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TW Dementate vs Aeterni

caoticdemoncaoticdemon Posts: 25 Arc User


  • datsangdatsang Posts: 107 Arc User
    Them plays

    Can I get an autograph as clearly these kind of plays are beyond me =(.
  • datsangdatsang Posts: 107 Arc User
    I guess sarcasm is a foreign concept to you?

    This posts is so full of contradictions its crazy for a post of this short. Like it or not, bigger TW guilds are way better at TWs, gear/numbers aside, back in days of alt TW guilds this was even proved on regular basis. So why would you go learn from C student when you can learn from guy who gets As? It makes literally no sense. I also love the fact you talk bout challenge, when in that TW there is maybe 5 ppl you dont 1shot outside of def charms. Much hard, big challenge.
  • datsangdatsang Posts: 107 Arc User
    Oh boy this is glorious. Lets dive in!

    I find it amusing YOU would cry bout "trashtalking", considering the amount of things you say bout other ppl.

    I dont consider you teaching being any spectacular increase in knowledge even for smaller guilds. Your inability to make decision on your own while leading a squad for (x)TW was quite apparent. You`d be asking every single thing you could do before doing it, literally zero initiative.

    Yes, I am super selfish guy. My latest selfish action was to loan 50%(?) of my in game funds to a friend with zero interest. I would love to hear other examples of my selfish nature to add to my autobiography.
  • LOL
  • datsangdatsang Posts: 107 Arc User
    Its Funny you Claim to know me. sorry to tell burst your sad bubble but you Don't Know me and Never knew me and never will nor witnessed my capabilities as a Squad Lead for you were Never in my Squad you Dumb F*ck. I can do a hella of a lot better than you ever could. In your Horrible Videos I always saw you Alone by yourself and not with your damn Squad. So Funny. you are Fail. Stay in that Fail Blacklist Guild. And stop commenting on my TW videos you Scum Bag. Just dont post anything and be Polite holy f*ck. why must you always start sh*t with me Dooche Bag?

    Pretty sure I was in HQ when you were leading squad. Pretty sure I have also received complaints over your "leading". So I wouldnt even need to be in your squad to tell you how you suck at it.

    If Blacklist is such a fail guild, surely our great liberator yukiimara will release the server from clutches of those jerks? No? Okey.

    Now, I am not sure if the video linked on the right timing on my first post so I`ll give you 2 points which I would like to see you explain. 19:06 and roughly the next 5s afterwards. 25:50 and roughly 5s afterwards or so.

    If you dont want ppl to comment on your videos dont make them public? By making them you accept both negative and positive feedback.

    Ps. I think you would of done better if you actually statted intelligence(magic) on your archer like you wanted.
  • datsangdatsang Posts: 107 Arc User
    Still A Much Better Archer Player than your Fail ****. Keep up with the Lies and Rudeness to make yourself feel good. Its People like you that Corrupt the Human race.

    I may be terrible but least I have yet to manage a play in which using genie actually made a negative impact with not even accounting the cost of genie usage on genie.

    As for rudeness, pretty sure it was YOU who was on WC for weeks trying to start **** with me. So if you care so much bout ppl being rude, start fixing it with yourself.

    Ps. I am interested in where I have lied, please provide the statement and proof of it being a lie.
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