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New Multi-Clienting Policy (Updated 4-6-2011)

frankierayefrankieraye Posts: 250 Arc User
edited April 2011 in Official Announcements
Hey guys,

For a long long time, ever since PWI was first released in fact, we've always had the rule that you could only run one PWI client per machine.

The reasoning behind this rule was the fact that running more than one client could not be accomplished without editing the game files, and editing game files was not allowed.

This led to many players running PWI on a second or even third computer, usually to be able to run a cat shop while their main account actually played.

Some time ago, the client itself changed, and running multiple clients was possible without editing game files. For consistency's sake, we did not modify the multi-clienting rule, and what followed were a lot of questions as to its validity, now that the original reason for it no longer applied.

Well, we've talked about it, and we've come to a new set of rules for multi-clienting. It should be easier to follow, easier to enforce, and it will help level the playing field between people with one computer and people with multiple computers.

So here we go:

  • You may only have 2 accounts per person, regardless of how many computers you own.

    There isn't a viable reason to create an excessive number of accounts, so any suspicious activity from now on will be fully dealt with. We aren't going to punish you for having existing accounts prior to this rule, but you can only be online on two at once at the most.

    *Note: Excessive account creation has been and will continued to be pursued. Provided you did not abuse this before, you should have nothing to worry about.

  • You may only play on two characters at the same time. They can both level up OR one can level up while the other is a vendor alt OR both can be vendor alts.

If you want to keep one leveling account and one vendor alt account, that's fine. You cannot, however, actively level two characters while having a third account to act as a shop alt. We will be actively enforcing this.

This new policy is in effect starting now, however, we will continue to refine and improve upon this, so this policy is subject to change. Read on for examples that may specifically deal with your situation.

*Example: If you're a family of 3 playing PWI, then you can have 2 accounts for each member of your family. You WILL have to prove this though if we notice any suspicious activity from your household.

*Example: You can actively have two LV 65 Barbs grinding on HT Server on the same computer, but no vendor alts online.

*Example: You (as an individual human being) cannot have 3 accounts active, it doesn't matter if you own 3 or 30 computers.

*Example: You cannot have two characters leveling at once if you also have a shop alt logged in.

Two characters maximum online at once for any situation.

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