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Happy Halloween Everyone! Do you believe in ghosts?



  • inovampyinovampy Posts: 8 Arc User
    Twilight Temple
    Burning Scar 343, 554
    Happy Halloween photo 11033727_1700009626898334_4873964224493069557_o_zpsnkijvdew.jpg
  • thaystythaysty Posts: 1 Arc User
    Character: Victoriaty (Mystic)
    Server: Twilight Temple
    Location: Frigid Bay - 456 , 214

    Happy Halloween!

  • fujimusumefujimusume Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    Character: Nuiko
    Server: Twilight Temple
    Location: Corrupted Marshes (213, 256)

    There was once a beautiful bunny venomancer whose beauty rivaled those of Archosaur princesses. Though she is just a country girl of low birth, it didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream to be a beauty queen. When she learned of a beauty contest being held at Tellus City, she immediately packed her things and went joyfully on her way. Unfortunately for her, the beauty contest at Tellus City has been hosted and judged by corrupted, high ranking nobility for centuries. That said, she was immediately rejected at her audition even when her beauty surpassed many of the accepted applicants. The accepted applicants were of course all spoiled children of high birth.

    The venomancer, despite being very beautiful, was also deeply insecure and gullible; a tragic combination for the events that would unfold for her. Moments after being rejected, the accepted applicants approached the veno with fake words of comfort leading her to believe that her rejection was due to minor cosmetic flaws.

    With vindictive intent and concealed jealousy, the accepted contestants persuaded the Venomancer to visit a “highly renowned” cosmetic surgeon that lives in the marshes far west of Tellus. In dreadful truth, the surgeon that resides in the marshes is a psychopathic serial killer that abducts anyone that enters the marshes. More gruesomely, he creates “Art” out of his victim’s faces with the use of two objects; a rusty fork and a trunk of dirty dental floss.

    Though the danger of the marshes is well known amongst Tellus City locals, the Veno is completely unaware of it and begins her journey to the marshes excited for a new makeover. That was the last day the veno was ever seen…

    Through the course of several years, the original beauty contest contestants whom had thought to have led the veno on the path of agonizing-makeover-plastic-surgery death had mysteriously disappeared one by one.

    The last of the beauty contestants, a now famous painter, disappeared for one long night but came back home the next morning brutally beaten up. She spoke no words despite all the questions of what happened to her. She only left a cold, dead gaze to what lay directly in front of her. The injuries that she had undergone were unfortunately fatal as she was suffering from a slow internal bleeding. With the few days she had left to live, she decided to paint one last portrait which she managed to complete before drowning in her own blood. This is what she painted…

    photo Halloween2015Nuiko_zpscgucd89d.jpg
  • watermelon14watermelon14 Posts: 2 Arc User

    Location - Valley of the Ants
    Server - Etherblade
    Character - AquadicAngel

  • mynamewasstolenmynamewasstolen Posts: 53 Arc User
    edited October 2015

    Here I am, at the place of my death - wraiths emerging from the shadows. There is not a soul to be seen as I wait on the dead to arrive. I was trying to reach you, yet as i got closer you vanished like a ghost. I wanted lend you my strength, but before I caught up - I witnessed you die. So now here I wait, in humble repose until such time we can be together again.

    Charater Name: Relncarnate (my alt)
    Server: Tideswell
    Location: In front of Brimstone Pit

    edit to rehost the image on my own site since photobucket resized it out of the originally requested restraints
    By the light of the moon, our true forms are revealed.
  • kaitbearkaitbear Posts: 24 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    Location: Entry at 329,535 Mori Burning Scar
    Character: VENOcleopatra
    The Headless Dragon Rider Of Tideswell She creeps in the night to find her kill she stops at nothing as her dragon rages. The dragon shall find you and she shall kill you she is the Headless Dragon Rider..... :D
    happy Halloween Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Happy Halloween Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Server Tideswell
    Location 552,142 Woodland Elegy
    Character VENOcleopatra

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Zombie Minions with my VENOcleopatra

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Another one here is The Haunted Child

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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  • kiekeboookiekebooo Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic">Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Charater Name: Raquelly
    Server: Dawnglory
    Location: Shining Tidewood (555, 760)

  • tenbinza88tenbinza88 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Character: DarkAyumu
    Server: Twilight Temple
    Location: Momaganon - Soul Fetcher Valley (main screenshot)
    Momaganon - Camp of the Fallen Phoenix (left screenshot)
    Brimston Pit (right screenshot)
  • monalongrasmonalongras Posts: 4 Arc User
    Twilight Temple
    Swamp of the Wraiths 572, 407

    photo IMG-20151028-WA0016_zpswfa8rdbu.jpg
  • shade13shade13 Posts: 630 Arc User
    Twilight Temple
    Morai - Withering Wilds

