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[PODCAST} The SHOW - Trek Wednesday: Welcome to Season Eleven! 2015-10-28

spencerb96spencerb96 Member Posts: 232 Media Corps
Fleet Leader @ The Breakfast Club
DPS 10k, 30k, 75k, Elites, Prime / G-200, G-400, G-800 Admin

Youtube - SOB's Casual Corner


  • sinn74sinn74 Member Posts: 1,143 Arc User
    Thanks @spencerb96 for posting this! I missed it live (again).

    Yes, those Herald ships are crazy. I took the Quas, built for Sci, on a Sci captain, with only 4 tac boff seats, out to mess around. All mk10-mk12 white and green disruptor arrays (because I had none), and got over 23k DPS in an ISA pug (including a death!).

    This was just messing around, and not even trying to do a whole lot of damage. I wouldnt even have blown up, but I wasnt paying any attention to my hull whatsoever. The console would likely come in handy for the new space queue, by the way.
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