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Research and Development Spreadsheet

dabelgravedabelgrave Member Posts: 979 Arc User
edited September 2015 in The Academy
This Research & Development spreadsheet is designed to help players see the requirements for R&D projects. The goal is to be able to see quickly what components or materials a specific project will require.

Link: http://bit.ly/STORnD

This is a Google Spreadsheet, so you will need to make your own copy to use it.


Latest Changes
  • Added the Pilot Officer Training items.
  • Added the consumable items.
  • Added the new Hyper-Capacitor Shield Array.
  • Split Fed and KDF R&D doffs into separate sheets.
  • The doff lists now show where each is found, and if they are bound on pickup.
  • Added list of Fixed Upgrade Mods. This is an "in progress" thing.
  • Streamlined the way quantity material requirements are calculated.
A full list of changes is available in the spreadsheet.

We are also opening packs on Tribble, and recording the results to see the drop rates:

You can see the [Mod] results for large quantities of crafted Mk II items (some upgrades too) at:
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