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UFOs, Ghosts & other weird experiences

proteusrexproteusrex Member Posts: 62 Arc User
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I saw a few people talk about UFOs on some other threads.
I was just wondering if anyone has real-life experiences with the weird or unexplained. I'm fascinated by real world accounts and would love to hear of yours.

I'll start with my own experience.

I hit a ghost with my car.

I grew up in a small rural farming community. When I was a teenager, I used to work in a nearby town and occasionally had some pretty late nights. On the way home, about a kilometer from where my father grew up there was the remains of a small town named Malcolm. It had been gone for a long time, by the time I was born there wasn't much left of it, just a cemetery and the remains of a one-roomed school house.

One night when I was 17 or 18 years old, I worked until 11pm or so. It was a weird summer night and a thick fog had settled on the area. My headlights illuminated the fog, and it was like driving through a white nothingness. Visibility couldn't have been more than 50m in any direction, it was a slow drive and I was on edge. Lucky for me, it was late enough and remote enough that there were no other cars on the road.

As I came through Malcolm, something suddenly appeared in front of me. It was a featureless black silhouette of a person standing in the middle of the road. It was like something was standing between my headlights and the white, and casting a shadow against it, but there was nothing there. It was probably about as tall as I am, and it wasn't moving. I hit the brakes, but I was going fast enough that I didn't stop in time. I ran right through it before the car came to a stop.

When the car stopped, I took a few deep breaths, checked my mirrors and stuck my head out of the car to see if I actually did hit something, but I was too freaked out to get out.

There was no contact with anything, no thump, or bump, or damage to the car, so I was reasonably sure I didn't make a new ghost. I sat there for a moment trying to calm down, and then hurried on home. I was cold, and it really did feel like my hairs were all standing on end.

When I told my dad about it, he told me a story (from before he was born) about a nearby farmer who was having an affair with a neighbours wife, and he was supposedly hit and killed on that road (by the husband), not far from Malcolm.

I really don't know if that story was true or if he was just messing with me, I couldn't find any corroborating evidence when I tried to research it.

But I swear that's what I saw.
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  • shadowfang240shadowfang240 Member Posts: 31,257 Arc User
    proteusrex wrote: »
    I hit a ghost with my car.

    kind of a misnomer there, since you can't actually hit a ghost​​
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  • proteusrexproteusrex Member Posts: 62 Arc User
    kind of a misnomer there, since you can't actually hit a ghost​​

    Hahaha true.
    At the time it happened, it felt like I 'emotionally' hit something, even if I didn't physically hit it.
    As a result, I usually lead the story with that little tag line. "I passed through a ghost with my car" just doesn't pull the same emotional weight in my memory. If that makes sense.
  • grandnaguszek1grandnaguszek1 Member Posts: 2,188 Arc User
    I don't know if it was a plane or not, but once on a clear morning I sat down at my dining room table to eat breakfast and began staring out the window. Now the city I live in (Reno) is surrounded by mountains on just about all sides. When I was looking to the east, I saw a bright light that was hovering in mid-air above a very large hill. It looked like the sun was reflecting off a smooth surface as what often happens with houses on that hill in the morning, however this didn't move at all. It hovered there for about 5 minutes before it finally faded out. I then checked to see if it was a plane reflecting light but there was no plane. Plus, air traffic comes from our southwest, not east. It just seemed really weird at the time.
  • lindalefflindaleff Member Posts: 3,734 Arc User
    I personally guarantee you. All of these odd aircraft you see floating about, they are all under contract with the USAF.
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