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Demon HA-veno PV85+ solo video

kittyempressakittyempressa Posts: 268 Arc User
edited July 2015 in Venomancer
Kitty started leveling her non-RB demon HA-veno yesterday (thanks to comeback-stoofs) and to test her power and challenge herself Kitty decided to try soloing PV85+ now that the foxie hadn't reached 95 yet. Lots of charm, crabs, time, hypers and repair fees wasted, but Kitty managed to do it (took about 23 mins to do if excluding boss fight from total time).

What's a BP? PWI: HA-Venomancer PV85+ Solo run (Raging Trolls)

Kitty's gone. She gave up on PWI. And she's a black metal Kitty naow.

Kitty's Youtube-channel("Kitty does eet"-series and much moar): KittysamaRT
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