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Barb website - New update

fury85fury85 Posts: 253 Arc User
edited August 2018 in General Discussion
Hi all,
sorry for the long wait but I finally completed my website about Barbarians.

You can find the site at: www.roarking.it

I added Build section, introduced Violent Triumph combo and a Video Tutorial for PvE.
Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone


  • weapon762weapon762 Posts: 183 Arc User
    Man i wish the seeker forums was this lively Im like the only consistant poster

    i get its an older class now but nobody gets excited about discovering nuances anymore

    Guess im the only one gg
    Vae Victis.
  • sjampiesjampie Posts: 390 Arc User
    Hi fury85,

    Checked the site. Cool to have it unless 'we' played barbs since ehm... forever.

    The only thing I miss is the full arcane barbarian. Can't use it in TW but it was fun to play with it. Even full R9RR people wanted to pk. Like the old 80's arcade games it's playing PWI in hardmode. Replaced the barb with a bm. Still busy with this full mag blademaster (60 str, max mag). Can tickle everyone but like the barb not usable for TW while pk others it's 'tickle and die' against rb toons.

    As for other readers: if you're a fan of barbarians place roarking.it in your browser favorites. :)
  • heero200heero200 Helper Extraordinary Posts: 3,541 Community Moderator
    It looks good to me.

    Gives me an idea.
  • fury85fury85 Posts: 253 Arc User
    Sorry, but I don't have the knowledge to write a guide for others class :(
    Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone
  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    edited August 2018
    weapon762 wrote: »
    Man i wish the seeker forums was this lively Im like the only consistant poster

    i get its an older class now but nobody gets excited about discovering nuances anymore

    Guess im the only one gg


    Most of the forums are dead because either anything has already been explored or people just don't care.

    I thought about making a massive post/guide for any class revolving around pure PvP and maybe even some max damage combos for them all..but if just one person will actually read through that it would already be great, even greater if they learn something from it..but at this point I highly doubt it. Might be my fault tho because I cannot dumb things down..so it would be 100% not suitable for newbies.

    I guess...if anyone wants to know any micromanagement on any class they can just PM me on youtube or make a post asking specific questions here.

    As for the topic: Nice site bro! Barbs are insanely broken atm but most still don't use the true potential of the class and barb is quite easy to play.

    Seeker is just as broken but it requires loads of timing and situational thinking to truly be OP. Barb is not just Arma, Seeker is not just SS+QPQ and Edged Blur.


    As an example: I leave one Seeker combo that is not obvious and I haven't seen anyone performing this very effective combo (sage only):

    Use Heartseeker to freeze the target, now, make sure they get the freeze effect on them (be careful of classes that can CC you from range, but that's a general thing, keep the anti-stun up! only watch out for ranged paralyze). After that, use Blade Affinity (should be enough safety to use the combo), Fortify + QPQ (throws the 50% debuff from fortify on the target so surely leave fortify at level1) and Edged Blur right after. If the target is away from you then use Unfetter after BA and just walk to them before using QPQ. You could also use Ion Spike before QPQ if you have the time..but you should perform the combo as quickly as possible to not allow the enemy to potentially break out of the freeze and run away.

    Given the insane strength of Argent Blur and seeing that some people get casually ticked for 10k (even arcane classes), this combo should be enough to snipe or at least massively pressure most LA/HA targets at least. The freeze + seal is treated equivalent to Stun (cept that you can still use occult ice).

    Why not just use a stun effect then? If you manage to pressure a target just like that, you will still have your Voidstep ready, your SS is ready, ulti is ready, Ion Spike is ready, rewinding gesture is ready and you can unleash all hell on your target right after (if edged does not instantly kill the target). Ofc, you don't have to start the fight with that combo. Using just SS into Trip spark into a random skill + Voidstep usually puts enough pressure on a target for them to be forced to use genie and you can just finish them off with the freeze combo right after. Most seeker rely heavily on voidstep but you can do lots of fun stuff even without it. Seal + Freeze just screams to be utilized more.

    In general..the biggest mistake most seekers do is that they only try to be offensive when they can use their maximum debuffs. That was okish back in the day when Seeker have just been powerful. Now that seeker are OP af...you can use so many different, massively dangerous combos, while staying in a mode that is nearly unkillable for most other classes...it's just broken. SS + Trip spark increases your own damage so much that casual skill spam can already get people killed and it is way less telegraphed as going SS + QPQ + Ulti + Edged blur etc...you can split this into 2 combos and then see if the enemies genie can keep up :) Damage should be more than high enough to kill either way and if it doesn't, do the same thing again 30 seconds later. That's just the tip of the iceberg tho. Imho, seeker are overall the most powerful class in the game now, even stronger than barbs because seeker have 0 weaknesses anymore.

    @heero200 If you think this would be more appropriate for the seeker forums, go ahead please but I wanted to directly comment here.
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