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STO T5 Ship Comparison Spreadsheet

dabelgravedabelgrave Member Posts: 979 Arc User
edited August 2014 in Federation Discussion
This ship comparison spreadsheet is designed to provide a slightly better graphical approach to comparing ships. While other ship comparison spreadsheets tend to list the same information, it is usually in a format that makes it tedious to read. My goal with this is to make it very easy to see the differences in a side-by-side format.

Link: http://bit.ly/STOShipComparison

This is a Google Spreadsheet, so you will need to make your own copy if you want to use the "Compare Ships" page that lets you choose which ships to put side by side. Other than that, it should still show all the stats without needing you to make a copy.


  • Added information on which ships will be upgradeable in Delta Rising to T5-U.

  • Added the Xindi and Mirror Universe ships from the Xindi Lockbox.

  • Added Sensor Scan to the Science Odyssey.
  • The Tactical Odyssey now has the correct power bonus for weapons.

  • Added the Risian Luxury Cruiser mentioned in S9 Dev Blog #23.

  • Revamped cannon limits. It's either single cannons or dual cannons.
  • Added Warp Core or Singularity Core.
  • Added innate abilities like increased hull regen. Flanking was moved to this category.
  • Revamped special console and item lists to include non-standard weapons, hangars, and other items. Some ships had up to three.
  • Corrected a few ships, mostly just stuff like cannon limits or sensor anlysis. There were also several links to STOWiki that needed fixed since they tend to rename their ship pages at times.
  • Fixed Klingon Bird of Prey hull values. These ships were recently buffed when flanking was added.
  • Added costs for all ships. This does not include possible discounts.

  • Added the Patrol Escort Refits mentioned in S9 Dev Blog #20.
  • The old Fleet Patrol Escort will remain listed. Although retired, some players can still have this.

  • Added the Undine and Mirror Universe ships mentioned in S9 Dev Blog #18.

  • Added the Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought mentioned in S8 Dev Blog #55.
  • Altered the existing Galaxy Dreadnought stats to match those announced for the Galaxy Reboot.

  • Added the Dyson Science Destroyers mentioned in S8 Dev Blogs #50, #51, and #52.

  • Added the Dyson Science Destroyers mentioned in S8 Dev Blog #47.

  • Added the Romulan (Ar'Kif) and KDF (Kar'Fi) Fleet ships from the T3 Spire.
  • All the other Spire ships are already there... How did I miss these two?

  • Added the Hirogen and Mirror Universe lockbox ships mentioned in S8 Dev Blog #46.

  • Added the Voth Bulwark Dreadnought Cruiser mentioned in a Duty Officer Pack Promo.

  • Added the Mogh Battle Cruiser mentioned in S8 Dev Blog #30.
  • Added mention if a ship can equip cannons.

  • Added Fleet Veteran ships and Fleet Atrox.
  • Added Science Vessel Commands and Cloaking. All these additional gimmicks are being lumped together with things like Cruiser Commands and Flanking.
  • Corrected some blatantly weird Bridge Officer setups. How did I get those wrong?

  • Added Cruiser Commands, Flanking, category, and ship class variant names.
  • Corrected many ship names so the links to STOWiki now go to actual pages.
  • This more or less completes the Version 2 upgrade for this comparison spreadsheet.

  • This was a major overhaul where I changed the way the spreadsheet works, and revamped how it stores the stats. This change will make it easier for me to make updates or additions.
  • All ship stats are now collected on a single sheet, with the rest of the sheets taking data from there.
  • Altered power bonuses so each has its own line.
  • Added links to ship pages on STOWiki.
  • Added special consoles, and those too link to STOWiki.
  • The existence of a link here does not mean it also exists on STOWiki... they seem to lack a few.
  • Corrected at least one typo that was affecting spreadsheet functionality.

  • Added the Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider mentioned in S8 Dev Blog #27.

  • Added the Voth Lockbox ships mentioned in S8 Dev Blog #21.

  • Added the Obelisk Carrier variants mentioned in S8 Dev Blog #14.

  • Added the Avenger Class (Battle Cruiser and Fleet Battle Cruiser) mentioned in LoR Dev Blog #48.

  • Changed the Ar'Kif Tactical Warbird Retrofit to the Ar'Kif Tactical Carrier Warbird Retrofit, and added a Hangar Bay.

  • Added Ar'Kif Tactical Warbird Retrofit mentioned in LoR Dev Blog #43.
  • Put the inertia stats back into the mix. This helps in determining how much "glide" a ship has in a particular direction, especially while trying to turn. However, many of these might be estimates, and incorrect.

  • Added Elachi S’golth Escort and Elachi Monbosh Battleship mentioned in LoR Dev Blog #38.

  • Added Risian Corvette mentioned in LoR Dev Blog #26.
  • Added Scimitar and variants mentioned in LoR Dev Blog #29.
  • Added Romulan veteran ship mentioned in LoR Dev Blog #33.
  • Added Romulan temporal ships mentioned in LoR Dev Blog #35.

  • Added T5/T5+ lockbox ships mentioned in Legacy of Romulus Dev Blog #22.
  • Resequenced the ship list on the comparison sheet. They are now ordered by Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Special Ships.
  • Toyed with adding the ability to select a faction for each ship in the comparison so the dropdown lists are shorter. Unfortunately, Google validation wouldn't work that way. We're stuck with the full list of ships for now.

  • Added T5/T5+ Romulan ships mentioned in Legacy of Romulus Dev Blog #16.
  • Removed inertia stats. They are hard to determine without owning every single ship. Just remember... escorts have high inertia, cruisers have low inertia. Other ships are in the middle somewhere. I may add it back in someday.

  • Initial STO Ship Comparison Spreadsheet
  • Full listing of Vice Admiral / Lieutenant General ships as of 22 FEB 13. *I think it's complete*
  • Ability to directly compare any eight ships at a time.
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