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my idea

ste#2605 ste Posts: 9 Arc User
for faction points not all of us can do DDH UP ect sure u could put someplaces for the smaller ppl to get faction points ect ty kindly


  • heero200heero200 Helper Extraordinary Posts: 3,741 Community Moderator
    I would like to see something like complete Nirvana 100 times!

    LOL! Ok may be over numbered but you get the point.

    Or even like a faction gather quest, That would be nice. IE gather 3 Logs. Go to primal world and get 2 cogs,

    I dono im sure their are lots of ideas.

  • nakoanakoa Posts: 5 Arc User
    i think pwi should not give up on making more classes regurdless due to choice and finding play style per person not to mention bordom keeps up on us all them park dont cut it
  • antonio0590antonio0590 Posts: 58 Arc User
    Good idea but putting soloable instances might get abused fairly quickly.
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