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[Event] 10th Anniversary Mount Competition

kalystconquerer#0876 kalystconquerer Forum CrawlerPosts: 1,421 Perfect World Employee
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MOD Note: This thread is only for actual entries. Discussion on the contest is available here.

10th Anniversary Mount Competition
A decade of Perfect World, a decade of talent!

Did you catch what last year’s Anniversary mount was?
Yvilis of Etherblade sever created a stunning mount.

Will you be the next great mount creator?

This year, we’d like to open it up to our creative talent in the community and ask you to create a mount that embodies a decade of Perfect World!
Start (Design Phase) : 3/7/2018 @ 10 AM PT
End (Design Phase) : 3/21/2018 @ 10 AM PT

But this won’t be just any ordinary Mount competition! This year, we’re bringing on the March Madness and paring off users creations against others. The mount design that makes it through the voting brackets will become the official 10th Anniversary Mount.
Start (Voting Face Off) : 3/22/2018 @ 10 AM PT
Final Four Face Off : 3/31/2018 @ 10 AM PT
End (Voting Face Off) : TBD

1) All designs must be original works
2) All designs must be appropriate for a general audience
3) You may only submit (1) design – if you plan on editing your design, you must do so before the design phase end date. Any design you posted that is the most recent one, unless otherwise stated by the user, will be used in the face offs.
4) Any visual medium is acceptable!
5) Please be sure to include your Character Name and Server with your entry. This will ensure that you will receive any prizing that you may qualify for.
6) Voting Face off will be ran in short bursts of time depending on how many entries are received to ensure that a final 4 pairing is reached by 3/31/2018. Please be sure to keep up to date so you don’t miss out on voting your favorites to advance!
7) The winning mount will enter the game during this years’ Anniversary in an upcoming update!

The designs that enter the Final Four Bracket will receive the following Prizes –

1st Place – A free copy of the mount you designed, $100 free Zen
2nd Place – A free copy of the winning mount, $75 free Zen
3rd Place – A free copy of the winning mount, $50 free Zen
4th Place – A free copy of the winning mount, $30 free Zen

Community Participation

Artists : Each participating Artist that follows the guidelines and enters will receive the following –

X1 Glyph Pack LV 4
X3 War Avatar Pack S

Please note : Processing of participation items will happen as entries come in and are vetted. You will not receive your items right away. The latest you will receive any participation items will be 2 weeks after the entire event is over. Please be patient as we process all the entries!

Good luck PWI players and may the best mount win!
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  • ryeckoeryeckoe Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited March 9
    iNTENTiONALiTY - Etherblade
    (sorry I can't draw but hope you get the idea)

    Features the tiger at front who acts as a personal chauffeur to the rider, who is seated under the structure on a cushioned seat.

    Also I would ideally state I would the option for the creatures body to have the ability to be dyed so people could fit it into their own personal colour scheme within game.

    The idea itself is a play on an item in morai/homestead with a little twist.
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  • heavenlyawsomeheavenlyawsome Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited March 9
    this is my Entry (Heavenly Alicorn) hope everyone likes it. If it wins PWI maybe you can spruce it up a bit refine it i am not an expert artist but its a super cute mount and i did my best. I believe this design embodies perfect world the magical and not magical. perfect world is a imaginative realm with imaginative monsters and characters from all the different events to the cute tigers or wonderland. I think this would make a wonderful 10th anniversary mount

    The large angel wings and colors give it a nice whimsical touch while the feet armor and body armor give it a regal royal feel the glowing hearts and wings on the hoofs as well as the eyes makes for a very all around beautiful creation perfect for perfect world.

    I hope the wings will be out and flap when you moved like lord tyrants steed i figured we have a demonic horse why not one that is the exact opposite?

    server->Etherblade Character->Star_FireX
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  • chipboychipboy Posts: 55 Arc User
    edited March 8
    Chryso - Tideswell
    Constellation Hydra

    I like the cosmic look for things and it kinda fits with the whole star chart and progressing with your cultivation. So I kinda made a play on the constellation Draco and figured we don't actually have a Multi headed mount
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  • prancingprancing Posts: 131 Arc User
    edited March 8

    I submit to you the peoples mount.

    Man/ Tideswell

    The Banana could feature a saddle.
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  • nbreakingnbreaking Posts: 604 Arc User

    Since this is a circus, we might aswell act the part!!

