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Change the Morai Crazy Stone Quest narration

scorpillroscorpillro Posts: 22 Arc User
edited December 2018 in Suggestion Box
Hello, after I lost ALL of my coins because of this scam quest several times, today I had my last drop poured in a full cup when I gained lv V (5) Crazy stone quest for 20th time, instead of lv IV (4).

The problem with that BADLY SCRIPTED NPC giving the quest is that if you press enter when you talk to him, no confirmation is prompted and you acquire the upper quest instantly! Which is the lv 5 one....

Furthermore I can not correct my mistake because the trash quest button is grayed out!

I've started lv 100 with almost 10mil, today I have only 80k and can't finish my 20/20 quest log because I have a hanging Crazy Stone quest scamming me for 300k coins!

So PLEASE, PLEASE either rotate the lv 4 and 5 quests or add a confirmation box or something, which prevents players from accidentally picking the wrong one.

I'd also need some good tips on how to make pocket coins if anybody has any tips.

Brus (TT server)


  • obielleobielle Posts: 619 Arc User
    Hm, I can't seem to accidentally get the quest when pressing enter o.O I had to click to get it. It seems the "unable to trash quest" part applies to other lower level crazy stone quests as well but I think they should change that...not sure why it is like that.

    I think a better solution would be for them to just split it into 2 quests. Then when you choose one the other disappears so you can't take both of them. They have this kind of functionality in the game already so it's quite possible to do.

    You do have to read carefully with some quests because there are a few that work this way. For example when going to room 50 of cube, it makes you choose between 2 prizes and you can accidentally choose the wrong prize if you're not careful.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
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