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Vortex problem

fury85fury85 Posts: 253 Arc User

Churning Vortex. Its a good skill that requires good coordination to be strong, but will be nice if:

- Duskblade can't copy Vortex. Reduce numbers of Vortexes help to not drop under -10 fsp... more important now that we can't force login.
- Make Churning Vortex usable only on the ground. Stormbringer look more Birdbringer these days.... "I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky..."

That will help alot on gameplay.

Do you think any chance to consider that changes?

Thank you.
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  • npc15npc15 Posts: 229 Arc User
    Please Please Please make it ground only. Stupid freaking air vortexs everywhere -.-
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  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 718 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    Yes... I dont like being tossed into the air like that
  • npc15npc15 Posts: 229 Arc User
    The worst is when they use a sb and a db to make 2 of them close enough to ping pong you between them -.-
    Thanks Adilynne for the awesome sig :)
    My Youtube Channel

    Tempest <3
  • inzain93inzain93 Posts: 45 Arc User
    Remove sins while you are at it. o:)
  • thetruesinszthetruesinsz Posts: 66 Arc User
    Make vortex usable only on ground, its nothing but dumb as fk skill, you just glitch. Nothing else, just bug. REMOVE
  • whipmaihurrwhipmaihurr Posts: 129 Arc User
    I don't like air vortex personal I see it happen with certain squads in arena and it makes no damn sense! God forbid a DB is with them to add a additional air vortex as well to trap players.
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  • catgirldesucatgirldesu Fluffy Fox Posts: 993 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    I don't think they'll ever change the Duskblade's ability to copy vortex. I don't like this skill regardless; not because of PvP balance or what have you, but I genuinely dislike the idea of having a class that can copy signature skills of other classes. It's stupid. Yes, I do care about the stories, origins and concepts behind classes. This Duskblade skill doesn't sit well with me, never will.

    I agree that vortex needs to be changed into a ground-only skill. I'd even argue it deserves a longer cooldown considering it's the best CC skill in game and some other CC skills cost more chi and/or have longer cooldowns, yet have a much weaker effect.

    But eh, a lot of skills/effects/procs in this game need changes or nerfs. At this point I just accept what we have and roll with it. It takes years for them to do any real nerfs/modifications. They usually just try to add new counters instead of nerfing what should be nerfed. I'm pretty sure if we ever get new classes, they'll have an anti-paralyze buff or a squad buff that makes them immune to reel-in, vortex, maybe even knock-backs. mouse-2.gif

  • blazerboyblazerboy Posts: 1,607 Arc User
    @catgirldesu to be fair no class should be able to steal buffs at will :D
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  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    The only issue I still have with vortex is if there are 20 at the same time and the performance goes to hell. Other than that, I don't mind. BMs bother me alot more with AOE-STUN+DISARM into HF. Any sort of followup can be lethal, if genie isn't ready it's instantly game over. Sure, throw a vortex ON TOP OF THAT and it gets insane..but seperately viewed RotP is a lot worse (cept for the performance) :D

    I agree tho, ground only sounds good...but it will limit SBs massively in Open-PvP and TW. Sometimes you are forced to kite...having to return to the ground will cost alot of time and sometimes make it even impossible for SBs to even use the skill..which is a bit unfair, especially considering that the dev could just as well friggin fix the skill xDD
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