    ShadowRuler - Tideswell

    Mr. Justice
  • musixmusix Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited March 8

    WackyTaffy Tideswell
  • vitocorleonevitocorleone Posts: 14 Arc User
  • boni080891#7515 boni080891 Posts: 2 Arc User
    Maybe can be like this.
    Nostalgic for some country
    add lantern can be good
    I cant draw sorry


    RazzilDarkbrew (Dawnglory)
  • niimzy74niimzy74 Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited March 8

    Only the idea atm, will work more on "body" and some details.
  • boot777boot777 Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited March 8
    Slavic dragon!
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  • spasiklakispasiklaki Posts: 1 Arc User
    Dawn_at_last Etherblade

  • iamtearshiamtearsh Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited March 8

    THEME : Diamond

    DESIGNERS NOTE : 10TH Anniversary is also known as the Diamond Anniversary, so with that inspiration in mind, I designed a luxury convertible car. The details are all inspired by the precious cut of a diamond gem. I decided to make a car as a mount because despite the fact that in the real world we mainly use car for transportation, weve been riding animals and strange creatures for a very long time already. It's time for a change. Time to look super cool while afk and travelling.

    DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS: Glowing Headlights, Nitro Boosters and Neon Underglow Lights.

    DESIGN SUGGESTION: If this mount makes it, I am hopeful that we get the chance to have it DYEABLE.

  • greektemptationgreektemptation Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited March 19
    Etherblade server
    name : Surfing Time cause when we are in pwi we are surfing :smile:
    didnt put colors on second pic can choose fancy ones you want :smiley:
    sorry i cant draw better my idea
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  • xwhitefrostxxwhitefrostx Posts: 43 Arc User
    edited March 20
    ArchnoIogia - the I is a big (i)
    Dawnglory Server

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  • asterelleasterelle Posts: 746 Arc User
    edited March 8
    The game doesn't have enough quadcopters.

    Asterelle - Twilight Temple
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  • zrizri Posts: 23 Arc User
    Okej. Im putting myself up for the challange this year. I am sorry i dont draw that amazingly good, but here is my image of what i have been thinking about. Hope it will come to delight!
    Regards Amayile on Etherblade


  • silverdoom12zxsilverdoom12zx Posts: 1 Arc User
    ALEXANDER of Tideswell

  • garnetvy#7517 garnetvy Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited March 9
    Taemera of Etherblade

  • lillie333lillie333 Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited March 10

    Name: Fairy messanger

    Gender: Neutral

    Personality: Pure by nature

    Origin:Elemental realm

    Form: Mostly Etheral(The white spots and the wings). Wings grow thrice in size, when in flight.

    Abilities: Changing between three modes of Running, Swimming and Flying.

    Base speed: If it somehow it gets choosen, I think I will leave it to the GM's...


    Little is known about it, except that it apeeared around the time that the Earthbound did. It is originally very fast, and was delivering messages, things, creatures and/or people, from place to place.
    It was like that, until one day, an aspiring hero summoned it to the "Human world". Like the Genies, it's abilities were diminished upon it being teleported from the Elemental realm. Because of that, it has to shift beetween three modes:

    Flying Mode: +300% flying speed, -300% swimming speed.

    Running Mode: +300% running speed, -300% flying speed.

    Swimming Mode: +300% swimming speed, -300% running speed.

    Server: Dawnglory
    Character: Aquallea

    *I change it a little in MMD paint...
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  • tomcooltomcool Posts: 8 Arc User
    edited March 11

    Twilight Temple
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  • sleeper1#0704 sleeper1 Posts: 64 Arc User
    edited March 9


    the mount is colored gold. everything
    text is darker shade of gold while everything else is lighter shade.

    sparkling gold glitter effects while standing still and the effects gets stronger while moving.

    name is MoneyRulez mount

    dimension is rectangular shape with solid features.
    min dx11 ...
  • catgirldesucatgirldesu Fluffy Fox Posts: 992 Arc User
    Character: Wyvelin
    Server: Twilight Temple


  • forbiddenwordsforbiddenwords Posts: 321 Arc User
    edited March 12
    PixelHeart ~ Etherblade

    Hellborn Vixen, a female fox born from the depths of hell, molded by fire and ashes. 100% digitally drawn, no copyright elements have been used.



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    ☆ Pixel ♥ Heart ☆ Etherblade ☆
  • deceitsouldeceitsoul Mystery Gamer Posts: 60 Community Moderator
    edited March 9
    Mount in design progress.
    Turtle mud Festival shop.

    Ouln - Etherblade

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  • carorcaror Posts: 11 Arc User
    edited March 9
    Makes you wonder which of the two is the Anglerfish lord :P
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  • cookiessss#4563 cookiessss Posts: 1 Arc User
    MadMacaroons : Tideswell
    A frozen tundra bison mount..
  • laylaylaylay Posts: 27 Arc User

    LayLay - Twilight Temple
  • baconface2baconface2 Posts: 1 Arc User
    dachshund_by_boogerpresley-dc5f5oz.jpgShemp Tideswell the long dog limo
  • klysklys Posts: 280 Arc User
    edited March 10

    Twilight Temple

    Similar in size to Raccoon mount. I know all you peeps want one of these. Let's make it happen.
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