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  • tek1nig wrote: » Personally I stated as Pure Dexterity as our Sabre get increased damage based on that stat. 1str - 4DEX per level until I hit the 105 STR for endgame gear. Then All extra Stat points went into Dexterity to keep giving me more d…
  • ..... Lol iPhone autocorrect fail is real... Lol sexy = dex and merged = nerfed lol
  • tek1nig wrote: » I've chosen sage duskblade before it came out because I read the skills translated from china. If you want a better look into whether going demon or sage I suggest checking the following link for an look into the 2 paths of their …
  • That doesn't even sound like a worth while skill lol. And when I get off work I plan to make my SB, I'm not to familiar with magic classes so this should be a little interesting. Any skills I should mainly focus on? Or just go for all of them as …
  • What in the world?!?! Lolol what kinda skill does that... Heals you makes you take less damage heals you again makes you immune etc... I feel like that's fairly OP lol. I just wanted to be a good class with good solo capabilities without having to b…
  • Thank yall very much, yall said exactly what I've been hearing bits and pieces of but just wasn't too sure. I made an archer back in 2010 on raging tides and it was soooo different then. Maybe if they change and revamp the archers I'll go back but I…
  • Yea I posted in 2 different areasbc I didn't know which one would get better amount of responses