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Auction House Gold Price cap

So, I think the gms should raise the gold price cap in the AH. Currently, you can only bid 4m per gold which isn't always the street value. This makes it harder to find a seller, or perhaps buyer and makes your trading completely unanonymous. It also leaves a huge buildup of requests in the AH should gold drop again, to begin trading once more. What id simply suggest is to raise the cap by a million or so, as gold has inflated over the years.



  • kingkamkingkam Posts: 3 Arc User
    This post is a year old but there appears to be no Action. Why is the the cap on gold prices in the auction house still so far below the street selling price? The cap needs to be removed of at least raised.
  • kingkamkingkam Posts: 3 Arc User
    Still seem to be no response or action with the gold cap. How about my faction is young and there are no homestead, we would appreciate being able to get gold thru the auction house how about raising the cap or explaining why you won't
  • gold24#8650 gold24 Posts: 0 New User
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