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Fsp, Dh and Up quest stays in quest log until deleted or completed

wishes08wishes08 Posts: 105 Arc User
Right now when you do fsp at least if you miss a boss (squad kills it or whatever) you kinda are screwed. As even if you get the rest of the kills in the instance (boss wise) upon exiting the instance you lose all this progress.

Even if you decide to do another run to try and get all the bosses this time, there is still the chance of this happending again. I have actural been in a squad with this one person that missed the same boss 3 times in a row.

Can you please change the setting about leaving the instance concering this quest to stay the same as it ued to be. This means this just like the Mass DC that just happened on Dawnglory, while effect killing a boss, or having exp buff on etc, instances will be less effected.
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