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New Jones and O'Malley codes for 2019?

sassytoosassytoo Posts: 33 Arc User
How long before we get the 2019 codes for the blessings?

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  • sheryhogosheryhogo Posts: 7 Arc User
    what happend to new code for blessing ? :p
  • malahmalah Posts: 2 Arc User
    when will we get the new jones blessing?
  • oldhippieoldhippie Posts: 3 Arc User
    sheryhogo wrote: »
    what happend to new code for blessing ? :p
    Typical PWI for years now. They'll get around to it when they get around to it. Meanwhile... they'll be more than happy to sell you gold.

  • metamorphasismetamorphasis Posts: 31 Arc User
    I think I will be quitting until the codes return. They could have easily stopped with the NON STOP sales, and taken a minute to think about their community, to create the blessings and fix THE SAME issues that happen EVERY YEAR!!. No. This is just insanity. Not gonna log on to this joke until they can get their **** together.
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