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Solo Ancient Evil

teethewickedteethewicked Posts: 107 Arc User
I have been told this is possible with an evolved herc but I just can't for the life of me figure out how this is suppose to be done. The issue is with the spawned mobs. I run to the portal to reset AE like I've been told, but I don't get how you are suppose to kill the mobs before AE comes around and aggro's you. Can't summon pet in the central "safe" area or the climbable wall. Anyone know the trick to taking down the mobs?
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  • aeternusdoleoaeternusdoleo Posts: 180 Arc User
    Depending on how tanky that pet is, just have your pet take aggro on Ancient Evil, then send it to the "Slitt" minion once the smalls spawn. The other two, I forgot their names, are a lycan-looking mob which does ranged physical, and a tentacle-handed one which does ranged elemental. Depending on your armor - HA or AA, decide which one you attack yourself and which one you let your pet take the punishment of. Once all 3 smalls are down the boss shouldn't be that hard.

    I ran that boss a number of times with my BM and found it easier to just ignore the mobs alltogether and focus on the boss. Once the boss dies, the mobs poof with him, like Astralwalker.
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  • prancingprancing Posts: 133 Arc User
    I am not a veno, but this used to be my favorite boss to fight 3 years ago! So you have 2 choices, kill the adds first or kill the boss first. There are walls around the boss, and some are far enough away from the mobs or the boss you can not get aggro from the mobs circling around. Now this might be more tricky with the veno pet i am not sure, as it may be further out into the lava. You will have to experiment and see, but if you can't do it with boss then lure and kill the adds before boss.​​
  • testxvitestxvi Posts: 308 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    You can summon your herc down and put it on hold, while you climb up the wall yourself without the herc going back to pet bag. I dont know if it will be enough range, as I never tried solo him with my venomancer besides she's my main. I have a sin I tend to use her instead.
    Back when I was farming 2-3 for my main income I was always killing the mobs first. It takes a long time to "catch" them in right moment to be able to kill without putting yourself in danger if you're squisy. Well, I wasnt ranged either, so I would try and skip mobs first if your herc can handle it.
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  • caloriencalorien Posts: 35 Arc User
    The boss hits my giant less hard when ranged, making it doable to have the giant take aggro on all 3 adds and boss, and kill the ranged ones first.
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  • teethewickedteethewicked Posts: 107 Arc User
    My problem is that even with the herc at the base of the climbable wall, he still aggro's the boss and the mobs. I did find another spot in a different corner where being up against the wall won't aggro any of them, but it doesn't seem possible to pull the two range minions(who spawn first, and together).

    I'm a LA veno with the bare minimum in gear stats(I get away with only 60 base dex with bonuses) and every extra point in vit, so I can survive AE's aggro for a short time. Likely I'm just gonna have to deal with the charm **** and take one of the minions myself while my Giant holds the boss and other minion.

    Still, it would be so much easier if the large center area didn't block pets and the minions themselves.
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