feel them out there moving among the plants. For a moment she listened in on their thoughts.
    "Hurry up Ohsa."
    "Wait, I like this one."
    "Lemme see. Oh .. pretty."
    "All the purples."
    " There more over there."
    She smiled as they continued their exploration. They were determined to in their words "see everything". Granted at their place they'd be teenagers before they finished, but she didn't mind. I meant they'd be there all more with her.
    She found nothing wrong with...
    "Grandma..." She felt one of them thinking.
    "We found something..."
    She had told them that all they had to do was think about her and she would come. It was part grandmotherly magic as they believed, and part so they wouldn't yell out if something happened. Why alert someone who shouldn't be there that help was coming?
    She made her way towards them. She didn't feel a sense of danger from them but... curiosity. Something had confused their young minds.
    She approached them through the path made through the tall grass.
    "Alright. So what..."
    They both shushed her to be quiet and and pointed.
    On a patch of shorter grass in front of them a person was curled up laying on the ground. Th
    "Who is she?" Papela whispered
    "Don't know."
    "Thought you knew."
    "Not dead. She breathing."
    "Her shoes over here."
    As if in response to their whispering, the figure rolled over.
    "Mommy?" Pren whispered loudly in surprise.
    "Looks like her," Ohsa agreed.
    "Her hair is too long."
    "Mommy used to have hair like that. Is she Mommy from the past?"
    "These are too big," Pren said poking the laying figure in the chest. "Oh..."
    "Let me see. Oh yeah."
    Papela was trying not to laugh as sleeping figure stirred.
    "...stop... that..."
    She opened her eyes saw the two small faces looking down at her.
    "Are you mommy from the past?" One of them asked.
    "Not mommy. Another copy," said the other.
    "Who are you..."
    "I'm Ohsa."
    "I'm Pren."
    She blinked several times at them.
    " Oh Prophets. I haven't seen you two since you were babies."
    "Talks like mommy."
    "Yes, but mommy not have these."
    "Please stop doing that. You're your mother's children alright."
    "So not mommy?"
    "Not mommy Ohsa!"
    "Actually, she is and isn't," Papela interrupted. "She and your mother are the same person..."
    "Told you mommy."
    "... But they're not the same and she lives in her own universe."
    "See not mommy."
    "But the more important question is, why is she here in the private garden."
    The figure sat up looking embarrassed.
    "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude or trespass..."
    "What trespass mean?"
    "Go somewhere I shouldn't. It's just... I... I haven't felt real sunlight on my face or real grass under my feet since before..."
    She trailed off talking, but to Papela the emotions and memories that suddenly resurfaced were almost screaming.
    Papela's eyes went wide then a sympathetic smile spread across her face. She knealt down next to her and put her hand on her head.
    "No harm was done my child. You are more than welcome to come here and rest when you need to."
    "Thank you."
    "But why is not mommy here?"
    Papela turned towards them.
    "Because in her home, the bad people that took your mother away want to take her away and do bad things to her. She's hiding from them here."
    They looked up at her.
    "You have family?" Pren asked.
    "Yes, I do. But the bad people took most of them away."
    "That's sad," Ohsa said looking teary eyed.
    "Don't cry. I will find them."
    "Until then, we'll be your family." Pren said confidently.
    "We'll protect you too," added Ohsa.
    "I don't..."
    "Mommy and mummy protect everyone."
    "We protect you."
    "Wait here. We get rocks and sticks."
    "We build a wall around you."
    They watched as the two went off to gather up their building materials.
    "They're adorable."
    "Yes they are," Papela agreed.
    "When you think about this place, children playing is not what comes to mind."
    "Clearing up miscommunications is the first step to peace... and recovery."
    Papela stroked her head.
    "You are still healing from your ordeal. "
    "It's been too long as it is."
    "Right now, you are more of a liability to them than an asset. When you are ready, I will help you with your search."
    They were cut off as the girls returned and started on thier wall.
    She couldn't help but smile as they walked around her.
    The first step on your recovery begins now, Papela thought watching them
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    Mount Loneel , Betazed (MU Yellow)

    The I.S.S. Tikal was mapping new settlement sites when the sensor grid alerted the crew to volcanic activity in the Loneel Mountains, "Chalmers, what are we looking at?" asked Captain Isabella Valdez (yellow). "There's pressure building in Mount Loneel, this is Loneel last year" explained Chalmers showing Isabella the summit crater of Loneel. "No lava dome" noted Isabella. "This was six months ago" said Chalmers bringing up the summit crater. "That wasn't there a year ago" answered Isabella as she saw an unmistakable lava dome. "And this was one month ago" said Chalmers bring up the display of the Loneel summit crater. "It's increased in size by 50%" replied Isabella. "We've also detected a bulge forming on the southern face and regular quakes, essentially the the rising magma is blocked by the lava dome at the summit" answered Chalmers. "Loneel is about to blow, put me through to the palace" ordered Isabella to Lt. Wyatt. "Ma'am" answered Wyatt. "Captain, you look worried" said Heath. "I'm sending you all scans of Mount Loneel, we have reason to believe she's gonna blow" answered Isabella.

    "How certain are you?" asked Heath. "Our sensors picked up magma trying to push it's way to the surface, we are looking at a potential lateral blast eruption here" answered Isabella. "Explain" ordered Heath. "That lava dome you see on your screen, it's blocking the route up for the magma, the south face has grown making the rocks unstable. Any landslide on the south face could release the pressure resulting in the side of the mountain blowing outwards in a superheated cloud of gas, ash and rock" answered Isabella. "How many people live in the danger zone?" asked Heath. "Over 500 in the blast zone itself but communities down stream are vulnerable to lahars. That puts a further 2500 at risk" answered Isabella. "Lahar?" asked Heath. "When volcanic ash and water mix, it creates a fast flowing torrent of mud which races down river valleys. It has a consistency of concrete when it sets, lahars also carry debris with them" answered Isabella, "there's another hazard, ash is an irritant but breath it in and it can kill you. The victim in effect drowns when the ash mixes with the moisture in the lungs and sets like concrete" answered Isabella. The sensors then picked up more quakes from the mountain as rocks began to crack, "ma'am, she's getting ready to blow, I suggest that a mandatory evacuation be ordered for all people living near the mountain and downstream" said Isabella sending Heath the new sensor data.

