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You realize to play PWI too much when...

fury85fury85 Posts: 253 Arc User
- You struggle to give a name to your son and end to name him O_xXDavidXx_O because all the damn normal names are already taken on planet earth.
- Your wife stop to ask you what you want for dinner… (later love today i have tnf, nation war, cross server nation war, territory war, dragon conquest, pk, afk in west, need to finish quest and i come)
- You set “Home” on your google maps and he drive you to your faction base.
- You set your google maps and wait for autopath and you go straight with your car and crash into a tree.
- You go to drugstore to buy some Ironguard Powder but the guy says that it not exist and you are crazy, but you go to florist to buy tulips and things and try to make it by yourself 😎
- You work in helpdesk and ask to your users to give you a quest instead to open a ticket. Says that, this way, you feel more motivated to work.
- You know exactly which is the latency of your internet line in any moment by watching the casting time of your skills… and sometime be able to start to blame to your provider before your net start to lag!
- You know any single place of the map… including color gradations of any pixel of the map.
- You struggle when you see a promotion at end of the month and make calc to charge golds + pay everything without go under 0 with your bank account... And if, after that, you still over 0, you are happy because you can charge more.
- You have to pay tax for second home… counting your PWI homestead.
- You go to zoo and ask to watch a fox over a tiger over a manta flying in the air and all think that you are fool.
- At school your teacher ask which is your class and you reply Barbarian!
- You go to work, make check in and ask to the boss for your daily reward.
- You have a facebook account, a youtube channel and a website about your toon.
Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone


  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 719 Arc User
    I guess I dont play too much then lol
  • mybm#5203 mybm Posts: 10 Arc User
    When your looking at dating profiles and every girl you look at you picture wearing a star trek uniform lol
  • When you realise that it's 2:00 Am in the morning but you still got to finish your daily quota of WS runs.

  • heero200heero200 Helper Extraordinary Posts: 3,545 Community Moderator
    You get a message from ur isp saying u spent over 1000 hours in games.

  • gas2016#5086 gas2016 Posts: 36 Arc User
    edited February 18

    - you start to dream about playing PWI making you active 24/7
    - getting redeemcodes becomes the most important thing in your life
    - you haven't cleaned your house in a while so you can fight all the insects like you are still level 1
    - you become hungry and forgot to buy food
    - you're HB becomes sober because you didn't buy wine
    - you forgot to pay the rent because you didn't have time for important things in life
    - you cry because you didn't get any mail from Gamazon today
    - you get pissed off in RL because you didn't see the Jenzogames venomancers in Archosaur
    - you want to read a new book but you're too addicted to worldchat
    - you dream about an active GM online
    - you become a zombie because you have to play PWI and don't have time to sleep
    - you spend all your money on this game because Arc News has new Spend Rewards
    - you want to be unemployed so you have more time to play
    - you're about to die because you didn't even had the time to drink water
    - the only thing you can talk about is PWI

    Well, can go on however I've got the feeling I need to play PWI o:)

    edit: my comment was gone for a while so will see this as a redeem reward in RL B)
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  • hypnosian123hypnosian123 Posts: 64 Arc User
    You hop on your labrador and you can't figure out why it does not 11 m\s (which equals to 40kmh\30mph)
  • rudi666rudi666 Posts: 36 Arc User
    - you actually use the matchmaking system in game
    - you create an account for your newborn baby
    - you know the people in game better as your relatives
    - you ask your employer to pay you out in gold
    - you suddenly become like this:

  • boo4uboo4u Posts: 399 Arc User
    -you work for one hour in RL making triple the amount than working a hour in pw.
    -spend all day sitting your fat **** in one spot letting the day go by just looking at the screen and asking yourself"what is there to do?"
    -spend **** loads of RL money in game thats 10 years old and do the same **** since day one.
    -you notice washing your hair is like the same rinse and repeat method that this game has.

  • notonlyjudgenotonlyjudge Posts: 11 Arc User
    -You make these kind of topics ;)
  • prancingprancing Posts: 133 Arc User
    Going swimming with your friend who plays a wizard, and he starts to try to use "gush" and "black ice dragon strike" on you
  • fury85fury85 Posts: 253 Arc User
    -You make these kind of topics ;)

    Damn you got me! xD
    Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone
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