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Game Freezes after game was updated.

So I got my husband to play pwi again. Got him a new PC and got him all set up to play again. He got to play for a week and then the update happened. Now if he goes to some places his game will freeze. Dreamweaver port, 1k, base, warsong, nw, and RoR. We even had a friend of ours look at it. He says it is fine and PC is at it normal graphics. I have even message a GM and even they say it on there part. It has been 3 weeks and still no fix update. My husband says he gonna quit... If he can't play, why play. Anyone else having this issus?


  • teikiatsu11teikiatsu11 Posts: 92 Arc User
    I've had this issue too and I've heard other people having it as well. Either the game freezing or the screen just going black. Even weirder is that your toon can still move around, you can still type into chat, ect while its frozen or the screen is black. I don't know what they did to muck up the game so bad this last update but I've been waiting for a fix for awhile.
  • tek1nigtek1nig Posts: 777 Arc User
    I had a few more people get spam black screen and quit the game until it gets fixed : Which means Possibly the entire next expansion 6-12 months from now? ​​
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  • madonna89madonna89 Posts: 33 Arc User
    try switching to onboard gfx
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