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    "Any way that the blast can be contained?" asked Heath. "We put a shield round the mountain" answered Captain Valdez. "Can such a shield take the blast?" asked Heath. "It's a theory" answered Isabella. "I understand you have shuttles set to remote control" replied Heath. "Those are for studying eruptions safely, they're packed with instruments" answered Isabella. "How much power is required for the shield?" asked Heath, "Regent Lot will be supervising this operation so you'll be working for her" she said afterwards. "My Chief can explain" answered Isabella, "Reddock, please explain the power requirements" she ordered afterwards. "Ma'am, we'll need to drop a dozen generators around the mountain and network them, each generator will be the strength of a starship shield. It won't stop all the blast but should absorb most of it" explained Cmdr Reddock. "How powerful a blast are we talking?" asked Papela. "A blast not seen on Betazed in over a million years, we are looking at harnessing the heat of the eruption to power the shield. It will take at least a day since we'll have to beam them in and set them up" answered Reddock. "Captain, you deal with the mountain, I'll order a mandatory evacuation of the zones in the danger zone. Observe and document the eruption" ordered Papela. "Ma'am, since it will be a very loud explosion, get everyone away from windows into interior rooms at the palace" answered Isabella. "Thank you for the warning, palace out" replied Heath and he screen went blank. "You all heard the order, I want shield generators on location and activated, we may be running out of time" ordered Isabella.

    The crew of the Tikal worked tirelessly as generators were deployed and set up. Once the power was turned on remotely a shield bubble formed around the mountain as more quakes registered on the sensors. Everyone living in the danger zone were evacuated as the rocks began to break and slide down the south face. "Activate the shield" ordered Isabella. The shield activated as a remote control shuttle was sent into the area to begin scans. At the palace, everyone heard a loud bang as Loneel's south face exploded in a superheated cloud of ash, rock and gases. The pyroclastic blast levelled over 25 miles of land as mudflows raced down the river valleys sweeping up everything in their path, the shield barely held as ash began to clog the power supply units. The shuttle assigned to the eruption then raced through gathering as much data as possible. Because of the warning, there were no fatalities and injuries. When the eruption ended three hours later, Loneel has been changed forever as half of the mountain had been blasted away.

    Atmospheric processors then cleaned up any ash that had got into the atmosphere. On the ground, the shuttle was retrieved and the data and samples taken were processed and sent straight to Heath. Isabella and her crew had just become the first people to document and observe a lateral blast eruption from within the cloud without risking themselves. The Tikal then got back to mapping duties and the crew were proud of their achievement. At her debriefing 12 hours later, Isabella gave a full report to Heath and Papela on the eruption and contributed her research on the eruption to the University of Betazed. The Tikal crew were then given some leave as a reward for their efforts but elected to keep observing and documenting the Loneel Mountains, the eruption had even made it onto INN and the Tikal crew named Heroes of the Empire for their work in predicting the eruption and the early warning that saved thousands of lives.
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    Loneel blast zone, Betazed (MU Yellow)

    The Tikal did a fly over of the blast zone and the crew were stunned by the scene that greeted them, "Captain, permission to speak freely?" asked Cadet Richard Dawson (red). "Granted" answered Captain Isabella Valdez (yellow). "During my army days, I was in numerous battles and the destruction I saw is nothing to what mother nature can provide" replied Cadet Dawson. "What you witnessed was a rare event, mother nature can be a far cruel killer than anything we can come up with. That's power we all must respect" answered Isabella. "Because one day, she'll always win" replied Cadet Dawson. "Mr Dawson, I think you'll fit right in here. There's hope for you yet" answered Isabella. "Warfare has the same rules, one mistake and you are dead" replied Cadet Dawson. "My advice, don't let it bother you" answered Isabella. "I try not to ma'am" replied Cadet Dawson. "It's a new beginning, embrace it Mr Dawson" advised Isabella. "Aye ma'am" replied Cadet Dawson. "I'll need you on the ground team, pack your gear" ordered Isabella. "Ma'am" answered Cadet Dawson.

    Isabella and the ground team then landed in by Yellowstone Runabout and set up a base camp, Cadet Dawson and Oreada (yellow) were ordered to work as medics, they got to work. Inside the runabout, Isabella briefed all her team leaders on their tasks as supplies were beamed in. Once all teams reported ready, Imperial science teams were making their way to the remains of Loneel. They were covered by evac shuttles as a precaution, "Rebreathers on" ordered Isabella as she left with her team. In her team was Corporal Lukas Dawson (red), "How much could you carry in your army days Mr Dawson?" asked Isabella. "70 pounds at full kit, ma'am" answered Corporal Dawson. "So how much are we carrying now between us?" asked Isabella. "An easy 40 pounds, we could be carrying more" answered Corporal Dawson. "More weight means less ground covered" replied Isabella. "You got me there ma'am" answered Corporal Dawson. "So why keep your army rank?" asked Isabella. "I'm an enlisted man, that's the way I generally keep it" answered Corporal Dawson. "I have a spot in my ground security MACO squads, you want the job?" asked Isabella. "Ma'am?" replied Corporal Dawson. "My MACO commander took one look at your record, he's impressed. When we return to the ship, I want you to speak with Major Glover. He needs a radioman" answered Isabella. "Yes ma'am" replied Corporal Dawson. "Embrace this new start" advised Isabella. "I will" answered Corporal Dawson. "That's the spirit, Mr Dawson" replied Isabella smiling.

