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Bug Ticket#1690603 - In Game Mail System Still Messed Up

crypticarmsmancrypticarmsman Member Posts: 3,229 Arc User
edited May 2013 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Bug Ticket #1690603 - Submitted Wed 5/22/2013 at around 8:40 PM (PST) on Holodeck via /Bug

Title: In Game Mail System Still Messed Up

Full Description:
There are some e-mails I still cannot delete; and further, some e-mails that I know for a fact that have items attached, but DO NOT show those items when I actually go to an in game mailbox; select "Access Mail" then "Send Receive Mail" and click on/highlight the in game mail item that should have an item attached. Earlier tonight, I got some items returned from the Exchange due to sale expiration; and some of those e-mail had items attached, and others did not. I was able to delete those e-mails though.
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