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GYEBI (Morai sage seeker)

gyebi93gyebi93 Posts: 1 Arc User
Hy! Im the real keeper of the character GYEBI (sage seeker) my account was **** 5 year ago i think, and a player sent fake GM letters from it, is there any option for me that i get back my seeker? i would like to start the game again, with my beloved character.
I lost so much ingame golds coins rare mounts, i learned from it. i dont think that this mistake may cause my seeker beeing perma banned.
The full story was like: i got an announcement letter on my email, and it had a virus in it. The hacker got all my passwords and account info. when i logged in i lost 82 ingame gold a chameleon mount a rare fly, and millions of golds. after a year of ban i wrote to the support the problem and still didnt unbann me. I would like to play again after years, and i never did any **** or something bullsht like that. pls make my account useable for me.

youre sincerely GYEBI


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