    "My brother certainly is" joked Corporal Dawson laughing. "As are you bro" joked Cadet Dawson back smiling. Isabella just smiled as the mountain came into sight. The sight was greeted by stunned silence as the science teams gazed at what was left of Loneel. "Stop all teams here, the ground is too unstable ahead" ordered Isabella. The teams set up their sensors and began to map the new land, "Ma'am" we're pricking up fresh magma moving below the new crater"reported Lt Hickman. "Keep monitoring, We need to know what kind of magma we have here" replied Isabella. "Ma'am" answered Hickman. A shield was set up around the mountain as the team watched from a safe distance, INN had arrived and they began their broadcast as more quakes were detected in the new crater. "Power up the shield" ordered Isabella. The shield was powered up as a fountain of lava erupted out of the crater, "Shield holding at maximum efficiency" reported Lanara. "Good thing this area is uninhabited" commented Oreada. "Volcanoes not only destroy, they create and what we are observing is that creation process" explained Isabella to the INN reporter. "It is a beautiful sight" answered the reporter. "When nature puts on a show like this, it's something to be admired and respected" replied Isabella. "How long can eruptions last?" asked the reporter. "Depends on the volcano" answered Isabella.
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    Loneel Province, Betazed (MU yellow)

    "Lava changing course" reported Hickman. Captain Valdez (Yellow) immediately updated the Palace on the situation, "I'm sending you the data, we have detected a course change in the lava flow. It puts property at risk" reported Isabella by subspace. "Any suggestions?" asked Papela. "We're considering fighting the flow in hopes of diverting it away from property, I would recommend mandatory evacuation in a three county block" answered Isabella. "Mandatory evacuation order has just been issued, how many people will you need to fight the flow?" asked Papela. "I have a crew of 450 on site, we're going to need back up here. We may need to borrow the Emissary's Federation trained science officers and engineers for this. We're going to need an army up here" answered Isabella. "You'll get some Seabees, extra medical staff will be sent to you" replied Papela. "The locals have been up here providing support, some of them want to help fight the flow, others are providing food and water and portable shelters" answered Isabella.

    "They been organised?" asked Papela. "They're in teams led by my officers" answered Isabella. "They know what they are facing?" asked Papela. "They've been briefed, they understood how dangerous this is when they saw what happens to organic matter if it falls in" answered Isabella. "Cmdr Paris and her team are on route, Doctor Lot and her medical team will be overhead your position in 20 minutes" replied Papela. "Thank you ma'am" answered Isabella. "How are you containing the flow?" asked Papela. "We're using a shield to keep the flow isolated but the shield won't last forever" answered Isabella. "Keep me updated, palace out" replied Papela and the screen went blank.

    When the Los Lobos crew landed 20 minutes later, Cmdr Paris was briefed on the situation. "Freeze the lead edge of the flow. Make it form it's own diversion troughs" suggested Paris. "Do we have anything cold enough to do that?" asked Isabella. "You familiar with Cold Fusion?" asked Paris. "It's only a theory, my chief has been trying to work out how to make it reality"answered Isabella. "We've brought some equipment with us, during the Red Empire's war with the Breen, a lot of Breen equipment was captured. All personnel fighting the flow should be armed with cryo-rifles, mortars and grenades" replied Paris. "Cmdr, what about putting cold fusion into our torpedoes?" asked Levok. "Explain" asked Paris. "Shuttles and runabouts have torpedo tubes, we attack the flow from ground and air at the same time" answered Levok. "That will require air/ground cooperation, Captain, you have a radioman who can call those strikes in?" asked Paris to Isabella. "Corporal Dawson, you will work with Cmdr Paris, follow her orders like you would with me" ordered Isabella. "Ma'am" answered Corporal Dawson. "Cadet Dawson, Oreada, you two work with Doctor Lot" was Isabella's next order. "Ma'am" chorused Cadet Dawson and Oreada.

    "May I ask something?" asked Paris. "Go ahead" answered Isabella. "You related to the yellow Nathan Valdez?" asked Paris. "Don't mention my brother, ever. He was a monster and is best forgotten" answered Isabella. "My apologies, that may have hit a nerve" replied Paris. "It's alright, people ask me all the time and they get the same response" answered Isabella. "Must be annoying" replied Paris. "Something I'm used to" answered Isabella. "Naynta says you've passed" replied Paris.
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    Loneel, Betazed (MU yellow)

    It was all hands to stations as the teams were briefed, the plan devised by Captain Valdez (yellow) and Cmdr Paris (prime) was to use cryoweapons from both ground and air to freeze the edge of the flow and divert it. "People's homes are at risk, our job is to divert this flow away from people's homes. You all know the dangers so act smartly and keep yourselves safe, I want to see you all here alive and well" ordered Isabella to the teams. "Each of your teams are armed with cryoweapons, you'll be the ground effort, shuttle and runabout pilots, your job is to transport cold fusion devices into the front edge of the flow. We work as one" ordered Paris to the teams. The teams then got to work fighting the flow as medical staff monitored every team, at first the progress was slow as the teams fought the flow. Paris and Isabella were in the thick of it as they led by example as they fired supercooled blasts of ice at the flow.

    After six days, the flow was brought to a slower speed as the outer edges cooled down forming a shield ridge. All the while the lava was monitored as it began to change course. After more cryoagents were flown in,.the fight resumed as the lava was being diverted away from property towards the coast, along the path of the flow, rapidly cooled lava wall kept the flows moving to the coast, a week later, it hit the sea in a series of explosions and clouds of gas. The eruption carried on for another three weeks before it finally stopped, Loneel had just gained a four mile cape on the coast and a lava field over 40 miles. The damage to life and property was zero due to the heroic efforts of those who fought the flow, in wake of the eruption, the Loneel Mountains were put under volcano watch and an observatory set up to monitor the mountains. INN had recorded and documented everything, those who had fought the flow were treated with respect from the people as they just sat down and rested. "Cmdr, good job" said Isabella as she broke out a bottle of Saurian brandy and got two cups. "We work well together, maybe we should name the new land" suggested Paris accepting a drink from Isabella. "Cape Paris has a nice sound to it" answered Isabella. "As does the Tikal Fields" countered Paris. "Saurian brandy?" asked Paris. "You know your alcohol, it was a birthday present from my three boys" answered Isabella. "It's green" joked Paris. "It is indeed" answered Isabella laughing.