  • kaitbearkaitbear Posts: 24 Arc User
    edited October 2015
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  • kylida09kylida09 Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    daggz&pupkin photo Halloween.jpg

    Naoto silently moved towards the familiar beach covered again into the depth of a foggy night. The beach that was so silent yet so mysterous. She passed those giant mushrooms that were the symbol of her homeland and was again amused of the bright warmness radiating from them at night-time. Those glowing orange bubbles meant roots of sweet memories and brightness for the Tideborn. But not this night. Suddenly a dark shadow grew and as she turned around, those bubbles faded their brightness and huge gloat smiles cut their ways to the surface. There were faces. Faces, grotesque and creepy as they transformed to the perfect shape of a pumpkin. She was stunned by the sight of evil creatures appearing and flooding the space who were born just for the sake of this one night. To make all remember that their time came to fear this one night and THEIRS again to celebrate it...

    (Pardon any grammatical mistakes or misuse of words, I am not native o:) )

    Server: Etherblade
    Location: White Sand Beach
  • artisticphantomartisticphantom Posts: 1 Arc User
    There was once a tideborn whose beauty rivaled that of the moon. The lady, despite having an docile appearance, had an unquenchable bloodlust; one that stemmed from a tragic past. With murderous intent and concealed jealousy, the lady persuaded the “highly renowned” cosmetic surgeon to alter her eyes and remove her tideborn tattoos to conceal her origins.

    Through the course of time, the fair-skinned beauty lured innocent passerby to their deaths one by one. After coming across strong-willed heroes, the lady approaches them with the desire of acquaintance. Such words of kindness proved to be a weakness as they accepted her unassuming nature.

    Residing in an overlooked cavern, she had a follower who vowed to do her bidding till the day either one of them died. In the depths of the grotto, she had him build a scorching hot pit with a hellstone acquired from a warlock that she had decapitated. The remains of her victims were molded into the upper wall of the fiery pit of magma to her liking. Though she originated from the sea, it didn’t stop her from acquiring a Solaris Phoenix, a beast with wings of flames. With both her beast's ability of burning civilians into ash and a chasm of blazing heat, the psychopathic assassin continued her sadistic pleasures.

    With the danger of a serial killer amongst city dwellers being well known, the lady is backed up by her stealth ability.

    Server: Etherblade
    Character: Masheen
    Location: City of the Lost
  • atj69atj69 Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    Location: Corrupted Marhses [211, 257]
    Server: Etherblade
    Character: Tragoedia

    There was once a peaceful town called "Enlightened Glade" where all Earthguard heroes lived. Rumors say that each of them slayed thousands of Wraiths over night using the almighty Warsoul weapons given by Pan Gu himself as rewards for their heroic acts.

    Someone though could not handle that yet another race claimed the most powerful weapons ever existed. His name was "Hellfire Abomination". His frustration did not stop his dragon form to demolish "Seat of Torment" where he was imprisoned, escape and gather allies for his wicked plan...

    He decided to attack "Enlightened Glade" by travelling to the past; before Pan Gu's last great gift. So, he collected 6 Chrono Pages from his World Boss Allies, stole 6 Chrono Keys from the "Messenger of Time" and gathered 6 Chrono Fragments from the "Old Heaven's Tear". Through a dreadful alchemy he created the "Chrono Nova Gem". By breaking it, a portal opened accessing the "Old Days of Pan Gu's land" and flew directly to "Enlightened Glade".

    The war lasted a few hours. He crushed and buried all Earthguard citizens to the ground, but only after he ripped out all the "Eyes of the Gods" from their foreheads. By having 6 types of them, he created the 6 Dark Warsoul pieces; and by having 100 of them each, he finally held his Dark Warsoul weapon: the "Molten Hellpit". It changed his form, he renewed "Seat of Torment" making it his kingdom and fullfilled his wicked desire...

    The "Enlightened Glade" never existed... Wanderers call that abandoned place of the map: "Corrupted Marshes". Stories may explain why that place looks like that...
    Some rocks may be fossils of Seekers' armors.
    Some trees may be leftovers of Mystics' Plants.
    Some times they say ghosts may appear.
    Some...some....something is coming back...

  • sjampiesjampie Posts: 398 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    Don't think there's a story needed for this one but if I really need one let's say I accidentally awakened a few walking dead zombies (yup, have this one in my faction so 'she' exists)... squadwipe will follow!

    getting ready for a squadwipe

    Server: Tideswell
    Location: Pool of Abominations ( 359, 585 )
    Character: _Grandpa

    Software used: Windows Paint, PhotoScape and PWI of course
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