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an good idea mabye

fededominofededomino Posts: 125 Arc User
could we get an list like Commission Shop , for all Catshop for what they sell , and a autopatch to shop if we want buy something , a free one for sure , it will save alot of time , instead of run to each catshop , not all can afford to buy item for Commission Shop , i do like Commission Shop , but it dont have all Catshop , it would be an great overview , for where to go buy stuff + an search box to type what we search for item and catshop name . :) it mabye will be more easy for seller to get sold stuff , and buyer save time


  • heero200heero200 Helper Extraordinary Posts: 3,826 Community Moderator
    gonna move to Suggestion BOX

    as this is the best place for this.

    On a side note their is a site that does this kinda. Ask around...

  • danilo#8744 danilo Posts: 43 Arc User
    I think a good idea to comission shop is let us "prove" the fashions before buy it
  • nunuatornunuator Posts: 398 Arc User
    Try pwcats.info and change it to the server you are on it lists everything for sale and where they are located... Cords or if it's a commission shop etc.

    It even shows buy and sell price for items of the same type sold in the past...

    However you can't make any coin off of trying to sell items in one shop which are being bought at a more expensive price aka human error since there are a ton of shops with different buy and sell prices.

    This is the bot that flys around and clicks on random shops it's recording info for that site and it buys items at a cheap price and sells it to a more expensive price to another shop...

    TBH I think this might be were black market coin is coming from.
  • The commission shop is designed to generate more income. If there is a npc or icon on the interface for all Catashops(Free) that functions like the Commission shop(Paid). Then Commission shop no longer serves its purpose. One of the reasons, For buyer to use Commission shop is that they don't spend time to look through all the Catashops; For Seller, to avoid fee selling on AH, or item cannot be Auctioned. If Pwe really wants to make it convenient & affordable for the players, there is no need to have 3 different trading systems.

    Not to mention Pwi would be a ghost town without all the Catashops, Catashop hunters and Afkers around.

    Vendor Shop and Market Place defines the old generation of trading system in mmorpg. As many old mmorpgs have removed Vendor shop & Market place and move onto Mobile Auction where players can buy and sell wherever they are; like in dungeon, in guild base, while auto-pathing & etc. With basically no cost to put on Auction, an extremely low fee apply only on successful transaction.
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