    "You're not bad, we need to work together again" said Paris. "What did my brother do to you?" asked Isabella. "He laughed as he put holes in my ship and killed friends of mine, I was captured and he badly hurt me and several of my crew mates while forcing us to watch as he fired on our sickbays" answered Paris. "He was always the monster, I remember him killing another Terran just to steal his food ration. He was always a bully even as a child, after finding out what happened to Mom and Dad, that may have driven him over the edge" replied Isabella. "If he had been born into the Federation, he would have received the help needed to treat his condition. It explains why he was the way he was" answered Paris. "We got separated when we were children, I was sold to some Bajorans but they freed me by buying my freedom and raised me as their own out of kindness" replied Isabella. "You turned out good, guess some people can't escape their past" answered Paris. "He could never be redeemed, that was the man that killed your crew mates and friends" replied Isabella. "Good thing he's dead" answered Paris. "Indeed, good riddance" replied Isabella. "Make sure your boys become good people" answered Paris. "They are, all three know that if they do something bad, they have to deal with it" replied Isabella. Both Paris and Isabella then noticed the Dawson Brothers preparing an evening meal over their camp fire.

    "Boys, good work" said Isabella. "Ma'am" said both Dawson Brothers. "What's that you're preparing?" asked Paris. "A broth, we've got vegetables in it, beef stock, suet dumplings and something to fill it out" answered Cadet Dawson. "What are you using to fill it out?" asked Isabella. "An old Terran food called Black Pudding" answered Corporal Dawson. "What is Black Pudding?" asked Paris. "Congealed pig's blood with oats and fat in it, packed full of goodness" answered Cadet Dawson as he stirred the pot. "Who taught you two to cook?" asked Isabella. "Mom and Dad" answered Corporal Dawson. "We're used to living rough and cooking rough, we were taught how to look after ourselves" added Cadet Dawson as Oreada and Lenara joined the brothers. "Cooking over a camp fire to the sounds of nature, this is one beautiful planet" said Corporal Dawson. "Rick is still twitching from meeting my parents, they're not that bad" joked Oreada. "Your dad asked me when I was going to marry you, your mother was teaching me traditional herbal medicines" answered Cadet Dawson. "My father is somewhat old fashioned, my mother approves of you" replied Oreada as she laughed.
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    Betazed, during the Loneel Crisis (MU red)

    Battle Fleet Omega arrived after receiving the request for aid. At the Regent Palace, Regent Iodokar briefed Admiral Dawson on the situation, "We have have a major natural disaster in progress. Six days ago, Mount Loneel blew itself apart. We managed to catch the ash but we have lava flows devastating Loneel province." "Why haven't Starfleet forces in this sector helped?" asked Admiral Dawson. "I did order them to assist, their answer was that they did not take orders from mongrels and that it was beneath them to help" answered Jodi. "Where are they now?" asked Admiral Dawson. "They've bolted out of the sector" answered Jodi. "That complicates things, what is the damage from this disaster?" asked Admiral Dawson. "Several villages burnt off the map with 700 now homeless" answered Jodi. "State of the flow?" asked Admiral Dawson. "This is Loneel, the path of the flow is marked on the map" answered Jodi. "Real time?" asked Admiral Dawson. "It is" answered Jodi. "What are my orders?" asked Admiral Dawson. "Divert the flow and make sure the area is safe then rebuild somewhere safer, teams of local volunteers have been fighting the flow and are at breaking part" answered Jodi.

    "We could divert to here, the coast is uninhabited. Essentially carve two trenches both two miles wide and half a mile deep to catch the flow from the side and front, those trenches will be aimed for the coast and we let the seawater diffuse it. In theory it may protect property and Betazed would gain some new land" suggested Admiral Dawson. "How?" asked Jodi. "A phaser beam from orbit, we essentially use it as a mining drill to carve out the trenches" answered Admiral Dawson. "Demolition charges would be a better option" countered Jodi. "Less destructive on the environment but at the same time, they may not be enough for the depth we need" replied Admiral Dawson. "Let's use both approaches, how many shield generators have you brought?" asked Jodi. "150 generators, we can use the heat of the lava to power the shields. We've also brought emergency shelters, portable replicators and medical aid. Any locals who want to help can act as guides, we'll need to conscript any demolition specialists from the citizenry" answered Admiral Dawson. "How will they be organised?" asked Jodi. "Into team led by my officers, any skilled medical personnel would also need to be conscripted" answered Admiral Dawson. "How accurate is your tactical officer?" asked Jodi. "Lt Renois is very accurate, we place beacons along the trench path to assist the tactical sensors from orbit" answered Admiral Dawson. "You have a go, Admiral. I'll be on site watching" replied Jodi. "Regent" answered Admiral Dawson. "Good luck" replied Jodi before they boarded a shuttle to the scene.

    When they got to the disaster zone, the plan was put into action as shuttles dropped targeting beacon from the side of the flow and flow front, demo teams then started demolishing the landscape around the edges of the flow to force it onto a path of their choosing, once the diversion walls and shields were up, after 49 hours, everyone evacuated as a two beams came from the sky and carved out two trenches to the coast, the lava now diverted from it's course flowed into the trenches and sped downhill to the coast, people watched in amazement as the flow hit the sea in clouds of gas and a series of explosion as the molten rock reacted with saltwater. After a two week battle, the eruption ended as lava stopped flowing from the mountain. The area was then made safe by being shielded off, the lava fields were extensive as they led to a new four mile cape on the coast. Now rebuilding could be done as the citizens were moved to safer ground and their villages and farms rebuilt, Battle Fleet Omega stayed at Betazed for another month supervising the reconstruction as the admiral and captains who refused to help were brought in to face the music. The Admiral was shot for desertion, the captains found themselves stripped of their ranks and commands before being sentenced to hard labor. Major Thornton was also put on court martial and found guilty of cowardice and deserting his post in time of war during the Fall of Betazed, he was executed by Betazoid firing squad. Jodi also put in her people to take command of the ships and their disgraced crews, they were then forwarded to Admiral Dawson for retraining. Any crew who refused to obey Jodi's order was given a choice, regain your honor or work down the mines.

