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"The Generous" Title Broken for some classes again...

bbypebblebbypebble Posts: 7 Arc User
My hubby and I were doing title quests and got to "The Generous" Title for the "Seal:Snake Island". We both followed the instructions in the EXACT same way and for some reason it completed for him and wouldn't for me. The quest above the Foreign Monk stayed grey for me and I was unable to complete the quest. I've tried everything from relogging my toon on my computer, using his computer, to buying 2 lees. Still broken. I am not sure if it is broken for some people and works for others. It's really frustrating to not know the cause of the problem other than my toon is glitched somehow to that quest. Does anyone else still have this problem?


  • obielleobielle Posts: 111 Arc User
    Hmm, don't know if I've heard of that happening before but can try to look into it. Since you said it's broken for some classes - what class are you and what class is your husband?

    Also did you trash and re-take the title quest? Just making sure all bases are covered.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
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