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A Couple Suggestions

Greetings from Tideswell, yeah that server.

So most of us here know, this game isn't cheap to play unless you want to spend the next 6 months farming what the next person buys in a day, it's an mmo, you're kinda meant to grind > buying, but we all know that's not the case.

Alas, my first suggestion: More farm-able instances

Yes, we have a few, but they're limited to one a day, (uncharted, dawnlight, ect) or you require 4 to open (twilight) which even if you log 3 more to open, its still a painful process to repeat over and over, Delta is pretty much irrelevant these days as its costs more to open your reward than what you get for spending hours in their for, and lunar? lol 3m entry for an item that barely sells for anymore than the entry fee anymore and you still need a +1 to open.

Suggestion being: Something perhaps similar to Pheonix Valley, but with coins involved as opposed to EXP with level restrictions in place ofcourse similar to those of PV, with the boss having a chance to drop a 10m big note, or excitement cards or possibly even just made as a quest reward for finnishing, you decide that part.
Ultimately the Free to play players need something too, that's not to say i have put a few dollars into the gamemyself, how ever im not at liberty to just continue doing so, i have bills too, PW

I dont think this will affect the gold flow negatively either, i think people will still require items from boutique either way but the increase of coin flow into game will be a nice change, as everything seems to be requiring fee's costing as much as the items needed for crafting, infusing , ect

Another Suggestion: New Armour. Rank9 is a massive cost and a massive pain in the backside to aquire, but unfortunantly if that's not what you're rolling with, prepare to get spanked. First, reputation farm-able through flowsilver, yes, made stupidly slow with coin reward deduction, then summerwind tokens, then unbare-able ammount of Warsong runs required not only for molds but badges too, "shoot me now", right?

For this i recomend a new instance!
drops parts of armour, collecting pieces to craft and build armours! and not just any armour, stuff that can keep up with the rank9 gears, so level 16 gears, but different to those crafted at warsong, and each piece should be slightly different to the next, all the gear in this games got fixxed stats, and thats kinda boring , that stats would determine prices of the gears clearly and would take time to farm dont get me wrong this gear needs to go toe to toe with r9 so itd need to be grindy (like an mmo should be) but also throw in low tier armours too, so twilights not the only source of gear from 70 onward, play around with the idea, it's still a seedling thought .

Ok, moving onto a new Suggestion: More Account Stash spaces, 'nuff said. (and dont make a new boutique item that extends what you already have, just throw another line of spaces in there dont be greedy)

Next, we have (yeah i know) Servers, now i know, games have servers to prevent over population of one server, but we're a game thats over 10 years old now, and because you require a small fortune to even compete with season veterans, the player base isnt gonna get much bigger, infact this very suggestion is because quite the opposite seems to be happening, it's shrinking, so i propose we combine servers, and offer players name change stones much like we did in the past, yes its gonna create some waves in the player base, as with any update does but our server (Tideswell) we're kind of lacking population, and instances are becomming painful to form, i mean, i've completed an instance some guy was forming before i'd even started, but i had run with faction members, had i not had that oppertunity i'd have been stuck waiting that whole time (yes its getting that bad) i'm in the process trying to get my rank 9 for my second character and im completely unable to do so because i'm requiring equipment obtained only in the boutique of which i just simply do not wish to pay out my nose for, least of all in a dwindling server, which thus inspired my previous suggestion(s)

Ultimately i'd just like to see something given to the veteran players, the ones who have stuck out all the bad, and i suppose theres been some goods too, you're about to launch 2 more classes to pwi and honestly i fear our server will be dead before they arrive. and to start all over again in another, just to try a new class out, that in the end require r9 and culti, meridian, titles, star charts, sky levelsssssssssssss, passives, blood farming, allll over again just to be pvp competitive? wheres the eject button? coz im outta here !

I relise this seems more of a rant than suggestion, but frankly these suggestions have come through frustration of playing with out being able to acquire resources with the need of alts, or other players gold purchasing, or even my own just to get anywhere, like, i understand the game wants to make money but it's been 10 years guys, lets calm down a bit? little bit too focused on the money and not enough on fixing current issues and dilemmas (also a suggestion ^)


  • datsangdatsang Posts: 128 Arc User
    edited October 2018
    First of all, TT 4-X series is coming soon and all of those mats are tradeable. As long as we get our R9S3 set bonus on the list of bonuses we can pick for it, its gonna be the new meta and as a result we got a new instance to farm.

    Reason why the coins have been nerfed on almost everything is because of there not been nearly enough coin sinks for the influx of coin we used to have. You are suggesting the opposite, which would result in gold prices sky rocketing. This would actually benefit ppl who charge consistently while taking a dump on ppl who dont.
  • hgjklkjhjuikjhhgjklkjhjuikjh Posts: 2 Arc User
    I think i mentioned, if not i am aware gold prices would rise with more coin flow in-game, how ever gold will always be what people are willing to pay, and in that if gold prices were to rise , more would be tempted buy gold, and the rest of us who can now acquire coins in game from instances other than the ones we can only hit up once a day, can benifit from gold buyers too as there will be more of it, if that makes sense ?

    Or at the very least, let us buy stuff from boutique with in-game coins, or something.

    As for my armour suggestions, it was more to add variants from the rank 9 gear, the is all, end all is rank 9, but perhaps making (in relation to gems) diety armour, which would say, focus more on your offencive type bonuses, but lack in defencive as per the shards, and defencive ones too, just something that doesnt require 500 items from the boutique .

    I shall look into this TT4x aswell :)
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