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Please Help Me - Game Play Tech Prob

godessnikki87godessnikki87 Posts: 0 Arc User
edited December 2012 in Support Desk
I am using the English version language on PWI.. and all of a SUDDEN I pressed SOME button and it automatically changed my english language to russian, the quests are fine, they're English still, but when I type or write something to some one, it's a different language ! Please can anyone help me solve this problem and change it back?? D: I tried everything !Thnxb:bye
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  • ovenusarmanioovenusarmanio Posts: 6,695 Community Moderator
    edited December 2012
    It sounds like you may have activated a global IME on your computer. At least i've done this a couple of times on my laptop because I have the Japanese IME activated. Try viewing the game in windowed mode and see if you can find any indication that the language has been set to "English" or "Russian," probably in some small toolbar or down in your taskbar. Which is where your clock is at.

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  • _Skai_ - Raging Tide_Skai_ - Raging Tide Posts: 3,407 Arc User
    edited December 2012
    What Venus said. It happens for me with Chinese. I press the Shift key in some way and it activates it. Just press the same button you did to deactivate it!
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  • fuzzywuzzfuzzywuzz Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited December 2012
    Venus and Skai are right and for the purpose of general housekeeping, Fuzzy is placing this in the proper sub-section.

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