    News then came through from Terra, rogue elements had returned from beyond Imperial borders and launched a military coup. The senators on Terra were executed and a military dictatorship put in, anyone who dared to speak out were forced to watch their families be executed before it was their turn. Fleets then loyal to the coup plotters, then occupied Bajor and executed every priest on Bajor before forcing Bajorans to take Terran names, they then made the Bajoran culture illegal and burnt down all temple and texts, those Bajorans who resisted were killed along with their entire families. The Bajorans would experience an occupation so brutal that they were reduced to strip mining their own world at gunpoint, those who refused to work were beaten. Bajoran refugees flooded into the Yellow Empire with stories of the massacres of priests and the total destruction of their culture, then the news of the labor camps was revealed and the execution of dissidents and their entire families. It caused an outrage as Imperial forces loyal to Heath prepared for an operation to remove the plotters from Terra and liberate Bajor, Battle Fleet Omega and Regent Iodokar's forces were to liberate Bajor while Regent Solat would lead an operation to liberate Terra. However, the dictatorship had left Terra with their forces after a week long reign of terror which left millions of citizens dead.
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    Bajor (MU red)

    "Sir, we have Imperil forces on the way" reported a traitor officer to the Dictatorship leaders. "Get rid of the evidence" ordered the leaders. "Sir" answered the officer. With that order, Bajor was put into mourning as the traitors killed as many as they could before leaving the system. When Imperial forces arrived, there was no resistance but what the Imperials found was enough to cause anger and outrage. They found over 100,000 citizens all executed, every Bajoran temple razed and all the priests and Vedek Assembly dead. They then found the ashes of Bajor's history in piles, all the books had been burnt and the call for revenge went out, everything was documented and soon on INN. The Dictatorship knowing that they would be hunted fled after doing as much damage as they could, Admiral Dawson and Regent Iodokar were now in charge of the hunt as Battle Fleet Omega was folded into Jodi's fleet. Jodi took command of the hunting fleet from the bridge of the I.S.S. Moskva, she would deal with the political side of things while Admiral Dawson retained military command.

    A proclamation was sent to every Imperial world with a wanted list and rewards for any information that would lead to the shadowy cabals' arrest. On Bajor, citizens' anger was aimed at the people who had hurt them and virtually erased their culture, they joined the hunting fleets after their original names were restored to them. Bajor vowed never again and they would be ruthless in their hunt. The Dictatorship had fled out of the Empire and a galaxy wide manhunt was ordered, the Alliance joined the Imperials in their hunt as Alliance ships joined the hunting fleet. Loyal garrison troops and fleets were left to defend Imperial worlds while the 400 strong hunting fleet went to link up with Dominion and Voth forces, the Dictatorship would be hounded and hunted at every step, they had just woken a sleeping giant and now they would have no peace or respite.

    Hell would be coming for the traitors. The first step of the hunt would start with a strategy meeting on Betazed Yellow, when the hunting fleet arrived at Betazed 24 hours later, Admiral Dawson and Jodi briefed Heath on the situation.

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    Betazed (MU Yellow)

    "The Red Empire Senate gone, their entire families made extinct and mass executions of whole families just for speaking out, whoever did this has crossed the line" said Heath. "It gets worse, they burned all Bajoran historical and cultural records, wiped out their entire priesthood and destroyed all the temples. They then forced Terran names onto the Bajorans, anyone caught speaking the language was also killed and those who resisted were forced to watch their entire familes die before it was their turn. The rest were put into slave labor camps and forced to strip mine their own world, we estimate at least 100,000 died in the camps alone, another two million murdered on Bajor and 1.2 million murdered on Terra" replied Jodi. "How did they do this?" asked Papela. "Traitors within Sol's defence fleet and traitors within Bajor's defence fleet, they took advantage of the fact that I had been called away to assist in dealing with a natural disaster on Betazed" answered Admiral Dawson with a heavy heart, "maybe I should have delegated a senior captain to Betazed" she sighed afterwards. "Don't blame yourself" advised Heath.

    "From what I've been told from a very reliable source, Terrans actively assisted in hiding the non-Terran citizens away from the traitors. If there one good thing to come out of this, the people of the Red Empire have rejected the old ways. However, a power vacuum has appeared. For the moment Regent Solat has been named acting Regent of the Red Empire and loyal admirals, army personnel and fleets have been deployed to Planetary defence. The Alliance has agreed to protect our outer borders" replied Admiral Dawson. "Who was the source?" asked Papela. "My husband, he and his retired veteran group led non-Terran citizens to safe places that could be defended in the wilderness. From what I've been told, they only made themselves known when Vulcan and Romulan forces landed on the surface. They kept 400 people safe" answered Admiral Dawson. "This leave a problem, succession. With the government wiped out, we have a problem" added Jodi. "There's the last living heir from the last Emperor's line, she's still alive" answered Admiral Dawson. "She rejected it" said Papela. "She's still the only legitimate heir" replied Jodi. "Still a legal claim" answered Admiral Dawson. "She'll say no" replied Jodi. "And we need a civilian head of government and to rebuild the government" answered Admiral Dawson. "Who did this?" asked Heath. "After we unleashed Admiral Lot, interrogations from a captured traitor gave us a lead. They call themselves the Dictatorship, they are neo-conservative group who bolted when you came to power. They bolt when Imperial trouble heads their way, interrogations also revealed what their true purpose was with these attacks" answered Admiral Dawson. "Which was?" asked Heath. "They're going to attack the Federation, a move that would reignite our shard past conflicts" answered Jodi.

