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Federation Tutorial

bejaymacbejaymac Member Posts: 448 Arc User
I found an issue in the tutorial that could trip up a lot of players, and leave them on a map that wont end.

At the end of the Vega ground map you have to deal with the transporter inhibitor, the Borg outside the shield aren't a problem, it's the "Boss" Borg inside the shield that's the problem. Once that shield is lowered "he" can be killed far to quickly, so quick that the trigger to beam in it's cohorts never happens, leaving you stuck on a map that wont end.

Simple solution, either make him a lot tougher, or set the cohorts to beam in 2 seconds after the shield is disabled.

For anybody that encounters this bug, the only solution I found was to log off completely, close the game and give it five minutes before you log back on, this will put you in sector space above Vega. You can then continue the mission, the game will beam you onto the start of the Vega ground map, which means you need to run it again.
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  • stormstrykestormstryke Member Posts: 31 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    Necro I know. But this issue still exists after all this time. So using this to show how it has not been fixed. Just had this happen.

    Lifetime no longer gives a forum title. That should be updated on the Lifetime page that mentions what you get. PMing the CSR doesn't work neither.
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