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Dominion Polaron? Or Phased Polaron?

gofasternowgofasternow Member Posts: 1,390 Arc User
edited May 2014 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Alright, so awhile back I decided to grind out to get the Dominion Polaron. Pretty awesome weaponry, if I do say so myself. Just missing one last one, but it's easily obtainable. Anyway, I decided to bring out the ship I put them on, my Assault Cruiser, and take it on a spin through the Undine Battlezone.

While I was doing so, I let my pointer hover over the weapon choice menu and it popped up to say "Phased Polaron". It didn't bother me at first, but when I went to check my layout, they all said "Dominion Polaron"

So, my question is this: what's it supposed to be? Did it get bugged that it became Phased Polaron by accident or...?
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  • nitefiuunitefiuu Member Posts: 253 Arc User
    edited May 2014
    no its basicly a phased polaron you can buy from exchange and stuff if thats ur desired procs to work with

    the difference is with that dominion its uses the same graphics from the film-series deep space 9 ( at least the dominion beam array for sure, that straight bright purpil beam-line )
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