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The Use of Bows???

FloraFang - HarshlandsFloraFang - Harshlands Posts: 62 Arc User
edited June 2015 in Venomancer
Just because this is a forum and random ideas swim in my head. I was thinking about it and due to my own personal opinions I am a LA Veno. Anyway it occurred to me that if venos WERE a LA class how cool would it be to use bows? We'd be the nature equivalent of the EA. Venomous Scarab would be Venomous Shot (same goes for the other scarab skills), noxtious gas would be a flask, parasitic nova would summon a swarm of scarabes. On the flip side fox form would stay the same but be based on dex.

It's just random ranting and fleeting dreams! But imagine if stating worked differently for venos?b:dirty
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  • godfathorgodfathor Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    All my venos , HA, AA, LA have bows. They make for fast pet lvling and where sort of a must have for heads in old FF. Bows are handy for that, not much else, but its cool to have one. My LA has 4 up to Royal bow. That veno is a pet leveling machine. Plus they just look good on a veno, but then again, what doesn't look good on a veno.. besides cloths.
  • enlilenlil Posts: 25 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    Yep,, sexy is all i can say. Dreamcatcher bows are a must have, you never know when one is handy.. snow men anyone.
  • astralwalkastralwalk Posts: 58 Arc User
    bows are important accessory for your hair and depending on the bow can increase cuteness by up to 70%
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  • raincloudraincloud Posts: 28 Arc User
    This sounds amazing
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