    "Computer, put me through to Ambassador Smith, secure channel" ordered Heath. "Ma'am" said Smith via subspace. "How quickly can you arrange a meeting with President Ford?" asked Heath. "I have a meeting with him later today, we may have a deal that suits both sides" answered Smith. "You are getting some data, it's heavily encrypted and won't open until you receive it. Open it and make sure President Ford gets it" ordered Heath. "I won't ask what this is about, I heard about what happened on INN" answered Smith. "Send me your proposal, I'll see what can be amended" replied Heath. "You've got mail" answered Smith. "Thank you Dexter, send Micheal my best" replied Heath. "Ma'am" answered Smith. "Betazed out" replied Heath and the screen went blank. "Jodi, you will assist our Federation neighbours. Admiral Dawson, you will command the military component, Admiral Lot will be support" ordered Heath afterwards. "Ma'am, with all due respect, Admiral Lot would be best sitting this one out, the Federation has not forgotten what she did to their officers and crew with her games. Her history with the Federation would make her more of a liability than a help" replied Admiral Dawson. "As much as I want to disagree, it's an accurate statement" said Jodi. "What about someone both sides trust?" asked Papela. "Permission to contact my Prime counterpart?" requested Admiral Dawson. "Granted" answered Heath. Admiral Dawson then put a secure call through to her counterpart and asked if she could borrow her counterpart's husband. "Orders are deal with the traitors with extreme prejudice" ordered Heath. "Ma'am" answered Jodi and Admiral Dawson. On Brea III, Valdez just sighed "Why do I get the feeling I've been drafted?" "You've been ordered to ship out, do what you need to do and come back alive" replied Joanna (prime), "so have Rick and Anna" she said afterwards. "Thanks for the heads up" replied Valdez.
    "Us military wives are used to this, Nathan, take this with you for luck" answered Joanna passing Valdez one of her earrings. "Rick, Anna, you've got got 15 minutes to get into uniform, we're shipping out" ordered Valdez.

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    Deep Space Nine, Bajor System (Prime)

    The Entire Star Union 1st Fleet had arrived at the station to link up with Alliance forces, they were soon joined by two Federation fleets after escorting Imperial Loyalist forces to DS9. In a high level meeting, a council of war was called for the upcoming engagement, "Thank you for coming, we've recently received intel of an attack being planned on the Federation. The Empire has given us advanced warning and they will be assisting us in dealing with this assault" said President Ford. "Who are we dealing with?" asked Captain Kira Nerys. "They call themselves the Dictatorship, they want to bring the old Terran Empire back. They recently murdered millions of Imperial citizens whole families at a time, they also committed an act of attempted cultural genocide on the people of Bajor Red" answered Jodi signalling to an aide to pass the data PADDs around. "What's their target?" asked Valdez. "Bajor, they think the Federation is weak and vulnerable" answered Admiral Dawson. "That leaves them with three possible routes, through the Badlands, Arawath or the wormhole" replied Valdez. "Intel picked up their forces modifying deflectors, they are mobile so have no fixed bases" answered Admiral Dawson.

    "They'll want maximum surprise so that takes Arawath and the Badlands out of the equation, they would have to fight their way through the Benthans which would raise the alarm, they'll enter this reality via the wormhole" theorised Valdez. "Our intelligence fits that theory" replied Jodi. "So we ambush them here at DS9, they have to secure this station in order to get to Bajor" answered Valdez. "The Bajorans can hold the station defences, our Interceptors have been brought up to Starfleet standards" suggested Kira. "It would be nice to have the Defiant there as well" answered Valdez. "Cardassia sees this attack as a threat, we'll fight alongside the Bajorans" said Legate Macet, "though the thought of fighting alongside Bajoran terrorists is not an easy one" he said afterwaards. "Terrorists? We we were fighting to liberate our homeworld. Cardassia were the terrorists" answered Kira. "Enough both of you, get your s*** together and put your pasts behind you, you don't like each other, fine. There's an old Earth saying, the enemy of my enemy is also my friend, think of this as a fresh start for both your peoples. Cardassians helping defend Bajor, Bajorans fighting shoulder to shoulder with Cardassians. That would make one hell of a statement. Trust must go both ways so learn to trust each other, maybe you might just bury the hatchet one day" said Valdez. "He's the cousin of Gul Dukat" answered Kira. "And he's also covering your wing" replied Ford, "so learn to get along" he ordered afterwards. "Sir" replied Kira. "Martok, you and Kurland will direct the defence of DS9. Valdez, you are in command of strikes groups" ordered Ford. "Mr President" answered Kurland, Valdez and Martok.

    "DS9 will be a defensive anchor. What are enemy numbers?" asked Ford. "450 traitor ships" answered Jodi, "I'm providing you with a list of Loyal ships to avoid any accidents" she said afterwards. "Thank you" replied Ford. "You're welcome" answered Jodi. "Mr Valdez, please share what you have in mind for this defence" asked Ford. "We hide the bulk of our forces on the flanks of the station and behind the station in the centre. When the enemy commits to taking DS9, we appear out of nowhere on three sides. Dominion forces then pour out of the wormhole to cut off and block any escape, Federation on the left flank, Alliance in the centre and Imperial on the right flank. The enemy will be given a chance to surrender, any refusal will end in their total destruction" answered Valdez. "They'll try and bolt by shuttle and escape pod if they can't fight their way out" replied Jodi. "They're slippery" added Admiral Dawson. "They won't get far, any who try to flee will be rounded up and handed over to Imperial forces" replied Valdez. "Then we need to disrupt their warp fields" suggested Admiral Dawson. "Can that be done remotely?" asked Ford. "It's possible but anyone attempting it would have to bypass their security" answered Cmdr D'Jetta. "We can assign cyberwarfare teams to that" suggested Jodi. "Just make sure that if they try to jump to warp, their engines explode" replied Ford. "We have people who can do that" answered Jodi. "Let's see how creative they can get" replied Valdez. "ETA of enemy forces?" asked Ford. "Intel has reported that they are nearing the wormhole, they'll be ready to cross over in 24 hours" answered Admiral Dawson. "Kurland, start evacuating all non-essential personnel and civilians to Bajor. All civilian shipping is to be diverted to Bajor for the time being" ordered Ford. "Sir" answered Kurland.

