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Fashion Wardrobe

evilnightmareevilnightmare Posts: 3 Arc User
Hi, I was wondering if we can get a bigger wardrobe 200 spaces isn't enough esp with all the new fashions that come out and I like to get them in a few colors. Putting them on alts doesn't help the issues because pwi has made multi clienting hard to do now.

~EvilNightmar ~
Twilight Temple Server


  • only0newishonly0newish Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited January 10
    i know for a fact many females, me included, struggle with the same issue!!!

    They increased the bag, the bank, the cubbord, the pet spots even, but no updates what so ever on the fashion bag!

    For some people it's very demotivating situation to buy new fashion because they dont know where to put it or just dont have room.

    You'ld think pwi doesnt want to make money since they do so well to keep us from buying their items lol
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