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Make Nuema Portal Chests Tradeable...

nunuatornunuator Posts: 379 Arc User
Nuema Portal Chests need to be made tradeable!!

Not only do we cut off Nuema Portal charge promo's so that players are 1 card away we now rig raffles to tempt nuema portal players to charge at a chance to get a chest.....

I don't understand why the Nuema Portal chests are bound in the first place...
If this logic is applied to just one chest it should be applied to all the rest of them such as Warsong City and Lord of Morai avatar chests.
It appears to just be plain discrimination against a player who is going for Nuema Portal seeing that even if they are tradeable I've been told a player is willing to spend 5bill for each Nuema Portal chest in order to finish their set.....

Not only is this an issue but, certain packs can drop a Nuema Portal chest in a pack RNG containing either a Jaden Crystal, Crown of Madness, S Chest, or Dull Dragonic Essence. If a player pulls the Nuema Portal chest or S Chest they loose that potential profit from having a choice to sell their drop and instead just get screwed over by a bound chest.

It's a win for PWI if it becomes tradeable cause magically a player who doubt'd he could finish Nuema Portal will now spend upwards of 1,250$ in gold to finish the set.

Honestly it's magic how players with 1 or 2 Nuema Portal cards are winning the raffles it's almost as if PWI is rigging them so a player can't finish the set.


  • deadwieghtdeadwieght Posts: 65 Arc User
    i agree. i have a NP chest with no hope of completing the set so it just sits in the bank rotting away. Mean while players with the coin to purchase it PM me asking if PWI 'fixed' the chest yet on a weekly basis.
  • skullz818skullz818 Posts: 10 Arc User
    PWI please make NP chests tradeable holding 5/6 NP set for a year now.
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