    "Good luck" replied Ford.

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    Deep Space Nine, Bajor System (Prime)

    Cadet Dawson and Trianna (yellow) were stood on the upper level of the promenade looking at the wormhole, "Something big is going to happen" commented Cadet Dawson. "You sound scared" replied Trianna (yellow). "I've never actually been shot at before, is it normal to be scared?" asked Cadet Dawson. "It is but you don't let it control you, I've been in plenty of dances over the years" answered Trianna (yellow), "come on, you need to learn to relax" she said afterwards pointing to Quark's. Both of them went into Quark's and sat at the bar. "Two root beers" said Trianna (yellow) placing an order and paying for it. "Thanks sis" replied Cadet Dawson. "Learn to relax" advised Trianna (yellow). "You know what would be a nice souvenir of your trip to Deep Space Nine?" asked Quark. "Go on" answered Cadet Dawson. "I acquired these from Betazed" replied Quark opening a box of jewellery. "Quark, we were warned about you trying to sell us something that may not be legal" said Trianna (yellow). "That is discrimination against Ferengi, who warned you about Ferengi?" asked Quark. "Our commanding officer" answered Cadet Dawson. "Then I will take this complaint to your commanding officer" replied Quark, "Your names please and name of commanding officer?" asked Quark.

    "Cadet Rick Dawson" answered Cadet Dawson "Lt. Anna Valdez" said Trianna (yellow). "Quark, I'm their commanding officer" said Valdez, "you'll take up your complaint with me" he said afterwards. "Your officers accused me of trying to sell illegal merchandise" complained Quark. "And your name?" asked Quark. "Star Commander Nathan Valdez, those are my children" answered Valdez. "What do you have against Ferengi?" asked Quark. "The fact that you are trying to sell my son merchandise that is of questionable legal value. I don't have a problem with Ferengi who follow the rules, I could always take this to Chief Ro" answered Valdez. "Hey, let's not get personal. I'll drop the complaint" replied Quark. "Good, one more thing Quark, try and fleece another customer with merchandise of questionable legality, I will take this to Chief Ro. We clear on that?" asked Valdez. "Crystal" answered Quark. "Thanks for the save Dad" answered Cadet Dawson. "Thanks Dad" added Trianna (yellow). "Finish your drinks, we're going out for dinner" said Valdez. "Where?" asked Trianna (yellow). "You and Rick can choose" answered Valdez. "What about that Betazoid place?" asked Trianna (yellow). "Never tried Betazoid food" commented Cadet Dawson. "You'll love it" answered Trianna (yellow). "They do food from all Federation member worlds" said Valdez. A call then came through, "All crews to your ships" as the last civilians left the station. Quark then locked up his bar and went to his ship for evacuation as Starfleet and Bajoran Militia took up their positions.

    When all crews where at their positions, the crews were briefed as Imperial listening posts in the Red MU picked up enemy ship movement heading to the wormhole. The Allied fleet took up ambush position as news relayed throughout the fleet that the enemy were on their way, no one said a word aboard the Allied ships as the situation sunk in. To protect the peace process, the Allies would have to fight. At 23:30 Bajor Time, the wormhole opened and over 450 enemy ships came pouring out. The Battle for Deep Space Nine was about to begin.

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    Battle of Deep Space Nine, Bajor System (Prime)

    Aboard the lead traitor ship, Admiral Negarov put his fleet in into siege formation as they closed in on DS9 and her defending forces.
    "All ships, surround the station and open fire" ordered Negarov.
    The order was followed as the traitors closed to within firing range. Aboard DS9, the defensive systems began their barrage of photons and phasers destroying several enemy ships outright as the Defiant led Cardassian and Bajoran ships on strafing hit and run attacks on the enemy. Negarov deployed his destroyer and escort groups to chase the Defiant off. Aboard the Defiant, Kira kept up the hit and run attacks as more enemy ships closed in on the station. What Negarov was not expecting soon became apparent as his fleet finally surrounded the station. While Negarov was pined against the station, Valdez sprung the trap.

    "All Allied ships, time to make ourselves known" ordered Valdez, "cyber warfare teams, shut their weapons and engines down" he ordered afterwards as the Allied ships appeared out of nowhere on three sides. Soon the enemy crews found to their horror that their tactical systems and engines had been locked out and shut down as worse news came through from the rear.
    "Wormhole opening, Dominion forces in our rear" reported Negarov's operations officer.
    "Restore power to engines, we need to retreat" ordered Negarov as a hail came in.
    "This is Cmdr Nathan Valdez of the Alliance, you are ordered to stand down and surrender. Think about the lives of your crews" was the message.
    "You will not fire on a disabled ship, you are bluffing" was Negarov's answer.
    "Regent Iodokar, destroy one ship" said Valdez over a open channel so everyone could hear it. The I.S.S. Hunter was soon consumed by an explosion as her warp core was set to overload.
    "Am I?" asked Valdez.
    "What we've done is enough for us to hang, we will not surrender" answered Negarov.
    "Admiral Dawson, you may pick out another one" said Valdez over all open channels, soon the I.S.S. Ares was destroyed by another warp core breach.
    "You cowards" said Negarov.
    "Since you are being uncooperative, this goes to the crews. Detain and hand over those who committed atrocities and you may get to keep your lives" answered Valdez.
    "Any crew who hand over the traitors will face lesser judgement and sentences on return to the Empire. Those who committed atrocities will be executed" said Jodi reinforcing the point.
    It had the effect as the traitor crews turned on each other and handed over the traitor leaders and war criminals. The crews then asked for terms.
    "Unconditional surrender" was the answer from the Allied leadership. Knowing that there was no way out, the enemy crews surrendered their ships to Allied control. The ships were then boarded and the crews detained.

