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Raffles and Rewards for Low and Slow?

I'm not going to vote for the current raffle. The rewards are Ancient GIfts (useless and take up bank space for anyone under 90-something) and S-Cards (useless until over 100). I have seen tons of posts about people pilling to 100 and then needing Ancient Gifts and slower players that are bored out of their minds. I also looked at the pack voting list and have no clue what any of them contain. There's no link to a description which might have been helpful. None of the recent raffles apply to anyone under 80, maybe not even anyone under 90. As such, there are no Raffles or rewards for the slower players and low levels and therefore no reason to vote since the only gifts for accumlative votes only applies to 90+ or 100+. Snowmen would be nice since they are already programmed. Not picky, but let us under 80's have some holiday fun too!


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