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New Barb Skills/Glyphs PvP Test

fury85fury85 Posts: 253 Arc User
Here some test in cross server nation war.

My personal opinions about new glyphs:

- Cornered Beast (Sanguine Glyph): 60 seconds of Faith... only Bewitch (Veno) and Disarm work on that. You can't be stunned, purged or debuffed during this time. You can spam attacks and skills, generate lots of Chi with Bestial Rage and do what you want. Also if a Barb dig a flag in Nation War is GG. 100% approved.

- Blood Rush (Argent): I think that use a spot to add more attack to this skill is a waste. If you like attack increase don't glyph it, save slot for something useful. I use Argent to balance my defense and it work very good. 100% approved.

- Violent Triumph (Sanguine/Gold): That was my big doubt. I'm attracted from the 100% crit + 60% damage on the next attack because, and I can confirm after this test, that hurt alot. But that mean remove my only anti-stun skill. I died often without my anti-stun. I think this glyph can be good for TW/XTW where you can nuke a big group of players and you can be covered by your squad. Sanguine add "Holy Path" to our anti-stun and I think to use this glyph much more. This is what barbs missing for long time, a skill to cover the gap between ranged class (archer/wizard leap on top).

About old skills...

- Mighty Swing (Verdant): I find this range add necessary, alot of time I wasn't able to lock because the target moves and I can't be close enough.

- Invoke (Sanguine): I missed that fast Invoke effects but damn, now there are so many skills and slots are so low...

- Raging Slap (Sanguine/Gold): Weird to say, but I missed this skill too. This is really good on Cornered Beast to survive while spamming skills... but still what I remove for that?
Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone
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