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Mystic: Cannot discard/sell/trade a Spidervine book

hodokhodok Posts: 3 Arc User
Hello everyone!

It so happened that I had two copies of Spidervine book, that allows me to learn to summon a Spidervine.
I used one of them, now I can summon a Spidervine.
BUT another copy of this book is now in my inventory and cannot be used (by right-click), cannot be traded, sold, discarded etc.
This thing only occupies my inventory slot and annoys me >:)
Does anyone know how can I use or forcibly discard this item? :s

Mystic, 61 lvl

Best Answer


  • hodokhodok Posts: 3 Arc User
    @heero200, thanks, I created a ticket already.
  • hodokhodok Posts: 3 Arc User
    UPDATE: Support can't delete just one item :(

    Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, GMs cannot remove individual items from your Inventory Window. However, we do have the ability to clear out your entire Inventory Window during a scheduled maintenance. The War Avatar Bag, Wardrobe and Equipped Gear will not be affected."
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