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More options for Faction Goals

kenshin151kenshin151 Posts: 79 Arc User
edited October 2018 in Suggestion Box
Since they launched the new Faction Base system, small factions lose access to their bases that already existed previously the Wonderland expansion.

We have had another expansion recently, and nothing has changed, unfortunately.

The current Faction Goals are not possible to do with few people and their alts. So the suggestion is, add more options like FBs 99, Twilight Temple, Nirvana, etc. Or reduce the requirement of loyalty points. Or increase the daily points acquisition per character.

A lot of people I know have already given up on the game because of this change, and I'm also thinking about quitting the game because this change was very frustrating, and realize that months have passed and nothing has been changed, it is even more discouraging.
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