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Loadouts - Again

captainkoltarcaptainkoltar Member Posts: 565 Arc User
It seems that loadouts, after working for quite some time are now giving me issues again.

I bought three new ships in the ship sale, and since I did so, one of my existing ships and two of my new ships will not keep their loadouts when I switch to them. I can't identify why these two should be the ones giving me grief, and with one of them, it seems to happen intermittently.

The ships causing problems at the moment are:

Manticore class - USS Tempest
Mercury class - USS Axalon
Hestia class - USS Proximus

Can this be investigated - it's very annoying as you can guess.




  • captainpugwash1captainpugwash1 Member Posts: 908 Arc User
    Mine never work,,,,,:(
  • bones1970bones1970 Member Posts: 953 Arc User
    I got 1 ship for the trait, for my 4 rom's. On my 1st when i went back my my original ship the load-out didn't work.
    So i tought , TRIBBLE.. but on my other 3 rom's the load-out worked..
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