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Charms price fixed by npc or CS.

goodjob2goodjob2 Posts: 12 Arc User
Dear PWI community,

Thanks to make thing moving up by replying about platinum charms price !!

I suggest CS price of platinum charm = 1gold , 8golds = 10 charms.
I suggest a NPC provide it too , price around 6m.
I suggest Xolo (Archo south) can convert useless item for it too (maybe 0,1% rate).

The goal is of course to turn back PWI a real PvP game and not only CSers game.

Thanks to reply and suggest about it.

brahma / Dawnglory.


  • dbfarmer1#6868 dbfarmer1 Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited October 2018
    not gonna happen...
    u still gonna get 1 shot by np rb2 people charm's won tick on that...
    dying miserably to them will not really make u feel better about pvp.
    u know g175th +12 people and devil stone freak have around 300atk levels.....
    u really gonna die to them.

    my sin is g175th+12 but only have around np rb1 i don't stand a chance against them. what are ur odds...
  • hammerdindinhammerdindin Posts: 8 Arc User
    just got 150 event gold for free? use that for your charms...
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