    It had been a short, sharp lesson for the enemy as their crimes and attempt to rebirth the old Empire came crashing down around them. In the brief battle, 20 traitor ships had been destroyed along with 10 Allied ships. Enemy losses in manpower were 350 dead and 600 wounded, Allied manpower losses were 50 dead and 70 wounded.

    Later at Vic's, Valdez bought Jodi a drink and told her "Your mother would be proud of you, never forget that" as the Allied crews took over the stage and sang "In the Navy." Soon everyone was singing along as news of the battle spread far and wide.
    "Nathan, well played" said Ford smiling.
    "It was a shame it came down to this, at least both Prime and Mirror worked as Allies. This will make the peace talks interesting" replied Valdez.
    "This may be the shot in the arm the peace process needs" answered Ford.
    "We'll find out soon enough" replied Valdez as Trianna (yellow) and Cadet Dawson hit the bar.
    "I am so proud of both of you" said Valdez to his children.
    "A day at the office" commented Trianna (yellow)
    "Something I won't get used to" added Rick.
    "Trianna, nice to see you've calmed down" said Jodi smiling.
    "Dad's been helping on that" answered Trianna (yellow).
    "Keep it up" replied Jodi.
    "Regent, this is my stepson, Rick" said Valdez introducing Jodi to Rick.
    "How's your sister doing?" asked Rick
    "She's doing well" answered Jodi, "How's your sister doing?" she asked afterwards.
    "She's fine" answered Rick, "Why's Mom here?" he asked afterwards.
    "Richard, I'm your mother's counterpart" answered Admiral Dawson, "but still technically your mother" she said afterwards.
    "I only get called Richard if I'm in trouble" replied Rick.
    "Cmdr, thank you for keeping him on the straight and narrow. How's Lukas?" asked Admiral Dawson.
    "Luke is doing well, I treat those boys like they are my own sons. They and my girls decided that we needed to move on and played matchmaker" answered Valdez.
    "My counterpart is a lucky woman, keep those boys out of trouble" replied Admiral Dawson.
    "We do" answered Valdez.
    "Good to hear" replied Admiral Dawson.
    "Dad, I'm 18" said Rick.
    "From someone a lot older and wiser, you're still a pup" answered Valdez.
    "It's true" said Admiral Dawson.

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    Betazed (MU yellow)

    "How are we on construction?" asked Petrofski to his team leaders via secure subspace.
    "Housing is in place along with utilities, police stations, schools and hospitals" answered one of his team leaders.
    "Housing across the Yellow empire has increased by 100%, we're ready to move people in" answered another team leader.
    "Good job, how are on economic zones and industry?" asked Petrofski.
    "We're on target, we're putting in the last pieces in as we speak" answered a team leader.
    "I understand local communities have been assisting in the construction" said Petrofski.
    "The citizenry has been most helpful, we got a flood of volunteer construction workers" answered the team leader.
    "We've also linked in with several civil engineering companies, they've been extremely helpful" said another team leader.
    "It's the same across the empire, safety regulations have also been enforced. No workplace accidents so far, let's keep it that way" replied Petrofski.
    "Sir" chorused the team leaders.
    "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'll leave you to attend to your duties, the Empress will hear of your excellent work" said Petrofski, "have a good day, Betazed out" he said afterwards and the screen went blank.

    When Petrofski went to deliver his report to Heath and Papela, he just smiled as he walked into the lobby. "You're in a good mood" commented Jasmine Smith-Petrofski.
    "Apart from being kept up half the night by Katerina, things are good" replied Petrofski, he then saw Katerina smiling.
    "She definitely takes after you" he said to Smith-Petrofski afterwards.
    "Get used to it, it'll only get harder the older she gets" answered Smith-Petrofski, "With Pel being at school, things are slightly easier" she said afterwards.
    "True" answered Petrofski.
    Smith-Petrofski just tapped her communication console that Petrofski had arrived and Heath told her "send him through."
    "Ma'am" answered Smith-Petrofski.
    When Petrofski walked into Heath's office, he saluted her and handed over the report. "Nice to see everyone cooperating, two weeks ahead of schedule as well" said Heath.
    "Our engineers test every type of design to destruction, only the toughest designs are produced. I've never seen this much cooperation in action from all branches of Imperial society. Employment has gone up as a result" answered Petrofski.
    "Are they being paid fairly?" asked Papela.
    "They are, since the work is dangerous, they get paid a bit extra" answered Petrofski.
    "No workplace accidents" commented Heath.
    "Safety regulations are tightly enforced" answered Petrofski.
    "How soon can we start moving people in?" asked Heath.
    "We're ready now, we're putting in the last pieces of economy and industry" answered Petrofski.

    "Excellent news" said Heath, "I know about your family background. There's a vacancy in the Imperial Police here on Betazed" she said afterwards.
    "You have a unique knowledge of how the criminal underworld functions" added Papela.
    "I was heir to the Petrofski Crime Family, I turned my back on them and tipped the authorities off" replied Petrofski.
    "That's why the Imperial Police are forming an Organised Crime unit, they need someone with an insight into the underworld. I'm putting you in command of that unit" said Heath.
    "I don't know what to say ma'am" answered Petrofski.
    "You're the ideal choice for the job" replied Heath.
    "I'll take the job, what are the team like?" asked Petrofski.
    "You have full authority to build your own team" answered Papela.
    "No killing" ordered Heath.
    "We'll just deal with the cases and let the courts decide the rest, any officer caught on corruption will be handed straight over to the courts" answered Petrofski.
    "Who are your main targets?" asked Heath.
    "The big crime families and if any evidence comes up of corruption among Imperial officials and government, them to" answered Petrofski.
    "You'll have full authority to investigate" replied Heath.
    "Thank you ma'am" answered Petrofski.
    Heath then passed Petrofski a box and told him "open it."
    Petrofski opened the box and saw a police badge with the rank of Captain on it. "Congratulations Captain" said Heath.
    "Ma'am" answered Petrofski.

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